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29 Asymmetrical Bob Ideas for an Original Hairstyle

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In the midst of all the fresh haircuts that you can consider The asymmetrical bob stands out from the others. It’s not just that it incorporates one of the most popular trends of the past several years that is the bob however, it also takes it to the next level. Like the name implies the hairstyle is based on symmetry, and is a bit out of the norm beautifully. There are a myriad of ways to style it below!

1. Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Contrary to conventional beliefs, “messy” is the new “classy” this year. In terms of haircuts and hairstyles messy styles offer an almost paradoxical view of style. Ladies, just rake your fingers over your hair and not worry about it!

2. Icy Silver Bob

Icy Silver Bob

We’re sure you’re conscious that hair styles for gray are becoming more fashionable than ever before, even platinum silver hairstyles. In this case we went slightly further by adding an ever-so subtle blue tint to the adorable silver hairstyle.

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3. Asymmetrical Short Hair

Asymmetrical Short Hair

Portia de Rossi proves that short bobs look stunning when cut unevenly. This particular style is in the middle of an old pixie haircut and a bob. It’s perfect for flaunting your gorgeous hairstyles that are short.

4. Cotton Candy Bob

Cotton Candy Bob

If you’re a woman who is considering an asymmetrical cut We already know you’re courageous. If you’re thinking of doing something even more daring by opting for a different hair shade Congratulations! This shade of cotton candy pink is an attractive shade indeed.

5. Straight Asymmetrical Bob

Straight Asymmetrical Bob

One of the best textures for asymmetrical bobs are extremely straight hair. Since there aren’t any curvatures or waves it is easy to see the distinction between one side and the other. Additionally, separating your hair on the side will help you create that gorgeous long hair appearance.

6. Asymmetrical Long Bob

Asymmetrical Long Bob

In the spirit of long hair How do you show them off with a similar long hairdo? While many women are prone to see bob haircuts as being a sign of shorter hair, it is important to be aware that the “lob” is as stylish as the classic haircut of the bob.

7. Ombre Bob

Ombre Bob

If you’re looking to play using colors, the ombre can guide you in the right direction. Although the technique has been in use for quite a while now and is still popular. Combine it with a long, asymmetrical bob and you’ll have a gorgeous hairstyle.

8. Balayage Bob

Balayage Bob

If, however, you want an elegant color change for the hairstyle, then balayage could be the best option. Blending different tones of the same shade palette is a beautiful and subtle method of bringing every hairstyle alive. An A-line hairstyle like this one.

9. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

If you’ve noticed uneven bobs on straight hair however what about girls with curly hair? This style can be a dream for ladies with curly hair who aren’t looking for something that is extravagant. Because of the dynamic texture of wavy hair the bob is subtle uneven.

10. Blonde Tips Idea

Blonde Tips Idea

However it is possible to enhance the symmetry of your bob with a variety of techniques. One option is to emphasize only the edges or tips with a striking hue. In this instance you can observe how a splash of blonde can make all the distinction.

11. Asymmetrical Bob African American Women

Asymmetrical Bob African American Women

Women of color look gorgeous with Asymmetrical bobs. They can not only have braids like the one in the picture above as well as with their natural curls that have been sexy. You’ll get a better idea of what we’re talking about when we go to #19.

12. Highlights on Bob

Highlights on Bob

If you’re not keen on the color changes that come with balayage or ombre You can opt for a classic and elegant highlight set. You can choose classic colors with the base of light brown with blonde highlights or look for colors which are more bright.

13. Fishtail Braid Bob

Fishtail Braid Bob

Let’s say you’ve got your asymmetrical hairstyle completely sorted. What will you do with hair styling? While it may be harder to style hair with shorter lengths it is important to be aware that braids are an the best option. Use this fishtail braid for an example.

14. Thin Hair Asymmetrical Bob

Thin Hair Asymmetrical Bob

Hair that is thin can pose a real issue when it comes down to hairstyles. However, this isn’t always the case with asymmetrical bobs. This style is great for bringing your hair’s thin locks to life in an amazing manner.

15. An asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

You can also wear bangs that are asymmetrical. No matter if they’re straight or round, and side-bangs they’ll all look stunning with an unbalanced hairstyle. Furthermore you can experiment in the lengths of your hair too.

16. Faux Asymmetry

Faux Asymmetry

What should you do when you’re drawn to the idea of asymmetrical hairstyles but aren’t ready to chop off your gorgeous locks right now? Try to fake it until you can make it. You can recreate an asymmetrical bob by pining a bit pieces of hair in the back. Be sure to have a long, layered hairstyle in the first place.

17. Rose Gold Asymmetrical Bob

Rose Gold Asymmetrical Bob

If colors are being discussed, you’re in an amazing array of options for your hair. The majority of colors look great with this haircut however, we must admit that rose gold is a style that is its own.

18. Braided Bangs Bob

Braided Bangs Bob

This is yet another method to add beautiful braids to your hair. All you need to do is split your hair in the opposite direction then braid in the opposite direction. Begin from the top starting at the top and working your way backwards and then tie the hair behind the ear of one.

19. Asymmetrical Bob Curly Hair

Asymmetrical Bob Curly Hair

As promised, here’s the way a slightly asymmetrical hairstyle looks with hair that is textured in afro. Hairstyles with natural curly curls are more appealing and incomparable to not admire even from afar. All we can say is W-O-W!

20. Pastel Neon Bob

Pastel Neon Bob

Most women aren’t looking for a pastel-neon hair shade We were unable to resist including this stunning hairstyle on our list of. If you’re confident, bold and a bit frightened and daring, we urge you to let your personality shine through the colors of your most vivid fantasies.

21. Bob and his Box Braids

Bob with Box Braids

Box braids are among the most popular hairstyles among hairstyles in the African hairstyle community. We’re here to assure that they look gorgeous when cut symmetrically. Think about highlights to highlight your braids to make them look more attractive.

22. Colorful Asymmetrical Bob

Colorful Asymmetrical Bob

Be yourself by sporting a hairstyle that is fun like this. While it’s actually all the colors in the spectrum of colors, the hairstyle is at all as flashy as one would imagine. The secret lies in these bright hues were merely added in just the form of a few highlights.

23. Asymmetrical Bob Sew In

Asymmetrical Bob Sew In

The haircut is easily modified for weaves, wigs, or other sew-ins. Here’s an example one that’s around mid-length, however you can alter it to be shorter or more long as you want. We love the tucked-behind-the-ear detail too.

24. Bob with Locs

Bob with Locs

Cuts of hair are cute when they’re cut in an asymmetrical style. A cut like this can be a great option for having shorter locks, instead of shoulder-length or long. We’re loving the A-line cut in this hairstyle.

25. Angled Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

Angled Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

What about making your bangs symmetrical as others in your locks? The result is super cool and we love the quirky look that this hairstyle. We do recommend it for ladies with straight hair naturally for lower maintenance stress.

26. Asymmetrical Bob for Mature Women

Asymmetrical Bob for Mature Women

Whatever your age, trendy, fresh and fun hairstyles are suitable for all! If you’re looking to celebrate your youthfulness, consider having a sleek, asymmetrical hairstyle with a touch of shade. You can keep all of your gray (it’s everywhere at the moment) and add some highlights in your favourite shade.

27. Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

Hairstyles that are long and wavy is a popular choice. However, this hairstyle is gorgeous and pushes the boundaries of the lob even further. We recommend this kind of cut for women who don’t wish to drastically cut their hair after a recent haircut.

28. High Fashion Bob

High Fashion Bob

If you’re a fan of couture as your name of the day then you are able to show your style with your hairstyle. The form of this asymmetrical bob is jaw-dropping and the color scheme. If you opt for this method then you must definitely consult with a professional stylist.

29. Short Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

Short Bangs and Asymmetrical Bob

There’s something about super-short bangs that we love these hairstyles. Add an asymmetrical, visible haircut and you’ll have a stylish and stylish hairstyle that you can proudly wear. The choice of color is attractive in this particular example too.

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