50 Fabulous Short Bob Haircuts: Complete Guide


31) The Sharp as a Tack Style

Whether you have been blessed with hair as straight as a road in Texas or you like to style it that way, this is the bob that you will love. The sharp edges are so much fun that there is no need for frills found in other styles. If you like it straight and simple yet daring as can be, this is the modern hairstyle for you.

32) Can I Speak To Your Manager Style

We love the confidence that this bob exudes. Its dramatic length in the front that climbs up in the back shows us that if you can pull this daring cut off, you deserve to speak to whomever you want. Go ahead and have some fun with this one.

33) The “They Say Opposites Attract” Cut

While most bobs go way long in the front and keep it short in the back, this classy hairstyle goes about it differently. Keeping it short in the front with long bangs and longer in the back and sides, it’s opposite of everything you though a bob was, we’re still loving it.

34) Fresh and Clean Beauty Queen

There is just something about this look that says fresh. The way that it’s slowly but surely transitions from short to long in the front to the way that it settles just right has us loving it for days. It’s the style that can look pretty, no matter the occasion.

35) Because Messy Is Beautiful Sometimes

This cut allows you to go to the beach and let your hair happen. It lets you style it in a hurry. It allows the crazy hair chica to do what she wants with it. It’s the easygoing chic that you want on your side. It’s the haircut that makes it easy to wake up in the morning. With no sharp edges, there is no need to stress about how you wear it.

36) The Never-Ending Love Story

This title could very well describe the love affair that you could end up having with this type of hair. We don’t know where it ends or begins and for once in our lives, we just don’t care. With short and long and everything in between, this haircut is a dream. With nothing to judge and everything to enjoy, this haircut belongs in songs.

37) The Bob That Makes You Take Notice

It will certainly make the owner of this bob take notice, as this kind of style isn’t something you wake up and fall into. Yet if you’re the type of girl who has no qualms about your hair iron, go for this look. It’s so charming, we wish that every girl could keep up with a look like this. Sharp and intelligent looking, it’s amazingly unique. What do you think?

38) Short and Sweet and Pretty as Can Be

Smooth transitioning from short in the back and a tad longer in the front make this a sneakily attractive cut. It’s not an in-your-face kind of look but it slowly wins you over with its hidden edginess. Easy-to-style and not too dramatic that you’ll never want to be friends with it, it’s the kind of style that you want to keep.

39) The Hair That Stays in Shape

Yes, this hair needs maintenance but doesn’t every hairstyle? Because of its short length and side-swept bang, it will require you to put in the work, but as you know, anything that is worth something costs something and this hairstyle is worth it. It’s chic and beautiful and will make you feel as gorgeous as can be.

40) The Ready For Action Style

We love this straight bob because once you’re done with it, you can simply grow out your hair without any drama. It looks great when it’s short and makes it easy to be good. With no unnecessary layers or dramatic flairs, it’s the haircut that makes you get ready faster than ever before.


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