Balayage is one of the latest hair trends that brings us back to the roots (literally). Focused on healthy shine and natural gradients, this is a coloring technique that has French origins. Nowadays, it has taken the beauty world by storm, owing to the effortless, pure beauty it provides. Explore these gorgeous ideas for inspiration.

1. Ash Blonde Balayage

ash blonde balayage

A wonderful way to bring a bit of color to your locks without getting too flashy is ash blonde. While it maintains the natural impact of blonde, it has silvery tones that bring the whole balayage color to life.

2. Blonde Balayage Long Bob

Blonde Balayage Lob

One of the best parts about balayage hair is that it works for various lengths. Even if you don’t have waist-length locks, you can rock a blonde balayage on a long bob amazingly.

3. Sun-kissed Brunette

brunette balayage

Many brunettes opt for subtle blond accents to emphasize their natural hair color. This is a great example of how these light blond tones can make your dark brown hair shine.

4. Dark to Light Gradient

black brown caramel balayage

Owing to the visible difference between the roots and tips, this example reminds us more of ombre hair. However, the gentle technique that fades the tones of brown and blonde is exemplary for balayage.

5. Soft Balayage Highlights

Soft Balayage Highlights

Natural, discrete and healthy are key words when describing balayage. This is how you can go from simple highlights to an all-around sun streaked look. No matter if you have dark or light roots, this look can definitely work for you.

6. Silver Ash

silver ash blonde balayage

The image above shows how you can take ash blonde to the next level with balayage. While maintaining a rich ash base, the color is brightened by the sweeping silver tones that reach almost white tips.

7. Honey Brunette Balayage

Honey Brunette Balayage

Honey, caramel and latte are all popular tones when experimenting with balayage ideas. If you are a natural brunette, you can combine all three harmoniously to highlight your dark hair.

8. Dark Hair Balayage with Auburn

Dark Hair Balayage with Auburn

Another way to enhance your naturally dark roots is to fade out into a slightly lighter tone. For instance, instead of fading into blonde, you can go for a rich auburn secondary color. This looks absolutely gorgeous if your natural hair color has reddish undertones.

9. Curly Color Fade

curly color fade

Straight or wavy hair aren’t the only varieties that look splendid with balayage. Curly locks, for example, really accentuate the natural blend of colors quite like no other. Likewise, the impact can be enjoyed for both long and short curly hair.

10. Subtle Honey Hues

Subtle Honey Hues

Want to make your balayage almost undetectable without losing all that natural glow? Try a tone that is just a shade or two lighter than your hair color and have your stylist ‘sprinkle’ some blonde streaks here and there.

11. Black to Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

Black to Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

The complexity of balayage can be greatly appreciated on perfectly straight hair. If this is your case, you can try out a balayage that’s a bit flashier. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use rainbow colors, but that the gradient can be easily admired from top to bottom.

12. Curly Caramel Balayage

Curly Caramel Balayage

Corkscrew curls are always a beauty to behold, especially when they bounce around in their natural color. Nevertheless, the healthy glowing base can be accentuated with a subtle caramel balayage that highlights the tips.

13. Shades of Grey

dark grey balayage

Grey hair, both dark and light, has become ever more popular in the past year. Another benefit of balayage hair is that you can combine your favorite nuances of grey, starting with a rich charcoal and ending with soft ash tones.

14. Brown and Pink Mix

brown and pink balayage

Pink and brown have always gone well together, hair color included. Recently, pink has also regained popularity, in all sorts of tones and levels of intensity. To achieve a lovely balance, consider a light pink balayage over your natural brown hair.

15. Grey to Silver

grey to silver balayage

Like we previously mentioned, you can rock grey hair in various ways. The lighter alternative to the charcoal balayage is this grey to silver gradient. A fine detail is that all the grey tones in this style have ash blonde undertones.

16. Copper and Auburn Balayage

Copper and Auburn Balayage

Some of the most beautiful red-based hair colors are rich auburn and honey copper. Thanks to balayage, you don’t have to choose just one. Furthermore, you don’t have to undergo a steep transition from one to the other (like with ombre hair).

17. Violet Red Balayage

Violet Red Balayage

The same goes for violet and red. This tone of burgundy looks stunning on black hair, adding just enough color to bring out those natural dark tones. Additionally, it’s super low maintenance and easy to refresh once or twice a year.

18. Steel Blue

Steel Blue Balayage

Moving on to cooler tones, this steel blue color is dazzling when melted with black and periwinkle. It looks even better if your hair is wavy, so don’t forget about it as an option when choosing your balayage colors.

19. Balayage & Braids

Balayage and Braids

But what happens after you get balayage hair? This loose half up half down French braid is an excellent way to style your hair so to emphasize the color transitions. If you have thick hair, this is definitely an idea you shouldn’t overlook.

20. Natural Light Brown Balayage

Natural Light Brown Balayage

If you have chocolate brown eyes, one of the best ways to complement them is with honey balayage hair. It maintains the natural essence of balayage, all while venturing into lighter shades that accentuate the rich color of your eyes.

21. Colors in Fishtail Braid

balayage hair styled in fishtail braid

Another way to style your balayage hair is with a side fishtail braid. In this example, you can appreciate the deep violet undertones and the copper blonde blend that’s highlighted in the braiding.

22. Dark Ash Blonde and Brown

Dark Ash Blonde and Brown Balayage

Furthermore, you can combine ash blonde and ash brown in a perfect balayage. It’s yet another one of the limitless options for melting your favorite tones together until you get the gradient you have always dreamed of.

23. Balayage Curly Black Hair Roots

natural afro hair with copper balayage

Fortunate enough to have a full head of voluminous curls? Make those corkscrews stand out even more with copper tips, leaving the base your natural dark color. It looks the best when your hair is extra curly, but it’s also pretty on wavy locks.

24. Turquoise Short Hair Balayage

Turquoise Short Hair Balayage

So, you’ve made the big step of chopping off your hair for a chic A-line bob. What’s next? Spicing it up with a bit of color. Kylie Jenner has already proven that a turquoise ombre long bob can work like a charm, so you can try it without a doubt.

25. Copper Melt

copper balayage

With such rich tones of copper, bronze and caramel, how can you not love this reddish blonde melt? Don’t hesitate to add these special ‘ingredients’ to your balayage recipe for natural shine.

26. Curly Silver Balayage Bob

Curly Silver Balayage Bob

If your base hair color is dark or even black, you have already seen the magic that silver balayage hair can work. Top it all off with extra curly locks and you have a hairstyle that will make heads turn as you walk down the street.

27. Highlighted Ash Brown Balayage

Highlighted Ash Brown Balayage

Nostalgic for the highlights trend? Well, you can incorporate highlights and lowlights into your ash brown balayage. After you get the superb coloring done, you can style it into a half up half down back fishtail braid to show off the shades.

28. Reddish Brown with Blonde Accents

Reddish Brown with Blonde Accents hair

Redheads are going to love this one. Ginger kids can combine those natural tones of brick red with some cinnamon and honey shades in this beautiful balayage idea. Even if you’re not a natural redhead, you can get inspired by this lovely look for your next hair appointment.

29. Balayage Brunette and Copper Combo

Balayage Brunette and Copper Combo

This style is quite similar to the black and copper-tipped curls we described earlier. However, this one goes a bit further and shows the light auburn until it’s close to the roots. This makes your curls more dynamic and voluminous than ever.

30. Lavender Gold

lavender gold balayage

Rose gold is all the rage recently, but an original approach to the idea is lavender gold. This style combines subtle shades of light purple and honey gold, with just the right amount of variety that you can make them out in the lower half.

31. Indigo Fades to Violet

indigo and violet balayage

Have an outgoing and fearless personality? Choose vibrant balayage colors to match it. For example, you can blend indigo and violet for a deep, rich balayage that you’ll adore.

32. All-natural Balayage Brown Hair

Natural Balayage Brown Hair

Keep that caramel coming. This all-natural gradient from light brown to blonde looks fabulous on wavy hair, but you can also try it out if you have straight hair. Any way you style it afterwards, the two main tones will look brilliant.

33. Short Balayage Hair with Bangs

Short Balayage Hair with Bangs

You can choose this coloring technique if you have bangs or you plan on getting them too. It won’t affect the overall impact of the color blend. Quite the contrary, it will strength the darker base to contrast with the second half.

34. Pastel with Dark Roots

pastel balayage

This pastel blue – lavender color is already a superb color. But when you combine it with dark roots, the results are breathtaking. Top it all off with a choppy long bob and a deep side part and you have a magnificent hairstyle idea.

35. Balayage on Dark Hair with High Ponytail

Balayage on Dark Hair with High Ponytail

We wanted to include this example so you can understand how lovely this hair color choice looks when styled in a high ponytail. As you can see, the dark base stands out beautifully against the lighter shades in the ponytail.

36. Angel Hair

metallic pastel angel hair balayage

A truly unique hair color idea is this marvelous mix of silvery pastels. The mesmerizing combination is often regarded as ‘opal hair’ or ‘angel hair’ and is an amazing choice if pastel colors reflect your personality.

37. Fine Balayage Ombre Hair

Balayage Ombre Hair

If you’re not sure whether you want balayage or ombre hair, you can ask your colorist to mix the techniques. About ¾ of your hair will be the lighter color, but the smooth transition associated with balayage will offer a boost of elegance.

38. Discrete Balayage Blonde Hair

Discrete Balayage Blonde Hair

To make your coloring as subtle as possible, opt for various similar tones of blonde. This example shows that the color blend itself is almost undetectable, while the person looking focuses on the natural radiance of the blondes.

39. Minty Fresh

light green balayage

Do you tend to think out of the box and want to stand out from the crowd? Nothing quite beats this light lime color melt, even so more when applied to a wavy long bob.

40. Deep Navy Balayage Dark Hair

Deep Navy Balayage Dark Hair

Brunettes with long hair will love how these discreet sweeps of navy highlight the lower part of their locks. You can also combine dark blue with other shades, such as brown, but it truly looks stunning against jet black hair.

41. Twisted Braids

balayage with braid

Braids are an excellent way to show off the color blends in your new hairstyle. With just a bit of patience and work, you can go over the top with this intricate knotted braid. It starts out as a tight French braid that you loosen into cute bows as you go down.

42. Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Milk chocolate isn’t sweet only when it’s enjoyed as a treat. This shade is just as spectacular when incorporated into your hair style. This is yet another awesome idea for natural brunettes that want to emphasize their dark locks.

43. Purples and Pinks

purple and pink balayage

If you get inspired by sunrise, you can take key colors and brighten them into a unique and breathtaking mixture. You can start with dark violet and blend out into magenta, pink and strawberry blonde at the tips.

44. Choppy Balayage Short Hair

Choppy Balayage Short Hair

It’s crystal clear that this technique makes even short locks look glamorous. A short choppy bob can be taken to the next level with some latte undertones and a few streaks in the front to frame your face nicely.

45. Braids and Bun

pastel balayage with double braids and bun

Double French braids with a top knot has become increasingly popular among recent hair trends. It’s an exceptional styling option for showing your color gradient, especially when you work with bold nuances like lavender and silver.

46. Sleek Silvery Top Knot

half up top knot with silver blonde balayage

As an alternative, you can go for a simple top knot with your hair half up half down. Your darker roots will be accentuated, allowing the rest of your hair to flow freely down the sides.

47. Light Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

Light Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

Some women choose to highlight just a few key areas of their hair, like around their face. You can try a light shade of magenta for this mixture, which works amazingly when paired with jet black as a base color.

48. Grey Balayage on Short Hair

Grey Balayage on Short Hair

No matter how short your hair is, you can melt colors gorgeously in a way that they all stand out. We already know that dark roots with grey hair is a beloved choice, but we can now appreciate how dazzling it looks on a short A-line bob.

49. Wavy Beach Hair

Wavy Beach Hair

Beach hair is eternally charming, especially when worn by a boho gal. These sun-streaked locks are playful and sexy at the same time for both long and short hair.

50. Balayage Highlight Emphasis

Balayage Highlights

Finally, you can maintain all the attention on the different types of caramel highlights you have. Long locks work this best for this style, and at least 3-4 types of highlights.


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