Balayage is among the hottest hair styles that takes us back to our roots (literally). It is a hairstyle that emphasizes natural, healthy shine as well as natural, organic gradients it is a coloring method that has French roots. It has now taken the beauty industry with a vengeance, due to the simple, natural beauty it offers. Take a look at these beautiful ideas to get inspired.

1. Ash Blonde Balayage

ash blonde balayage

An excellent way to add some hue to your hair without becoming too flashy is to use ash blonde. While it preserves the natural look from blonde hair, it comes with silvery shades that bring the balyage’s color to life.

2. Blonde Balayage Long Bob

Blonde Balayage Lob

One of the great things of balayage hair the fact that it is suitable for different lengths. Even when you don’t have hair that is waist-length you can still wear a blonde balayage the long bob with amazing.

3. Sun-kissed Brunette

brunette balayage

A lot of brunettes choose subtle blond accents in order to highlight their natural hair shade. This is an excellent illustration of how these light blonde tones can help make dark brunette hair shine.

4. Dark to Light Gradient

black brown caramel balayage

Due to the apparent contrast between the tips and the roots the hair is more reminiscent of the ombre hair. However, the delicate method of fading the tones of blonde and brown is an excellent example of balayage.

5. Soft Balayage Highlights

Soft Balayage Highlights

Natural, discreet and healthy are the key words to describe Balyage. This is how you transform from basic highlights to a complete sun-struck appearance. It doesn’t matter if you have either light or dark hair, this style is sure to work for you.

6. Silver Ash

silver ash blonde balayage

The above image shows the way to take your ash blonde up a notch using Balyage. While retaining a rich Ash base and a brighter color, the blonde is accentuated by the wide silver tones that reach nearly white edges.

7. Honey Brunette Balayage

Honey Brunette Balayage

Honey, caramel, and latte are well-known tones for experimenting with ideas for balayage. If you’re naturally brunette, it is possible to combine the three tones in a harmonious way to highlight dark hair.

8. Balayage Dark Hair that is Dark with Auburn

Dark Hair Balayage with Auburn

Another method to enhance the natural dark roots of your hair is to fade into a light tone. In other words, instead of turning blonde, go for a deep auburn secondary shade. This is stunning when your hair’s natural shade has reddish undertones.

9. Curly Color Fade

curly color fade

Straight hair or wavy hair aren’t the only hair types which look great with the balayage. Curly locks, for instance are a great way to highlight the natural mix of hues like none other. The same effect can be enjoyed by both short and long curly hair.

10. Subtle Honey Hues

Subtle Honey Hues

Do you want for your hair to appear invisible without losing that natural shine? Consider a tone that’s only a shade or two lighter than the color of your hair and let your stylist’ sprinkle with blonde streaks in here and there.

11. Black to Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

Black to Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

The beauty of balayage can be appreciated greatly on perfectly straight hair. If you’re in this situation then you should try one that’s brighter. It doesn’t mean you need to make use of rainbow shades, but the gradient is easy to see from top to the bottom.

12. Curly Caramel Balayage

Curly Caramel Balayage

Corkscrew curls are beautiful to look at particularly when they dance about in their original hue. However, the glowing and healthy base can be enhanced by an ethereal caramel balayage which emphasizes the tips.

13. Shades of Grey

dark grey balayage

Grey hair, light and dark it has become more sought-after in the past year. Another advantage of hair balayage is that you can combine your most loved shades of grey, beginning with rich charcoal, and finishing with soft ash-colored tones.

14. Brown and Pink Mix

brown and pink balayage

The brown and pink shades are always a good match hair colors including. In recent years, the color pink has gained popularity, and with a variety of shades and intensities. For a gorgeous balance, think about a subtle pink balayage on the natural hair color of your brown.

15. Grey to Silver

grey to silver balayage

As we mentioned previously it is possible to wear grey hair in a variety of ways. The more light alternative to the charcoal balayage is this grey silver gradient. It is a nice detail that all grey tones of this type include ash blonde undertones.

16. Copper and Auburn Balayage

Copper and Auburn Balayage

The most gorgeous red-colored hair colors are deep Auburn as well as honey copper. Because of balayage, you don’t have to select only one. In addition, you don’t have to go through a long change from one to the opposite (like in the case of ombre).

17. Violet Red Balayage

Violet Red Balayage

It’s the same for red and violet. The burgundy hue is stunning on black hair and adds just enough shade to highlight the naturally dark shades. Furthermore, it’s extremely simple to maintain every once or twice throughout the year.

18. Steel Blue

Steel Blue Balayage

Moving to cooler tones, this blue steel hue is stunning when mixed with black and periwinkle. It’s even more appealing when your hair is curly Don’t overlook it when you are choosing the colors for your balayage.

19. Balayage & Braids

Balayage and Braids

What happens when you have Balyage hair? This loose half-up, half down French braid is a great method of styling your hair in a way that emphasizes the transitions in color. If you have hair that is thick This is an option you should consider.

20. Natural Light Brown Balayage

Natural Light Brown Balayage

If you’re a eyes of chocolate brown One of the most effective methods to match your eyes is to wear honey hair that is balayage. It retains the original beauty of balayage while moving into lighter shades that highlight the deep hue of your eyes.

21. Colors in Fishtail Braid

balayage hair styled in fishtail braid

Another method of styling one’s balayage locks is by using a side braid made of fishtail. In this instance you will notice subtle violet tones as well as the copper blonde mix which is highlighted in the braiding.

22. Dark Ash Blonde and Brown

Dark Ash Blonde and Brown Balayage

Additionally, you can mix the shades of ash blonde and ash brown for a beautiful balance. This is another of the many possibilities to mix your most loved tones until you achieve the color you’ve always wanted.

23. Balayage Curly Black Hair Roots

natural afro hair with copper balayage

Lucky sufficient to be blessed with a hair full of curly curls? Let those corkscrews shine even more by adding copper tips and leave the base with a natural dark hue. It’s most attractive in hair with curly, however it’s attractive on straight hair.

24. Turquoise Short Hair Balayage

Turquoise Short Hair Balayage

Now, you’ve taken the huge step of cutting off your hair to create an elegant A-line hairstyle. What’s next? Injecting some color. Kylie Jenner has proven that the turquoise ombre long-bob works like a charm and you should experiment with it without any doubt.

25. Copper Melt

copper balayage

With these rich tones of bronze, copper as well as caramel, could you not fall in love with this brownish blonde melt? Do not hesitate to add these special “ingredients to your balayage recipe to create natural shine.

26. Curly Silver Balayage Bob

Curly Silver Balayage Bob

If your hair’s shade is dark, or even black, you’ve experienced the wonders that silver balayage hair has the ability to work. Add hair that is curlier and you’ll have a hairstyle that is sure to turn heads when you stroll through the streets.

27. Highlighted Ash Brown Balayage

Highlighted Ash Brown Balayage

Are you nostalgic for the trend of highlights? Then, you can incorporate highlights and lowlights in your Ash brown balayage. Once you’ve got the perfect coloring then you can fashion it into a half-up half down back braid to highlight the hues.

28. Reddish brown with Blonde Accents

Reddish Brown with Blonde Accents hair

Redheads will love this idea. Ginger kids can blend the natural shades of brick red with some honey and cinnamon shades in this gorgeous balayage concept. Even even if you’re not naturally a redhead, you can be inspired by this gorgeous design to get your hair done for the next time.

29. Balayage Brunette and Copper Combo

Balayage Brunette and Copper Combo

This look is like the copper-tipped and black curls we mentioned earlier. But, this style is a little more elaborate and shows lighter auburn when it’s close in the root. The result is that your curls are bigger and more vibrant as they have ever been.

30. Lavender Gold

lavender gold balayage

Rose gold has been popular in recent times and a unique method of achieving this is to use lavender gold. This design blends subtle shades of honey and light purple and just enough variations that you can try these look more attractive in the lower portion.

31. Indigo Fades to Violet

indigo and violet balayage

Are you a confident and outgoing character? Pick vibrant colors for balayage to complement the personality. For instance, you could blend violet and indigo for the most intense and rich balayage you will love.

32. All-natural Balayage Brown Hair

Natural Balayage Brown Hair

Keep the caramel coming. This natural gradient of light brown to light blonde looks amazing on curly hair, however, you could also experiment for straight hair. Whatever way you style it the two primary shades will look amazing.

33. Bangs with Bangs Short and Balayage

Short Balayage Hair with Bangs

You can use this color technique if have hair or plan to get them as well. This will not affect the overall effect that the blend of colors has. In fact it will help strengthen the darker color base, allowing it to contrast with the lighter part.

34. Pastel With Dark Roots

pastel balayage

This soft blue – lavender color is already a stunning color. However, when you pair it with dark, dark hairstyles and dark hair, the result is stunning. Finish it off with an edgy long bob and an elongated side part, and you’ll have an amazing hairstyle concept.

35. A Balayage Style on Dark Hair with High Ponytail

Balayage on Dark Hair with High Ponytail

We wanted to share this photo to appreciate how beautiful the hair color looks when worn in a long ponytail. As you can observe, the dark shade is stunning against the lighter shades of the ponytail.

36. Angel Hair

metallic pastel angel hair balayage

One truly original hair color is this stunning combination of pastels with silvery hues. This stunning combination is commonly described as “opal” hair or “angel hair’. It is the perfect choice if you are a person who is drawn to pastels.

37. Fine Balayage Ombre Hair

Balayage Ombre Hair

If you’re not certain if you’d prefer balayage or even hair with ombre, you can request your stylist to mix both techniques. About 35% the hair you have will have a lighter shade, however the smooth transition of Balyage can give you an extra boost of style.

38. Discrete Balayage Blonde Hair

Discrete Balayage Blonde Hair

To make your color as subtle as it can be you should choose similar shades of blonde. This is a good example of how the color blend is virtually undetectable, as the viewer is focused on the natural glow and radiance of blondes.

39. Minty Fresh

light green balayage

Do you think outside of the box and would like to be different from the rest? Nothing beats this light lime color melt, and even much more when it is applied to a wavy long hair.

40. Deep Navy Balayage Dark Hair

Deep Navy Balayage Dark Hair

Brunettes who have long hair will be delighted by the way these subtle swaths of navy accent the lower portion of their hair. You can also mix the dark shade with different shades like brunette, however it is stunning with the black of jet-black hair.

41. Twisted Braids

balayage with braid

Braids are a great way to showcase the shades of your hairstyle. With just a little determination and perseverance you can get way over the top with this gorgeous knotted braid. It starts as an incredibly strenuous French braid, which you loosen into bows that are cute when you progress down.

42. Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate isn’t just sweet when consumed as treats. The color is equally stunning when it is integrated into your hairstyle. This is a great idea for brunettes who are looking to enhance the dark hairstyles of their friends.

43. Purples and Pinks

purple and pink balayage

If you are attracted by the sunrise, you can choose the most important colors and blend them to create a unique and stunning mix. You can begin with dark violet, and then blend out to magenta, pink and strawberry blonde near the ends.

44. Choppy Balayage Short Hair

Choppy Balayage Short Hair

It’s clear that this method makes even the shortest locks look stunning. A short, choppy bob could be elevated to the next stage with a few subdued latte tones and some streaks of hair on the front of your face to frame your face beautifully.

45. Braids and Bun

pastel balayage with double braids and bun

Double French braids that feature a top knot are becoming increasingly popular with the latest hairstyles. It’s a fantastic way to style to show your color gradient, particularly when you’re using bold hues like silver and lavender.

46. Sleek Silvery Top Knot

half up top knot with silver blonde balayage

For a different look option, you could opt for an easy top knot that has your hair split in half down. The darker hair roots will become more noticeable while allowing the remainder portion of your hair move effortlessly along the sides.

47. Light Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

Light Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

Certain women prefer to highlight only certain hair areas, for example, around their faces. Try a light shade of magenta to this combination, which performs wonderfully when it is paired with jet black for a base shade.

48. Grey Balayage on Short Hair

Grey Balayage on Short Hair

Whatever length your hair may be, you can meld colors in such an approach that makes them are all noticeable. We’ve all heard that dark grey hair is a popular style however, we are able to be amazed by how stunning it appears when paired with a short A-line bob.

49. Wavy Beach Hair

Wavy Beach Hair

Beach hair is always beautiful, particularly when you’re a boho chic gal. The sun-streaked locks look fun and flirty in equal measure for short and long hair.

50. Balayage Highlight Emphasis

Balayage Highlights

You can also keep all your attention to the various types of caramel highlights available. Long locks are ideal to achieve this look. You should also have at least 3-4 kinds of highlights.


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