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50 Do It Yourself, Easy Hairstyles (With Tutorial)

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Do you need hair tips to wear on the go? Look through these simple and fun styles to look great all day long.

  1. See how adorable the first picture is. It’s a ponytail braid with ponytail ties every couple of inches. This takes a normal braid to a completely different level! The second style has an extra side braid made from the bangs, which is secured with a pretty pink bow. This is a wonderful idea for school photos or for a family outing. The one with the bow is hilarious because they actually used her hair and created the bow. It’s a brilliant idea to create an up-and-down hairstyle, which is half down even more adorable.


2. Have you ever had a day when your hair seems to be unruly? Here’s a way to braid more voluminous hair that appears well professionally groomed and professional. Follow these steps to create the perfect bun. It’s amazing how just four simple steps can transform your ordinary ponytail and turn it into an impressive bun.


3. The next steps are the key for learning how to create the perfect vixen hairstyle. First, you begin by putting straight hair in the beginning. The next step is to divide it. This can be accomplished using Bobby pins. The third step is to begin to twist then continue to twist until you are tied into ponytail. Then, you wrap the hair around your top part of the hair and put the pin inside for an elegant, attractive look.

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4. This is a great guide for the well-loved honey bun. You’ll need cutters, socks hair pins as well as a hair tie hair spray, and a brush. Begin by cutting the part that is attached to your toe out of the sock. Then make it open. Then, put your hair into an elastic ponytail and then extend your hair into vertical lines. Place the sock in your ponytail and begin rolling it down as well as your hair. After you’ve rolled it until it’s in the position of a bun then put it in a pin in place, spray it and take a break!


5. The chignon hairstyle may appear difficult at first, but this step-by-step guide will help you create the perfect look and stylish. The first step starts by twisting the opposite side of your hair of the head into a twisting ponytail. After that, you pull the hair and twist it in a reverse fashion. Then, you remove the hair’s bottom and place it in the middle, in order to form the appearance of a bun. This is a great look for your next formal event, or simply a night drinking with friends. It’s a classic, simple look that will never go out of fashion.


6. The top knot is very popular, but there’s a craft to ensure it’s exactly right. Start by taking your hair and place it in a ponytail. However, do not put it in the shape of a rubber band. Just use one hand to hold the hair and the other arm to begin your next stage. The second step is to begin by twisting your ponytail starting at the bottom and working upwards towards the top. In the third step there should be a lovely twisty ponytail. After that, you can wrap the hair in the shape of a bun. After you have wrapped your hair, tie the ends of your hair underneath the bun. Then, you can start taking out fly aways to create a more softer look.


7. There are plenty of amazing ways to add some spice to your ponytail. Here’s how to make something normal and make it distinctive. Use a little volume mousse and then run it through your hair. Take your hair, and put it into to a knot. After that put it in another knot, and then add Bobby pins to keep the hair in the right place. This will create a knotted-tail on your hair that’s stylish and edgy.


8. Hair bows are easy and adorable. Here’s how to make it. Make two small hair strands from the opposite one side. Hair is tied in an elegant bow and relish this adorable idea. You can secure it using hairpins or bobby pins as well as a few drops Spray if require assistance to keep it in place.

enhanced-buzz-16333-1378667372-3 9. The low knot is becoming more and more popular. Here is an excellent guide for how to make that low-knot you’ve desired. Divide your hair in two pieces and tie them in knots at the base the neck. After you’ve tied it then pull the ponytail down until it’s an upside-down tail. Then, stuff the bottom part of the hair back into the opening, and then enjoy the messy but ever-popular knot.

enhanced-buzz-18941-1378666890-6 10. This is a fantastic illustration of a ponytail that is low designed for a more formal occasion. It’s neatly groomed and precise. It was styled by a stylist, secured it to the nape of neck, and then curled the ends to create the appearance of a curly finish.


11. It’s more of a greased look and you can observe it in the picture. Would you be interested in this style? The silver accessories were used to give a touch of sophistication to the overall look.


12. The low-fisted knot is decorated with a large bouquet of roses. It’s almost a detriment to the pretty bun, but it’s an adorable look.


13. This is quite a dramatic piece, but here’s the truth that with a ponytail that is low it’s possible to wear almost everything in terms of accessories. It’s not difficult to style and it’s easy to add feathers, bows or whatever else you wish to put on your hair.


14. It’s a gorgeous style with a simple hairstyle and gorgeous jewels on her head. The headband does an excellent job of holding the entire hairstyle together.


15. Do you notice the feathers that are interspersed throughout her hair? Look at the small braid that runs across the other side for a more complete style. It has a distinct feel to it.


16. The curls at the end of her locks are right on perfect. The stylist did an excellent job at highlighting the layers that surround her face. The overall look is an amazing look.


17. This is a quick and easy makeover with a few delicate fly aways added for a the appearance of softer, more delicate style.


18. Explore these ways to style your summer outfits. The first is a short pixie with bangs. They’ve been parted off towards the side and they’re almost long enough to be tucked behind her ears. The next photo is a fantastic way to get your hair in a more relaxed state and make it appear as you’ve styled it more than normal. The hairdressers used products to give that smooth, sleek appearance. The third photo of the hairband an excellent idea to add some amusement to your look. The last picture is a different suggestion for how to dress your hair in the event that you’re down.


19. This hairstyle has plenty of curls! It’s a big and striking style. It’s not overloaded with products and appears lightweight and airy. The bangs are draped in a relaxed style which is in stark contrast to all of her other locks. The clip added to her hair is a unique choice of accessory. What do you think of this style? We love the look. She has a great attitude and the different styles that are going on her be very well-integrated.

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 12: Actress Debby Ryan arrives at the premiere of Disney Channel's "The Cheetah Girls One World" held at the El Capitan Theater on August 12, 2008 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

20. This look can be described as a wind-blown style. The curls have been added to create waves and pulled the part somewhat more pronounced than her natural hair. This is a great look.


21. This is an excellent hairstyle that shows gorgeous and subtle waves in this gorgeous look. The combination of brunette and blonde hair is the perfect mix along with the hair that is placed through in the middle of the hair is an excellent accessory to the hairstyle.


22. The long brown hair is amazing and beautiful flowing effortlessly down the back of this woman. The waves that flow through the woman’s flowing hair are a beautiful and class.


23. It’s a stunning and easy style of hair that shows how a basic hairstyle can be elegant and timeless. The ponytail effortlessly flows through the back of this woman’s head effortlessly.

27021015-easy-hairstyle 23. I like how the hair ties of this hairstyle are put in different places to give this ponytail a bit of a trendy and a modern look. An open-shoulder shirt lends this hairstyle a bit more attention and complements this woman’s look very well.

28021015-easy-hairstyle 24. The messy look on top is one of the most popular styles and offers a variety of facets to the look in its own. The ponytail aspect of this style is extremely creative due to its first section is braided and then twisted in a slight way and then hairstyled. The lower portion is a classic design and oozes class. 29021015-easy-hairstyle 25. The hairstyle now seems like it took lots of time and effort to achieve a perfect hairstyle. Each piece of hair is intact and in good order. of place. The hair’s color is a silvery whitish that almost looks like a kind of fairy has this hair color. Since the braid begins at the neck’s top and then flows smoothly through the middle of the back, the hair appears like an intricately knit string of stunning hair. This hairstyle is an excellent example of a beautiful work of work.

30021015-easy-hairstyle 26. For the uninitiated It may seem like an unplanned hairstyle However, if you take a closer look, you’ll discern that there is an entire lot of substance to this look. In center of this hair you will see hair that is braided to the rear of the head. This kind of hairstyle takes some effort and patience to achieve the perfect look and this woman has used her time well.

31021015-easy-hairstyle 27. This is an amazing hairstyle that is timeless hairstyle. The simple, yet elegant pulled-back hairstyle will look great on this woman. It can be worn to an extravagant party or in a sleep party.Either the way you dress, you’re going to be regarded as the most stylish dressed in a traditional hairstyle like this.

32021015-easy-hairstyle 28. I like the extra look on behind of the hairstyle they’ve created. In addition to these earrings, this hairstyle will make this woman appear stunning and looks as if she is the royal family. The way in which hair is pulled to form a chic bun on the top of her head shows that this stylist knows precisely what she is doing to get her clients’ appear at ease to walk the red carpet.

33021015-easy-hairstyle 29. This is a natural and artistic looking hairstyle. The hair’s waves as well as the head piece take you to a different realm of beauty. The long, wavy hair is perfectly flowing down the woman’s back, creating effortless movement.

34021015-easy-hairstyle 30. The blonde pony tail is capable of speaking for it. It has an individual voice when it explodes into the back of this woman and grabs the attention of the entire crowd. The vibrant blonde color lets you know that this woman is serious about her business and is eager to rule this world in her fashion.

35021015-easy-hairstyle 31. Blue eyes complement an exquisitely crafted blonde hairstyle. The blonde haired blue eyed bombshell is sporting a stunning part in to the center of her hair, which is full of texture and volume. The waves in hair of this lady and the curly curls that are a little bit at the ends are what really bring the whole hairstyle together. It will amaze and amaze anyone who is able to see it.

42021015-easy-hairstyle 32. This hairstyle looks like it’s also kissing you. The classy and elegant appearance of this style showcases the real elegance of the woman. the pieces that fall appear to be designed to frame the face of this woman.

43021015-easy-hairstyle 33. These hairstyles differ in many ways, yet they show a sophisticated elegant, elegant look which is suitable to any occasion or celebration. The hairstyle on the left is beautiful and has a perfect area on the left of your head. The hair is close in the skull and long enough to draw attention. The eyes are what bring this hairstyle together in a gorgeous way. The hairstyle on the top is elegant in appearance it, and also combines an attractive blonde shine and the long flowing hairstyle that falls down the back. The waves in this hair style are flowing freely and seem to have a mind of their own. The style on the bottom left is completed with a gorgeous headband that highlights the hair beautifully. The hair falls back into tightly and beautifully styled bun. The hairstyle on the bottom is another great hairstyle that is free flowing and wavy hair . It appears effortless, but lots of effort is put into the style. The underside color of the hair makes an ideal accent for the hairstyle and also.


34. This shoulder braid is perfectly positioned and well done.The lengthy bangs which fall on one side and down the ear give a tiny degree of mystery. The braid flows beautifully across the shoulder and on the chest along with the dress she wears. It’s perfect and straight.

46021015-easy-hairstyle 35.This might seem like a messy haircut but there’s quite some TLC that has been put into this hairstyle. This messy hairstyle is well-known and provides the person with an exuberant and wild style. Long braids are executed and perfectly styled.

47021015-easy-hairstyle 36. This bun that is pulled back tightly is a perfect blend of brunette and blonde. The bangs are pulled back . This messy and beachy hairstyle is perfect for the sophisticated and elegant style that this lady is aiming for.

48021015-easy-hairstyle 37. This style of hair is bold and lets this lady stand out for herself. The straight and plastered style is a bold one to rock since it doesn’t let the wearer for hiding behind some type of big style. There’s nothing that frames your face. So you’ve done a good job.

49021015-easy-hairstyle 38. This is a stunning hairstyle, which is enhanced by a stunning headband. It’s all put into a neat and elegant messy hairstyle. The combination of hair that is dirty and messy as well as the headband allows the woman to appear glamorous and sophisticated while looking classy and elegant.

50021015-easy-hairstyle 39. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that is beautifully flowing. The clips are an added touch of beauty, and adds a an entirely new level of WOW factor. I like how the clips on the hair create a sense of layers to the hairstyle and create stairs in the hair of this woman. The curls and waves bring as much joy as her smile.

51021015-easy-hairstyle 40. This hairstyle is lots of volume and lots of character. The curly lower part of the hair give the hairstyle an air of creativity and life. The section that is in the center is stunning and appears natural. This lady has a lot of hair , and she knows how to style it properly.

52021015-easy-hairstyle 41. This is an intriguing style as it looks like it’s a combination of style and elegance. This flawlessly executed braid is wrapped and tied with braids that have been wrapped around the hair itself. This hairstyle is unique and eye-catching. I’d recommend this hairstyle for those trying to mix things up while still looking classy at same at the same time.


42. This hairstyle might appear basic or boring at first , but think about it. The hairstyle changes between light and dark with hardly any noticeable transition. Since this short haircut frames the face of this woman and ends just a few inches higher than her shoulders, it’s hard to resist being impressed.

54021015-easy-hairstyle 43. The red haired lady has used her distinctive colour of her hair by adding a little of a pop to her hair using the flowers. This is a sleek hairstyle that’s a good option for any occasion, with a touch of glam thanks to the flower arrangements. It is evident that the model is showing the hairstyle with confidence and confidence.

55021015-easy-hairstyle 44. I’m not sure which is more appealing either the eyes or the hair. With this easy wind-blown appearance, it’s hard to not to be awed by the way her hair flows perfectly throughout the perfect places. It’s like she put her hands through her hair and has an amazing hair day simultaneously.

56021015-easy-hairstyle 45. Again, we can see the use of clips to the hair to play a enjoyable and entertaining role. The short hairstyle is accompanied by a variety of stunning colors that fill the hair of this lady and gives the viewer with a hairstyle with volume, texture and fascination.

57021015-easy-hairstyle 46. This strawberry blonde hairstyle is a princess-themed style. it. the straight hair that is paired with the long curls make you wonder if you’ve seen this lady as a Disney princess of some kind. The eyes of this woman draw your attention, and her hair is awe-inspiring.

58021015-easy-hairstyle 47. This hairstyle gives the impression of an unplanned hairstyle but it’s actually a beautiful piece. The braid that runs across the back is gorgeous and creative. The way the hair of this lady is textured and waves gives this style more elegance and a stunning appearance.

59021015-easy-hairstyle 48. This hairstyle is one you’d find a professional dancer or an athlete. It’s pulled back tight and twisted into the shape of a bun, to ensure that nothing is out of place, or gets in your face and interrupts your performance.

60021015-easy-hairstyle 49. This is a striking hairstyle that stands out and stands out. When it’s pulled up and tied at the top, it lets some hair to move by itself throughout the woman’s back. It’s almost like the appearance of a tail. It’s a bold and courageous hairstyle that she can pull off perfectly.

61021015-easy-hairstyle 50. The hair is slicked and bold. This is the perfect look for summer.

62021015-easy-hairstyle 51. The hairstyle is soft and bold. Check out this look.

63021015-easy-hairstyle 52. Cool and new: Excellent idea for a new hairstyle.

64021015-easy-hairstyle 53. The middle part is slicked back. A unique hairstyle.

65021015-easy-hairstyle 54. Cute hairstyle Easy and simple method to style your hair.


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