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50 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color & Styling Ideas

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41. Twisted Braids

balayage with braid

Braids are a great way to showcase the shades of your hairstyle. With just a little determination and perseverance you can get way over the top with this gorgeous knotted braid. It starts as an incredibly strenuous French braid, which you loosen into bows that are cute when you progress down.

42. Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate isn’t just sweet when consumed as treats. The color is equally stunning when it is integrated into your hairstyle. This is a great idea for brunettes who are looking to enhance the dark hairstyles of their friends.

43. Purples and Pinks

purple and pink balayage

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If you are attracted by the sunrise, you can choose the most important colors and blend them to create a unique and stunning mix. You can begin with dark violet, and then blend out to magenta, pink and strawberry blonde near the ends.

44. Choppy Balayage Short Hair

Choppy Balayage Short Hair

It’s clear that this method makes even the shortest locks look stunning. A short, choppy bob could be elevated to the next stage with a few subdued latte tones and some streaks of hair on the front of your face to frame your face beautifully.

45. Braids and Bun

pastel balayage with double braids and bun

Double French braids that feature a top knot are becoming increasingly popular with the latest hairstyles. It’s a fantastic way to style to show your color gradient, particularly when you’re using bold hues like silver and lavender.

46. Sleek Silvery Top Knot

half up top knot with silver blonde balayage

For a different look option, you could opt for an easy top knot that has your hair split in half down. The darker hair roots will become more noticeable while allowing the remainder portion of your hair move effortlessly along the sides.

47. Light Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

Light Magenta Balayage on Black Hair

Certain women prefer to highlight only certain hair areas, for example, around their faces. Try a light shade of magenta to this combination, which performs wonderfully when it is paired with jet black for a base shade.

48. Grey Balayage on Short Hair

Grey Balayage on Short Hair

Whatever length your hair may be, you can meld colors in such an approach that makes them are all noticeable. We’ve all heard that dark grey hair is a popular style however, we are able to be amazed by how stunning it appears when paired with a short A-line bob.

49. Wavy Beach Hair

Wavy Beach Hair

Beach hair is always beautiful, particularly when you’re a boho chic gal. The sun-streaked locks look fun and flirty in equal measure for short and long hair.

50. Balayage Highlight Emphasis

Balayage Highlights

You can also keep all your attention to the various types of caramel highlights available. Long locks are ideal to achieve this look. You should also have at least 3-4 kinds of highlights.

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