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50 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color & Styling Ideas

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31. Indigo Fades to Violet

indigo and violet balayage

Are you a confident and outgoing character? Pick vibrant colors for balayage to complement the personality. For instance, you could blend violet and indigo for the most intense and rich balayage you will love.

32. All-natural Balayage Brown Hair

Natural Balayage Brown Hair

Keep the caramel coming. This natural gradient of light brown to light blonde looks amazing on curly hair, however, you could also experiment for straight hair. Whatever way you style it the two primary shades will look amazing.

33. Bangs with Bangs Short and Balayage

Short Balayage Hair with Bangs

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You can use this color technique if have hair or plan to get them as well. This will not affect the overall effect that the blend of colors has. In fact it will help strengthen the darker color base, allowing it to contrast with the lighter part.

34. Pastel With Dark Roots

pastel balayage

This soft blue – lavender color is already a stunning color. However, when you pair it with dark, dark hairstyles and dark hair, the result is stunning. Finish it off with an edgy long bob and an elongated side part, and you’ll have an amazing hairstyle concept.

35. A Balayage Style on Dark Hair with High Ponytail

Balayage on Dark Hair with High Ponytail

We wanted to share this photo to appreciate how beautiful the hair color looks when worn in a long ponytail. As you can observe, the dark shade is stunning against the lighter shades of the ponytail.

36. Angel Hair

metallic pastel angel hair balayage

One truly original hair color is this stunning combination of pastels with silvery hues. This stunning combination is commonly described as “opal” hair or “angel hair’. It is the perfect choice if you are a person who is drawn to pastels.

37. Fine Balayage Ombre Hair

Balayage Ombre Hair

If you’re not certain if you’d prefer balayage or even hair with ombre, you can request your stylist to mix both techniques. About 35% the hair you have will have a lighter shade, however the smooth transition of Balyage can give you an extra boost of style.

38. Discrete Balayage Blonde Hair

Discrete Balayage Blonde Hair

To make your color as subtle as it can be you should choose similar shades of blonde. This is a good example of how the color blend is virtually undetectable, as the viewer is focused on the natural glow and radiance of blondes.

39. Minty Fresh

light green balayage

Do you think outside of the box and would like to be different from the rest? Nothing beats this light lime color melt, and even much more when it is applied to a wavy long hair.

40. Deep Navy Balayage Dark Hair

Deep Navy Balayage Dark Hair

Brunettes who have long hair will be delighted by the way these subtle swaths of navy accent the lower portion of their hair. You can also mix the dark shade with different shades like brunette, however it is stunning with the black of jet-black hair.

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