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51 Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

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Is dark blonde hair the right color for you? This often overlooked shade is incredibly versatile and appealing to many. Dark blonde ranges from warm tones like dark golden blonde to cool shades like dark ash blonde, making it suitable for all skin tones and seasons. It complements any eye color and complexion, making it a popular choice for celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Ciara, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez. You can enhance dark blonde with techniques like balayage or ombre for a stunning look. If you’re considering a change, dark blonde offers a great transition with various highlights and darker hues. Check out these 51 inspiring dark blonde hair ideas before your next salon visit!

51 Lovely Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Embrace

You’re now ready to find the perfect shade from our list of hand-picked most stunning dark blonde hair shades to explore!

1. Dark Blonde Bombshell Hair

Bombshell hair is available in more shades that aren’t just red and platinum, as shown by the dark blonde hair color. The look is also adorned with brown lowlights, which give it more depth. This only enhances the look of large hairstyles that are retro in style.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

2. Chocolate and Honey Dark Blonde

This is an excellent example of a warm toned darker blonde color. The bangs and the roots are left in a natural dark chocolate hue as the cascade of waves are created by hand with natural-looking streaks honey blonde.

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Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

3. Feathery Dark Blonde Waves

The dark blonde hair color is a perfect illustration of a cool-undertoned blonde, with an ashy tint that flatters everyone. The wavy waves give this style a bit more beachy and a deep side part provides a simple look of elegance.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

4. Easy Dark Blonde Balayage

This particular light blonde color of hair is most easy to maintain as the balayage process allows for roots to develop beautifully. For darker blonde shades, the balayage process is also less harmful to naturally dark hair , but still giving you the feeling of summer and light.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

5. Dark Blonde ’70s Glam

The 70s are having a major moment in the present and it’s the perfect time to test long, curly curls and big hair. This hairstyle is great when paired with an edgy dark blonde balayage on the dark brown base and the highlights serve as a way to create appear more 3D.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

6. Honey Latte Sombre

This is a gorgeous flowing hairstyle that allows the wearer to play using dark hair without completely committed to. It’s a sombre , with subtle shift between coffee brown and warm, dark however, the balayage method was employed to lighten some of the hair strands that are near on the forehead. This allows the wearer to feel like an authentic blonde.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

7. Black Gold Waves

This stunning style is a blend of cool-toned brown-black roots with lowlights, a mix of dark blonde hair dyes and lighter shades which are closer than platinum. Certain shades of blonde are more neutral, while some shades are warmer and warm, however due to the diverse mix in shades the end result is both complex and dull.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

8. Intense Dark Blonde Balayage

This style has all the power of lighter blonde however, it is primarily based heavily on the dark brown hair coloring and dark roots for the depth. Because it’s a balayage style hairstyle, the dark streaks of blonde hair begin to appear gradually towards the middles, and gradually become lighter towards the ends.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

9. Deep Gold Freehand Hair

A method of getting darker blonde locks is combing blonde hair that is light brown with shimmering gold hues. This look is based on the use of a freehand technique to create an amazing look that appears effortless.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

10. Ash and Gold Dark Blonde Hair

There is something earthy and luxurious about this blend with deep browns, dark ash as well as white gold shades. The curly hair, surrounded by thin streaks of different hues of darker blonde is reminiscent of threads of gold hidden in the earth.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

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