Do you know a single girl or woman who’s never experienced a bob haircut? With a range of lengths and finishes Bob hairstyles are our top choice. Though blunt bobs can be just as stunning as layered bobs Hairstyles for bobs with layers can be a great way of making thin hair appear more volumized and, in turn it can help manage very thick hair. Explore a wide selection of chic layered styles with every modern twist you can think of and pick an attractive haircut to wear this season.

Layered Bob Hairstyles as They Are Today

In the quest for modern and low-maintenance styles increasingly, celebrities and bloggers are sporting fashionable bob hairstyles featuring highlights, grading, and natural-looking finishing. Chin-grazing cuts and shorter ones are dominating the scene as the most fashionable Bob hairstyles. These showcase gorgeous fringes, fringy or choppy edges and funky asymmetry and beautiful textures. “Demi-bobs” that have longer are a great option to wear with loose hairstyles and stylish braids. The most trendy long bobs of the moment usually include stunning highlights or an ombre. Texturized bobs look amazing on medium and thin hair. Hair that is thick and curly or straight that has a bob cut carries the potential to form an angular form that isn’t very attractive. A thorough texturization of the ends and layers of thick hair can save us from the ugly triangular. One option that is loved by many modern women is an stacked or graduated style with layers that are shorter at the nape and longer hair in the front. Layered bobs give you freedom when it comes to styles such as sleek flat, slightly well-maintained, and large curly hairstyles are you can choose from this season. It’s time to take pictures!

#1: Pretty Layered Pastel Pink Bob

Short Tousled Blonde Bob

If you have long hair then you don’t need the tricks of dye to make your hair appear larger. Instead, you can make a stylish addition for your hair’s layered by using a pastel solid shade. The pastel blonde is romantic and fun with a hint of toughness. It’s perfect for women who are romantic and charming.

#2: Modern Blonde Bob

Blonde Choppy Bob with Highlights

To get a layered bob with urban appeal, opt for an elongated side part or lengthy bangs, which will blend together with your cut. There are a variety of ways to style layers to make them to stand out. You can try sea salt spray, or pomades made specifically for shorter hair. Try out different methods to determine which products work best for you.

#3 Bronde Bob with Feathered Long Layers

Medium Layered Bronde Bob

A medium-layered bob split to the side looks stunning with long, feathered layers. The chin-length peek-aboo bangs may be worn loose or tucked behind the ears to create an elegant and mature appearance.

#4: Finely Chopped Tousled Bob

Honey Blonde Layered Bob

A bob with a color that has been cut with precision gives a sophisticated and stylish style with an added dimension. Attention to detail helps take the weight off of long and heavy hair. The blonde highlights and a tousled style create a sun-kissed and breezy feeling.

#5: Sophisticated Bob and Subtle Layers

Brunette Layered Bob Without Bangs

A layered bob with sharp edges can be more striking when it is paired with a deep or bright hue. The layers add the shape and texture of your locks while letting your color shine. Wear it straight for a sleek elegant, polished style.

#6 Dishwater Blonde Bob featuring Layers and Highlights

Tousled Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

The platinum highlights on a dark blonde base give it a more dimensional look without any styling or manipulation. Layering light highlights the hair and encourages movement, making it simple to put together a appearance with no effort required.

#7: Touchable Easy to Wear Bob

Chin-Length Brown Layered Bob

Here’s a style that will make you want to play with your hair, tossing it back and forth throughout the day long. For a cut cropped with perfectly layered layers it’s best to find the top stylist that you can find. Prepare yourself to get the perfect haircut by checking through the layers of haircuts stylists share through Instagram or Facebook Learn to describe what you’d like and keep an eye out for any tips for styling.

8: Bronde Bob, with thin layers throughout

Wispy Bob with Short Layers

Layered bob haircuts are available in various styles, not only one length, but also inverted and angled haircuts. The a-line bob has an intriguing, modern look and is stunning. Particularly with a tousled style and some balance.

9: Inverted Bob Bob With Swoopy Layers

Layered A-Line Bob

If you’re looking for a chic hairstyle that’s easy to keep, consider an a-line bob with layers. This haircut is ideal for women with round faces because the long, chin-length layers are slimming. We also love the colour of this particular hairstyle and the brown tones provide the illusion of a glimmer of blonde on every move of your head.

#10 Light Cinnamon Brown Bob with jagged Ends

Inverted Brown Bob for Fine Hair

The crown’s teasing can make a huge difference to fine hair that might otherwise lie flat. Give it a unique look by keeping the ends rough, and ensure the your cut appears slightly inverted to create an additional unique look.

11. Collarbone Bob with Wispy Layers. Bob featuring Wispy Layers

Feathered Bob with Side Bangs

Generally speaking, the longer the hair is, the more heavy it appears however, a thick hairstyle could appear as light as feathers with the proper layers and color. If you’re looking for a light hairstyle that oozes freshness choose a wispy, razored layers , and a delicate blend of cool shades.

#12: Curly Bob with Highlights

Feathered Bob with Side Bangs

To create a striking dimensionless bob, opt to layer your hair in layers that highlight highlights and shadows. Because of the stunning shades, these curls look much more similar to swirls. Curl the bottom, top and middle layer in alternate directions to create a stunning feminine look. This video tutorial will show you how the art of curling your short hair.

#13: Pretty Bob with Stacked V-Cut Layers

Inverted Bronde Bob

For many years hairstyles for bobs have been cut with curls that are inwards. For this style make sure you heat your straightening iron up to 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, gently secure the hair starting from the midshaft or root, according to the texture of your hair. Once you have reached the ends, you can begin moving to move the iron position to a horizontal position to create the required bend.

#14: Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Blonde Tapered Bob

Hairstyles that are layered and layered with shades of balayage are extremely popular in the present. If you love the sleekness of bobs however don’t want cut off their length, opt for an angled collarbone cut that taper and you’ll not be disappointed!

#15 Medium Shaggy Bob with Subtle Highlights

Shaggy Brunette Bob

The idea is to wear it messy A medium shag is laid out in various lengths before being it is feathered through. This makes your hair more full, but thin towards the end, and gives the impression of a relaxed and cool impression.

#16 Short Layered Bob with exact Edges

Mushroom Bob with Layers

It is crucial to be precise in order to achieve the perfect bob short and layered with precise edges. Inspired by the retro style and Mary Quant’s hairstyle in Sixties times, this style has been given a modern new twist thanks to highlights and messy layers.

#17: Inverted Layered Ash Bronde Lob

Stacked Long Bob Haircut

A long-layered inverted bob cut is subtle when it is compared to the standard inverted bob. It has the same wedge shape , but is softer due to its length. It also reduces the appearance of the jawline and neck which is an advantage for those with a large face.

#18 The Short Inverted Golden Blonde Bob with Layers

Strawberry Blonde Stacked Bob

A nape-length cut with shorter, angled layers can create a more attractive and full-bodied style. It’s definitely worth a sophisticated shade, such as a subtle copper or a gorgeous strawberry blonde.

#19: One-Length Bob Bob and Random Layers

Below-The-Chin Combover Bob

The shorter length that falls below the chin is flattering for all face types. Do a side-part and then tuck the other side of your hair in the ear. This can emphasize and lengthen your neckline. Add some layers to make the hair more manageable.

#20: Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair

Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

The inverted shape of a hairstyle looks sleek and attractive on straight hair, particularly because the nape is elevated. With shattered layers, you can create a rough look that makes your facial features look sweeter by contrast.

#21: Wavy Layered Bob

Short Chestnut Brown Curly Hair

This adorable style features adorable short hair and a gorgeous cinnamon-honey shade that will be life-changing for anyone who has red or brown hair. Hairstyles that naturally have curly hair will get hairstyles that are close to waking up-and-go as is possible.

#22: Ash Blonde Voluminous Shaggy Bob

Teased Long Layered Blonde Bob

This bob-style with layers throughout is given a shaggy appearance due to backcombing styles. The ash blonde shade makes it more fashionable. No matter if you’re sporting the shaggy bob, smooth and straight, or more daring, with a messy edge it’s guaranteed to be noticed with all the proper reasons.

#23 Honey Brown Bob, with medium texture layers

Layered Lob for Thick Hair

If you are considering changing between long and shorter selecting an ear-length bob with youthful layers will ease the transition. Find out your face’s form and then bring photos of your favorite layers to help your stylist assist you in selecting the most flattering cut.

24: Caramel Blonde Bob with Layers of V-Cut

Inverted Bob with Angled Layers

A layered bob that is cut in soft, swoopy sections allow the softness of an angled, steep cut. Side-swept bangs keep this look current and fashionable while also obscuring any imperfections on the face.

#25: Bob is disconnected Bob using Dynamic Waves

Edgy Wavy Caramel Blonde Bob

A bob short and long layers always creates an impact, no matter if it’s unconnected or cohesive. It is possible to inject the energy and vitality in your hair by adding new and lively waves. For a stylish look, pick several of the most prominent sections, and then curl them loosely using the curling iron.

#26: Curly Jaw-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

Bronde Wavy Bob

Hairstyles with jaw-lengths and crunchy layers add the appearance of thickness and vibrancy that is required when you have hair that is thin or lacking in volume. To blend the chin length layers with the rest of your cut , and give it some glamour and shine to your hair, curl the top portions that are separating your hair from your face.

#27 Chin-Length Chppy Bob with Flyaways

Messy Blonde Bob

The adorable choppy bob with flyaways is designed to appear like a chaotic, unadorned. It is great for medium to thick hair that has natural waves. Change the style by choosing a fashionable colour or style.

#28: Short Wavy Dimensional Bob

Short Bob with Wavy Layers

This is a fresh alternative to the traditional long chin layered bob. You can add some an extra dimension by adding beach waves or, if you’re lucky enough to have your locks have natural curls by simply squishing them while you’re wet by using a foam that is volumizing and then let them dry in the air for the best results.

#29: Texture-Boosting Layers and Subtle Highlights

Choppy Tousled Bob

If you’ve got small or moderate hair which appears boring and uninteresting, you can find options to revive the look. Request a bob that has smooth texture-enhancing layers and subtle highlights to boost the sexiness.

#30 Bob: The Rounded Bob With Long Bangs

Bronde Layered Bob

If you want a more clean and elegant bob, go for an oval shape and the long fringe. If you opt for bangs that are full or on the side include some highlights for an elegant, sun-kissed appearance that is elegant.

#31: Snow-White Razored Bob

Layered Silver Bob Hairstyle

Who ever said that chin length hair layered has to be boring? This bob with a snowy white color might seem a bit different and trendy, but it’s also very fashionable. The layers cut by a razor are an excellent method to balance the proportions of your face while also creating definition for the cheekbones.

#32: Chestnut and Burgundy Bob with Layers

Cute Layered Caramel Brown Bob

Chestnut accents on layers add an incredible amount of definition to this hairstyle. Dry your hair and gently tousle your hair for a neat style. If you’d prefer to not heat your hair allow your hair to air-dry, then apply a spray of texturizing to the natural hair texture.

#33: Disheveled Angled Caramel Blonde Bob

Blunt Angled Wheat Blonde Bob

The bluntly angled bob with little or no tousling is the perfect hairstyle for daytime to nighttime. The straight, polished hair is elegant and suitable to work. With just a touch added texture the style can be a little messy and is ready for a night out.

#34: Stacked Wavy Bronde Balayage Bob

Short Inverted Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights Hair that shines is desired by a lot of people and, fortunately it’s quite easy to create for those who have layers of bob hairstyles. Hairstyles that are short are healthy due to the absence of dryness and split ends that is typically associated when you have longer hair lengths.

#35 Caramel Blonde Bob featuring Fringy Layers

Chin-Length Wispy Bronde Bob

The use of fringy layers is excellent technique to create a more textural look for hair with thinner types. For ensuring that your stylist will not “over-layer” you hair and reduce excessive density, bring pictures of the cut you want along. The chin-length layered bob an attractive option to think about.

#36: Ash Blonde Lob Razored Endes

Angled Layered Razored Lob

Layered bobs with angles are a stylish option to wear your hair when you’re searching for a look that can take you from work to fun. All you have to do to get this chic hairstyle is a vibrant business suit or evening gown, and you’re ready to go.

#37: Messy Black Pixie Bob

Short Tousled Bob with Side Bangs

Pixie bobs work well for those whose aim is to get an extremely short pixie. The gradual transition from an long chin length bob all way to a masculine crop cut is an easier and more smooth transition.

#38 Short Inverted Bob With Swoopy Layers

Caramel Blonde Layered Bob for Thick Hair

A bob cut with layers is a hairstyle that works for any occasion. A beachy look with loose waves can be more feminine and flirty. an elegant, straight cut is elegant and sophisticated.

#39: Nape-Length Layered Two-Tone Bob

Jaw-Length Stacked Layered Bob

Everybody has areas of our faces which we’d prefer to hide or conceal. For those who have larger foreheads, a thicker haircut with bangs will help to balance your face and increase confidence.

#40 Inverted Dark Bob with Cinnamon Balayage

Angled Layered Black and Brown Bob

The crop that has long layers and subtle highlights is elegant and contemporary. The well-blended pieces create soft texture, while retaining the softness and smoothness. The dark and rich color enhances the cuteness of this short cut.

#41: Piece-y Golden Chestnut Brown Bob

Face-Slimming Layered Bobbed Haircut

For women who has an oval or round face, and a shorter hair length is, you’ll look the best by having an angled, bobbed cut that is colored to enhance your complexion. The hairstyles are placed strategically around the neckline and crown to give your face a more slim look which effectively trims excess weight off your body.

#42: Half in the Shadow Bob

Purple Bob with White Highlights

This bob has shorter layers, which are great for those who want to experiment with the all-one length style but wants some depth. The shades are amazing! From a deep dark purple to orchid fuchsia, and finally white…we’re in over. With the dark underlayers the colors are enhanced to create more visual appeal.

#43: Sleek Layered Caramel Blonde Pixie Bob

Long Bronde Pixie With Side Bangs

Aren’t you awestruck by this pixie-bob short with side bangs that hide one eye? Honey blonde highlights accent the blonde top of the cut and highlight the unique angles of the cut.

#44: Inverted Disconnected Silver Blonde Bob

Long Bronde Pixie With Side Bangs

A Bob with loose waves is an excellent choice for those who are thin and slim. It’s shorter at the back, and then inverted with long, slender tendrils that frame the cheekbones and chin region. The silvery blonde color is eye-catching and suitable for women of all ages.

#45: Inverted Razored Brunette Bob

Black Choppy Messy Bob

A bob that is inverted, where it is cut below the chin in front and cut short to the rear may be shaved to create an alternate look. The hair is bold and sexy All you require is self-confidence to get it.

#46: Polished Side-Parted Lob

Sleek Lob with Long Layers

For those looking to maintain their length, this long bob cut with layers is a great choice. The side parting creates asymmetrical fullness, which prevents hair from becoming limp and gives it a sleek and polished appearance.

#47 Messy chopped Bob and Extra Short Back

Disheveled Razored Stacked Bob

Young and sassy The stacked bob thickly layered and has an additional short backthat increases the volume on the top on your scalp. The long bangs are left curled, tucked in or blow-dried straight based on the event and mood.

#48: Shiny Sleek Silver Pixie Bob

Short Layered Silver Bob

Who said that silver-toned hair is only for women older than 50? It’s also an excellent way to brighten an angular, short bob for hair that is thin. The layered ends give it a slightly saggy appearance, and the shiny metallic hue gives it a more dense and textured look.

#49: Black Lob with Minimal Bangs and Layers

Black Bob with Bangs for Straight Hair

An unassuming layering bob cut with black hair, this bob has minimalist layers that don’t take away from the vibrant hue and cool bangs. The beauty of the cut is it looks stunning no matter how it’s styled naturally or straight. It’s also gorgeous curly.

#50: Short Finely Chopped Bob

Chocolate Brown Layered Bob

Finely chopped layers are great for bobs with a short cut lacking body and fullness. In addition to looking mature and stylish, these styles are simple to maintain using simple styling tips as well as hair care products. Choose a sleek, smooth style or messy and spiky depending the mood you’re in.


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