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51 Charming Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Suggestions

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Hair with highlights of brown has long been among the most beautiful hairstyles for as long as we can recall. It’s a classic combination that is suitable for people who are both outgoing and reserved. The thing that makes this timeless combination so appealing is the fact that it’s suitable for elegant and relaxed occasions alike. Furthermore, it’s perfect for work, school as well as other workplaces. What are you wasting time to do? Select your favorite method to style brown hair while sporting blonde highlights down below.

1. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you’re blessed with natural dark hair a stunning collection of highlights made from platinum could be just the thing to give it a new look. The striking highlight will define your gorgeous locks, but will add some color to your beautiful roots.

2. Blonde Highlights Underneath

Blonde Highlights Underneath

For a unique twist on the brown and blonde hairstyle You can opt for highlights under. All you need to do is keep your brown base , and lighten the rest of your hair by highlighting it with your preferred shades of blonde.

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3. Dark Brown hair with Blonde Highlights

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde streaks and lighter brown hair go in hand. It’s because the shades are similar, it makes for the perfect mix that isn’t as extravagant. In fact, it’ll provide you with a look that you will love.

4. Half Brown Half Blonde

Half Brown Half Blonde

We’re all aware of how hair ombre revolutionized cosmetics, but how do you do if you don’t want a sudden change? It is possible to combine your blonde highlights with delicate highlights that emerge from the brown roots, and then into the gradient.

5. Brown Hair with Blonde and red Highlights

Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

The thing that makes blonde highlights more attractive is that they blend well with streaks of other colors as well. For example brown hair with highlights in red and blonde is among the most beautiful ways to add warmth to your appearance.

6. Short Brown Hair, with Blonde Highlights

Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Short hair isn’t a reason to not look stunning with a highlight. Bob haircuts, particularly appear stunning when you add blonde streaks on the brown base. Additionally, they define the curvy hairstyle in an amazing way.

7. Brown and Blonde Balayage

Brown and Blonde Balayage

Another method to completely have a brown-blonde gradient by using a technique called balayage. This trendy technique will allow you to transition from brown hair to stunning blonde locks and without drawing attention to the color.

8. Highlights and Bangs

Highlights and Bangs

If you’re looking for a cute look, think about adding some cute bangs to the blonde and brown highlights. To shape your highlights and your natural features choose sides-swept hairstyles with waves of hair.

9. Platinum Blonde Highlights Brown Hair

Platinum Blonde Highlights with Brown Hair

Contrast is the main feature for many women, however. If you’re looking to emphasize your blonde highlights, opt for platinum or ash. The result will be glowing with an effect of black and white which you’ll be able to appreciate with each passing day.

10. Discrete Highlights

Discrete Highlights

The subdued look, on the other on the other hand, is a crucial feature for women. Gigi Hadid, a supermodel and a major beauty icon likes blonde highlights to add a bit of shine to her light brunette hair. This is the perfect technique for those who want to maintain an authentic look.

11. Medium Brown Hair with highlights of blonde

Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Do you have a natural color that isn’t overly dark and also not too light? You should be aware that medium brown looks stunning with a few blonde streaks amongst. To keep earthy tones all over, go for some caramel or honey highlights.

12. Highlights from the Face

Highlights around Face

Do you realize that the highlights around your face could have an influence on your appearance? Contourage highlights, which they’re also known frame the face of a woman in a stunning manner. With these, you’ll show off your natural beauty and boost your beauty.

13. Bronde Hair

Bronde Hair

If you’ve not seen a bronde before then you must get up to date with your style trends. Simply put it’s a perfect combination of blonde and brown. It’s been popular Hollywood fashion trend lately, with celebs such as Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba wearing it with style.

14. Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

A truly stunning mix of brown milk chocolate with honey accents. These two natural shades blend beautifully, giving seemingly effortless results. It’s a stylish hairstyle that is suitable for a variety of female.

15. Brown hair and Chunky Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Most of the time there are tiny highlights scattered randomly throughout the hair of a woman. However, some women prefer chunky blonde streaks that provide more contrast. This is a good option if you want an edgier approach to your hairstyle.

16. Reverse Reverse Blonde hair with brown highlights

Reverse – Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

It’s always possible to try using the other approach using brown highlights on blonde hair. While this option is great for those who have naturally blonde hair, it’s also an excellent option for those looking to get to give their hair a complete overhaul.

17. Hair Long Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Long Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Being able to wear long hairstyles, you are able to show off your latest highlights. Furthermore hairstyles that are long allow greater flexibility in distribution. For example, you can receive frontal highlights and a few lowlights.

18. Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Undertones

Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Undertones

However you might also consider keeping darker undertones. This is an excellent option if you have an asymmetrical cut, such as an A-line hairstyle or a bob. It can help shape the cut in a very appealing manner.

19. Reddish Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Reddish Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

To highlight the dark hair of ginger, a few of subtle highlights will work. If your hair’s natural color is red You’re better off using the strawberry-colored highlights which blend nicely with the rest of your hair.

20. Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark Blonde Highlights

If your hair naturally is dark brown, you may prefer some subtle highlights. For instance, you could test darker blonde highlights. However, that isn’t a reason to not experiment with silver or platinum highlights in case they reflect your.

21. Blended Blonde Highlights

Blended Blonde Highlights

The well-blended highlights can give the impression that you’ve got a great hair color that has plenty of sparkle. It is advisable to go with this method when you are looking to add some shine to your blonde locks. They’ll glow gorgeously in sunlight that is natural.

22. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Highlights in red Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

It is common to see highlights that are blonde and red together. One reason is that when they’re applied on dark brown hair they give a deep bright burgundy shine. This attractive mixture can be worn easily by those with strong personalities.

23. Brown hair With Blonde highlights and lowlights

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

If you’d like to keep the brown color however you are interested in making it more vibrant and shine, choose highlights and lowerlights. To give it a more dynamic and sculptural look highlight your home with lighter shades and lowlights that are caramel or dark honey.

24. Rose Gold Highlights

Rose Gold Highlights

The the rose gold or strawberry blondes are both super trendy colors to highlight, balayage, or ombre. It is possible to combine these techniques for a the most vibrant dark blonde shade with a pop of pink on your natural brown hair.

25. Subtle Blonde Shine

Subtle Blonde Shine

This is yet another illustration of the effect that subtle highlights can create to your hair. For a chocolate brown hair base all you need to do is mix some highlights that are honey-colored to give some sparkle.

26. Brown Hair with caramel and blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Caramel and Blonde Highlights

This gorgeous combination brings to mind the steaming aroma or Irish coffee. It’s not a style for women who are typically reserved It’s a wish to be realized for boho ladies. The trick is to mix silver and caramel highlights.

27. Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Different shades of the ash blonde and ash brown are popular nowadays. However, you can make yourself stand out by adding some beautiful platinum highlights placed over your ash brown locks.

28. Caramel Blonde Lowlights

Caramel Blonde Lowlights

There are women who do not prefer highlights with their brown hair. Instead, they prefer lowlights that shape the strand. To create a subtle look go for a rich caramel to define curly or wavy hair using highlights.

29. Copper Blonde Highlights

Copper Blonde Highlights

Another option for bright blonde highlights is blonde copper hair. This warm hue allows for a natural transition from your hair’s natural color to your highlights especially if you have dark brown base.

30. Brown Hair with Blonde and Highlights in Purple.

Brown Hair with Blonde and Purple Highlights

Bohemian souls can show off their youthfulness with shades of purple and blonde. This mix is fierce and fresh all at once, ideal for a woman who is confident enough to show the true color of her personality.

31. Blonde and Orange Mixture

Blonde and Orange Mixture

Although it’s not your usual highlight combination the combination of blonde and orange has an impressive visual impact. With bright red-orange highlights on the forward, you are able to sculpt your face’s shape and bring out your face’s features in a stunning way.

32. Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you’re born with brown hair that was honey and you’re not even required to worry about lightening it up with blonde. The best way to really make the color pop is sprinkle some highlights that are only an inch or two lighter than your hair’s roots.

33. Blonde Undertones

Blonde Undertones

In lieu of choosing darker undertones and a light top, you could enjoy with the reverse. Like lowlights, this style of balayage adds the appearance of volume and has a beautiful shape.

34. Short dark brown hair with Blonde Highlights

Short Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Another example of the contrast that you can create by putting silver or platinum highlights over darker brown hair. As we’ve previously discussed, it gives the look of black and white which you will not see often.

35. Between Balayage and Highlights

Between Balayage and Highlights

One of the most stunning ways to achieve a deep color by the use of different shades is mixing balayage and highlighting coloring techniques. You can pick two colors that complement each other like honey blonde or Ash blonde.

36. Silver Blonde Lowlights

Silver Blonde Lowlights

With charcoal, silver and ash hair hues sweeping the beauty scene It is possible to think about changing up your traditional blonde streaks with one of these hues. Both darker and lighter silver shades look chic So, pick the desired level of intensity based on your preferences.

37. Curly Brown Hair, with highlights of blonde.

Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Naturally curly hair looks stunning with highlights. This is because highlights can be a stunning way of shaping the curls of your corkscrew. We recommend curly women choose to highlight their hair with thin highlights in order for that beautiful outline.

38. Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

The coloring is so perfect that it’s hard to tell the fact that highlights were used at all. This is another great illustration of how you can add a glimmer without over-doing it.

39. Blonde and Burgundy Highlights

Blonde and Burgundy Highlights

If you’re looking for even more contrast from the blonde and red highlights, opt for the color burgundy. This combination looks stunning on dark brunette hair and should be kept in your mind if this is your situation.

40. Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

One of the many benefits of highlights with ash blonde, particularly for brown hair, is that they can enhance the natural look of the appearance. They are similar to an earth toned base while delivering the eye-catching look that highlights are designed to provide.

41. Blue and Blonde Streaks

Blue and Blonde Streaks

The most stunning combination that is dark and silver blonde and blue-colored highlights. This is a stunning hair color choice for women who are rebellious or bohemian. It may not be a good choice for the workplace but it’s ideal for you if you’re an independent person.

42. Caramel Brown Hair and Blonde Highlights

Caramel Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

For a return to natural hairstyles This is the way the caramel-brown hair with highlights of blonde appears like. The results are attractive elegant, stylish and aesthetically appropriate to all kinds of occasions.

43. Autumn Colors Blend

Autumn Colors Blend

Whatever the middle of autumn or looking for autumn-inspired hues for your hair, this is your answer. It’s a complex mix of honey, blonde highlights, and caramel accents. The cinnamon-like effects are amazing.

44. Brown Hair, highlighted with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

A strawberry blonde can be a great choice for highlights. This extravagant choice will help you create a unique look on your highlights with the warmth and fun.

45. Brown hair with Blonde Tint

Brown Hair with Blonde Tint

This incredibly subtle blonde hue is an excellent way to get more shine from your hair’s natural shade. There is no way to tell the distinct highlights however, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning outcomes.

46. Blonde Highlights and Splashes of Rainbow

Blonde Highlights and Splashes of Rainbow

If you’d like the hair of yours to look as vivid as you are do it! Alongside blonde highlights, you can add unforgettable colors such as blue, purple, or red. You can choose any hue that’s appropriate to you.

47. Brown Hair with lots of Highlights in Blonde

Brown Hair with Lots of Blonde Highlights

Keep the high points keep them coming! This gorgeous highlights in platinum creates an amazing half-and-half appearance. The end result is that most will not be able to tell whether your natural hue is blonde or brown!

48. Brown Hair with highlights of light blonde

Brown Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

These Ash blonde highlights are absolutely stunning on blonde hair that is light brown. A stunning twist is added by the auburn lowlights which makes the hair color look divine.

49. Blonde Top, Brown Underneath

Blonde Top, Brown Underneath

You may also decide to leave a small portion of your brown hair with no highlights, such as the lower portion in the picture above. To make it more noticeable you can lighten the entire top portion by adding champagne blonde highlights, leaving a few wisps your natural brown hair here and there.

50. Sunny Pixie Cut

Sunny Pixie Cut

Not just does Jennifer Lawrence one of the most admired actors in the world of film and is an inspiration for girls who prefer to keep their hair natural. In addition, she shows her brown locks with highlights is absolutely doable even if have an uncut pixie.

51. Straight Brown Hair, with highlights of blonde

Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Women with naturally straight hair should look into a set of highlights that are blonde. Hair that is naturally straight can make streaks pop without much effort. The long bob on this picture is also an excellent idea.


In the end brown hair that has light blonde streaks can be sported by any kind of woman. If you’re a more laid-back type and relaxed, there are plenty of ways to blend streaks of hair to add some shine. However those who are bold and confident are able to go crazy with a myriad of highlights and combinations of other hues. Be yourself and enjoy your shiny new locks. Make sure you let us know which color you chose and why in your comments!

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