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From chic to sassy, short layered haircuts is all the rage these days with fashionistas and celebrities across the world. Short hairstyles that are textured are trendy and practical for any age. Through layers, you can create an extra dimension and texture of your hairstyle. The short haircut is extremely simple to maintain since it requires less than five minutes each morning to dress.

There are a variety of styles to pick from. A pixie cut that is choppy can make you appear younger. Texturizing products will provide you with the messy look of a bedhead the back of your hair is great for night-out. The classic bob cut is extremely trendy, with a little cut hair at the back. This gives a more flattering look and avoids the blocky style. Long hair on the front allow for more creativity and styling options. If you’re looking for something different to experiment with our collection of short hairstyles is surely worth looking through. Keep your favorites on your Pinterest board or send the stylish but contemporary layers straight to your hairstylist right now!

Pixie Layered Haircut

Side Swept Pixie Layered Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Stylish Hairstyles to Try This Season picture 3

Messy Pixie Layered Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

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If you are looking for more traditional hairstyles this classic style will last forever and gives off a fresh feel. It is the perfect mix of messy and sleek it is possible to choose either a casual hairstyle, bedhead or more refined appearance.

Long Pixie Haircut

Side Parted Long Pixie Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Silver Long Pixie Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Short Hairstyles With Side Bangs picture 3

This cut that is shorter with layers of longer length is full of character. Its longer, frontal and the full piece in the back give your hair a unique lift. Apply a volumizing shampoo or mousse and blow dry using the round brush to give it body and texture.

Pixie With Undercut

Lilac Pixie With Undercut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Hot Platinum Pixie Cuts piture1

Side Parted Pixie With Undercut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Hairstyles for Pixies that are cut short can be used by women who wish to make their hair styles unique and attractive while still looking sexy.

Layered Pixie-Bob

Black Layered Pixie-Bob #shorthaircuts #pixiebob #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Stylish Hairstyles to Try This Season picture 2

Short Layered Hairstyles With Bangs picture 1

The pixie bob hairstyle is renowned for its stunning lift at the crown. Do you wish to make it larger? Let the layers perform the job. A little extra movement shouldn’t hurt.

Layered Bob With Bangs

Blonde Layered Bob With Bangs #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Brown Layered Bob With Bangs #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Black Layered Bob With Bangs #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

A short bob and bangs look is a classic combination which can cut years off. If you’re looking for a fun youthful look Don’t forget to match with your short layered hair with a fringe.

Layered Bob Haircut

Blonde Layered Bob Haircut #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Middle Parted Layered Bob Haircut #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Stylish Hairstyles to Try This Season picture 1

This is how amazing layers can be incorporated into straight fashion. A delicate, airy silhouette that provides a very natural and full-bodied style. Who would want more?

A-line Layered Bob

Wavy A line Layered Bob #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Straight A line Layered Bob #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Blonde A line Layered Bob #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

The beauty of the A-line hairstyle is its capacity to be flexible. It’s not just beautiful as it is, particularly in this platinum blonde shade but there are also many hairstyles that you can achieve using it!

Stacked Layered Bob

Wavy Stacked Layered Bob #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Auburn Stacked Layered Bob #shorthaircuts #bobhaircut #layeredhaircut #haircuts

Trendy Messy Bob Hairstyles picture 2

A stacked bob where hair on the sides are larger that the crown looks stunning when paired with short layered hair. And if you wiggle this gorgeous bob, you’ll be enthralled by waves!

Inverted Layered Bob

Excellent Short Haircuts With Layers picture 1

Excellent Short Haircuts With Layers picture 2

Excellent Short Haircuts With Layers picture 3

Do you want to challenge the common trends and choose something new? Consider for an inverted layered body. Its sleek, out-of-the-box and stunning body is simply stunning.

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