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50 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

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#11: Sliced Chocolate Lob with Voluminous Waves

Shaggy Tousled Lob For Thick Hair

Hair that is shoulder-length thick must cut it into a long , shaggy cut to highlight the natural texture and thickness. All-over lobs cut in the middle look groovy however they are a touch feminine. The copper highlights brighten the face and add a sparkle to the dark, sliced hair.

#12: A Long-Balayage Bob With Blunt Bangs

Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Bangs

Astonishingly low maintenance, this fashionable long bob with the balayage style is an excellent choice for those who want to make sure the color will last. Additionally, the sharpness that the bangs have contrasts the smooth wave of overall look giving messy (but nevertheless refined) appearance.

#13: Peek-aBoo Lob Long Feathered Bangs

Peek-A-Boo Layered Lob For Fine Hair

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Part your hair to one side and let long bangs fall to the front to create a classic peek-a-boo appearance. The layered lob is adorned with lots of feathery parts across and we like the effortless look they bring to the look. The dark shadows and blonde highlights add volume to straight fine hair.

#14: Voluminous Blonde Lob with Shadow Roots

Lob Haircut With Textured Layers

The striking hairstyle with a side-part highlights all the attractive lines of the face’s cheekbones as well as jawline. Peek-a-boo bangs encircle one eye which further frames the face and the dark shadows provide a lovely contrast to the white blonde strands that frame the face.

#15 Inverted Lob with Platinum Highlights

Dark Brown Lob With Blonde Balayage

Inverted lobs are comparable to an a-line in that both have hair that is longer in the front. The different is that inverted cuts are stacked on the back. Lob haircuts that have platinum highlights are great for colder months, or for those who favor ashier shades.

16: Long Bob Cut with Balayage

Shaggy Bronde Balayage Lob

Sweet, playful and so natural The ombre balayage hairstyle utilizes soft, subtle tone and a slack cut for that freshly-woken-up smooth look. For styling, we recommend spraying locks with a gentle mist of texturizing and then finishing with a tool for styling and paying particular attention to the elements in front.

17: Honey Blonde Lob with Layers

Layered Caramel Blonde Lob

Lobs are usually as dark brown or platinum blonde but don’t forget delightful and delicious middle shades! This style is gorgeous in honey blonde, and it oozes warmth and softness in the cut, which is usually viewed as sharp. Long layers can soften the entire look.

#18: Shaggy Chocolate Long Bob

Shaggy Tousled Long Bob For Straight Hair

Hair that is straight can be worn in a shaggy, tangled style that exudes a distinctively urban edginess. The long, razored pieces are messy and straggly and cover the shoulders’ tops. The peek-a-boo bangs give an atmosphere of mystery, while framing cheekbones and the forehead.

19: Long Bob with Ombre for Thick Hair

Angled Messy Brown Balayage Bob

Hair that is thick can be difficult to style when it comes to bobs that are longer. If cut too short, you’re at risk of ending up with a look that is unflatteringly low-cut. If you keep the hair too long and you’ll be unable to maintain the shape. This style is a step beyond the extremes of both, by using a variety of lengths, and bleached, light-catching pieces to bring life to hair.

#20 Textured Crop with Partially Balayage

Angled Choppy Lob With Bangs

This is a modern take on the hairstyle known as lob. It’s textured at the ends and accented by a subtle color. Long bobs that has bangs frame your face well. Wispy and dense bangs are perfect for this look.

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