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50 Eye-Catching White Blonde Hair Ideas

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The white-blonde color of hair can be described as the most cool shade of blonde, defined by its icy hues. The bright white blonde hair is stunning all year long but shines during summertime. Women love this vibrant hair color as it can help disguise those grey hairs. Also, it gives you a more optimism about life! There are so many varieties of styles, you’re sure to find the right one that suits you! After you’ve viewed all these stunning styles, choose your preferred blonde shade. You can always consult your stylist about which shade will look the best on you. To achieve this kind of style, you’re going to need to inquire with your hairdresser what it will take to get there. The time and effort is well worth it! In the year 2000, Kylie Jenner brought back platinum and white blonde hairstyles trendy, along with their twin sister Kim Kardashian West. Some joke that blondes are more fun while white haircuts remain considered to be one of the most popular choices among the most adventurous hairstyle fashionistas. It’s a bright, vibrant color that will always grab the attention of others. It’s a fantastic shade for those who wish to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Blonde hair with white highlights is the ideal of many women, who don’t care about age. It’s no wonder that a glance at these gorgeous blonde beauties will make you long for the same look. Prior to your next color appointment, take a look at these stunning and inspirational photos of blonde hair with white highlights!

1. Soft White Blonde Hair

Soft White Blonde Hair - a woman wearing a black shirt

This gorgeous style is medium-length, white-blonde hair. The way she has styled it is elegantly, yet it still feels casual. Part your hair in the middle and add loose waves , big waves and you will enjoy the new look of light blonde.

2. Icy White Blonde for Thin Hair

Icy White Blonde for Thin Hair - a woman wearing a brown longsleeve

The next hairstyle is ideal for women who have natural thin hair. In the image above, she has long layers which are curled just a bit away from her face. Make it look more symmetrical by putting them on the middle of your face and keep it straight , and you’re done.

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3. Dark Roots

White Blonde Hair with Dark Roots - a woman wearing a gray printed shirt

The next one is a curly look featuring a stunning blonde light hair color. The hair was kept in dark shades, and that’s an ideal idea, and added some of the most beautiful blonde and white colors to the rest of the hair.

4. Ash White Hairstyle

Ash White Blonde Hair - a woman wearing a black longsleeve

One of the most popular hair shades that women can wear is the chic Ash-blonde shade. Here , she has a middle part, and added large hair with loose and loose curls to her hair. it looks stunning. You can always make this look happen with a high pony.

5. Messy Hairstyle

Messy White Blonde Hair - a woman wearing a a eyeglasses

This is a messy hairstyle for women who love keeping their hair looking edgy and messy. The model has styled her thin hair by putting a lengthy, elongated fringe in the front. She has kept the rest of her hair loose and long.

6. Scandi Hairstyle

Scandi White Blonde Hair - a woman wearing a black top

The hair color Scandi white blonde is another hue you could select. This is the hair she is wearing in the image above, and it compliments her skin tone perfectly. Keep your hair long and straight and you’re going to love how you appear.

7. Brown to White Blonde Ombre

Brown to White Blonde Ombre Hair - a woman wearing a black shirt

It’s always a good option to go for an ombre haircut. In the picture above, she’s sporting her short, sassy and curly hair with a middle section and styled it with couple of waves.

8. Sexy White and Silver

Sexy White and Silver Blonde Hair - a woman wearing a gray blouse

If you are looking for a fresh hairstyle that leaves you looking and feeling sexually attractive, this style is the perfect one for you. In the image above, she’s kept her hair cut just above her nape. She left the base blonde, and added a gorgeous purple shade on top of the.

9. Sleek Metallic Hairstyle

Sleek Metallic White Blonde Hair - a woman wearing a black cape

The sleek metallic hairstyle is an excellent option to showcase your creativity. In this look, she’s cut her hair long using a sharp cut, and a slight cuts to frame her facial features. The metallic blonde hair color is great regardless of your hair’s natural color might be.

10. Dark Hair

White Blonde on Dark Hair - a woman wearing a gold necklace

The blonde and white hair mix seamlessly. If you’re considering choosing the color combination she has on in the image above. She also has cut the curls loosely and wild, and it looks stunning.

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