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50 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color & Styling Ideas

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21. Colors in Fishtail Braid

balayage hair styled in fishtail braid

Another method of styling one’s balayage locks is by using a side braid made of fishtail. In this instance you will notice subtle violet tones as well as the copper blonde mix which is highlighted in the braiding.

22. Dark Ash Blonde and Brown

Dark Ash Blonde and Brown Balayage

Additionally, you can mix the shades of ash blonde and ash brown for a beautiful balance. This is another of the many possibilities to mix your most loved tones until you achieve the color you’ve always wanted.

23. Balayage Curly Black Hair Roots

natural afro hair with copper balayage

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Lucky sufficient to be blessed with a hair full of curly curls? Let those corkscrews shine even more by adding copper tips and leave the base with a natural dark hue. It’s most attractive in hair with curly, however it’s attractive on straight hair.

24. Turquoise Short Hair Balayage

Turquoise Short Hair Balayage

Now, you’ve taken the huge step of cutting off your hair to create an elegant A-line hairstyle. What’s next? Injecting some color. Kylie Jenner has proven that the turquoise ombre long-bob works like a charm and you should experiment with it without any doubt.

25. Copper Melt

copper balayage

With these rich tones of bronze, copper as well as caramel, could you not fall in love with this brownish blonde melt? Do not hesitate to add these special “ingredients to your balayage recipe to create natural shine.

26. Curly Silver Balayage Bob

Curly Silver Balayage Bob

If your hair’s shade is dark, or even black, you’ve experienced the wonders that silver balayage hair has the ability to work. Add hair that is curlier and you’ll have a hairstyle that is sure to turn heads when you stroll through the streets.

27. Highlighted Ash Brown Balayage

Highlighted Ash Brown Balayage

Are you nostalgic for the trend of highlights? Then, you can incorporate highlights and lowlights in your Ash brown balayage. Once you’ve got the perfect coloring then you can fashion it into a half-up half down back braid to highlight the hues.

28. Reddish brown with Blonde Accents

Reddish Brown with Blonde Accents hair

Redheads will love this idea. Ginger kids can blend the natural shades of brick red with some honey and cinnamon shades in this gorgeous balayage concept. Even even if you’re not naturally a redhead, you can be inspired by this gorgeous design to get your hair done for the next time.

29. Balayage Brunette and Copper Combo

Balayage Brunette and Copper Combo

This look is like the copper-tipped and black curls we mentioned earlier. But, this style is a little more elaborate and shows lighter auburn when it’s close in the root. The result is that your curls are bigger and more vibrant as they have ever been.

30. Lavender Gold

lavender gold balayage

Rose gold has been popular in recent times and a unique method of achieving this is to use lavender gold. This design blends subtle shades of honey and light purple and just enough variations that you can try these look more attractive in the lower portion.

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