The medium length hairstyle is by far the most common one, particularly for thin hair. This means that you can come up with a myriad of interesting hairstyles even if that your hair were longer and thicker. They’re quite adaptable and include loose hairstyles on the base of bob haircuts and a variety of updos that incorporate braids twists, ponytails, or twists. If you’re not sure how to manage your hair’s fine texture choose the bob cut which is great straight and twisting at the roots or curly. The added texture and messy look will be a blessing from being constantly in motion. Below are some best imagined ideas you can adopt.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#1: Casual Braided Pompadour

medium braided pompadour hairstyle for thin hair

Sometimes, beautiful hair doesn’t need to show through a cut. Instead you can think of innovative methods to style your hair. For hair that is finer braids with pompadours are always beautiful. Be inspired by the French braids of your childhood and braid just the top part of your hair. It will add an extra boost of volume, and letting the rest flow freely.

#2: Layering and a Headband Twist

medium hairstyle for fine straight hair

This stunning, serene style is created from an multi-layered collarbone Bob. A simple headband twist can serve as an aesthetic and practical one to keep your long hair off your forehead while enhancing the lustre of this attractive style for thin and straight hair.

#3: A Flip of Blonde

Medium Layered Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Champagne blonde hair can be a gorgeous and exciting alternative to typical blonde shades. If you’re searching for medium length hairstyles suitable for thin hair, be aware that the color you choose can make or break an appearance.

#4: White Blonde Shaggy Bob

Medium Length Shaggy Blonde Bob

A shaggy, shaggy bob is an excellent choice of medium length hairstyles that are suitable for hair that is thin. Its bright and bleachy blonde shade and the waves that are tousled give it an appealing summery appearance which is comfortable and easy to control. The hairstyle is barely touching shoulders and can be parted either to the side or the middle.

5: Medium Cut using Feathered and Angled Layers

Piece-Y Feathery Cut For Medium Length Hair

If you’re growing your fine hair, which is ranging from short or medium-length, you should opt for a cut with feathers. This feathery piece looks fantastic when worn on hair that is straight. The slightly flipped-up ends and the golden blonde balayage give an extra extraordinary, almost magical finishing touch.

#6: Warm Bronde Shaggy Lob

Shoulder-Length Shaggy Choppy Lob

A shoulder-length choppy lob is pretty on women with hair that is fine. Midshaft waves are the beachy feel, and the sides and peek-a-boo bangs provide a casual and easy hairstyles. The slender waves complement highlights of golden blonde and the lighter brown base shade.

#7: Chic Sliced Golden Blonde Bob

Long Blonde Balayage Bob For Thin Hair

If your thin, straight hair isn’t able to hold a curl think about cutting it into a look that features the center or side section and long hair with feathers which frame your face. This shoulder-length haircut is one the most well-known medium hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair and the bright blonde balayage can add an additional dimension of interest.

#8: Honey Blonde Collarbone Bob

Blonde Balayage Bob With Swoopy Bangs

Collarbone bobs are simple medium length hairstyles suitable for thin hair that appear elegant. When hair is styled straight, it’s guaranteed to make your morning routine less stressful and will give you that signature style. You can amp up the dimension of this cut by the balayage.

#9: Messy Updo for Medium Cut

Messy Blonde Updo

Comb your hair into a messy bun ponytail for a fun style that increases volume. The messy style is “in” at the moment and is an excellent alternative if you’re between appointments for color or growing your hair.

#10: Messy Blonde Lob

Shoulder Length Tousled Hairstyle

Hair that is thin appears more full when styled with a tousled style. This ‘do can be achieved by backcombing your hair from the ends upwards, and then also teasing the crown. If you’re interested in this look color, balayage or ombre will work well with this style.

#11: U-Shaped cut with Curled Ends

Medium Bronde Hairstyle

A U-Shaped cut enables classic hairstyles (the 70s-inspired hairstyles of the ’70s) to be easily achieved. With the added extra bounce on the edges fine hair appears more full and more hefty. It can also be achieved by using a flat iron, by twisting hair at the bottom. Utilizing a curling iron that has hot rollers or a clamp can be used in the same way.

#12: Choppy Inverted Lob with Highlights of Balayage

Long Layered Bob For Fine Hair

The benefit of medium-length inverted haircuts for thin hair is that they add edges and body. Add some soft layers as well as subtle highlights of balayage and you’ll have a modern style that people want to emulate.

#13: White Choppy Lob for Thin Hair

Long Choppy White Bob

The straight hair that is parted at the middle and trimmed into the shape of a broken long bob. It has an urban-punk vibe that is trendy and modern. The brightwhite blonde color will stand out against your skin and the pixie bangs are a great way of framing your face.

14: Brown Bob with Subtly Layered Ends

Layered Lob For Fine Hair

The trick to getting the perfect haircut on hair that is thin or thin is not to overwhelm locks with excessive layers or a lot of cuts. Layers that are light and paired with subtle coloring can be flattering for this type of hair and will really help hair with thinner hair.

#15 Messy and messy Wheat Blonde Bob with Layers

Choppy Blonde Bob

Medium-length messy hairstyles that are suitable for hair with thin hair make up the best hairstyles. They are particularly effective on fine hair that is naturally straight which increases the body while changing the texture. Try loosely curling your hair while teasing it before setting it with spray. The use of volumizing products on damp hair will reduce your time to style while creating the messy-chic style you want.

#16: Medium Hairstyle , with Featherery Ends and Bangs

Medium Straight Layered Cut With Bangs

The technique of feathering can be very effective on hair that is thin. A fuzzy look is created when razors are employed instead of shears and add texture to the hair. Texturizing gives it a fuller look. With a gorgeous, sparse bob and you’ll get a beautiful medium hairstyle to straighten your hair.

#17: Angled Bob, with the Waves as well as Subtle Highlights

Wavy Lob For Fine Hair

You can never be wrong with a charming angled hairstyle! Highlights are displayed stunningly on huge, gorgeous waves, which are created using a the large curly wand for barrels. Be sure that the curl does not appear excessively “done” with a little ruffling your fingers.

#18: Sleek and Glossy Blonde Balayage Bob

Sleek and Glossy Blonde Balayage Bob

Hairstyles with messy shoulder lengths for delicate hair are a great way for a more textured look, however If pristine hairstyles are your style choose an A-line elegant haircut. For styling, boost the gloss with the shine spray. Its sleekness can make your hair appear more healthy and thicker in the process.

19. Blunt Blonde Bob and Layers

Choppy Blonde Lob

Sometimes, straight cuts of shoulder-length bobs may showcase the thickness and thickness of hair is, which might not be the look a woman who has finer hair is seeking. Uni-length trimmings, however, can be suitable for any person in the event that there are thin delicate layers that are incorporated into the cut. They give volume and movement.

#20: Perfect California Blonde Bob

Blonde Lob For Fine Hair

Pick a blonde that has undertones that match your skin tone, be it neutral, warm or cool. Highlights add dimension of your bob regardless of the style – curly, straight, or wavy.

#21: Medium Length Angelic Waves

Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Hairstyles that look cute for hair with thin hair don’t have to be difficult. Make large loose waves using the flat iron and hot rollers. They can be flattering for longer medium hair, and are equally good in updos as well as downdos.

#22: Medium Feathered Bronde Cut

Piece-Y Collarbone Bob For Thin Hair

The natural, sun-kissed highlights of this piecey, textured haircut add texture and depth to the thin hair. The length of the collarbone is an effect of slimming and the curly waves give more volume. The collarbone is a flexible cut that is ideal for splitting from the middle or to the sides.

#23: Smooth Thin Layers

Smooth Thin Layers

The most cool method to get blonde is to use a soft ombre. This bob is a wonderful combination of balayage highlights and shades of ombre. The colors are blended well and easily faded, yet the hair has the unique, hand-painted look. Shoulder haircuts look great when they are shaved off the collarbone.

#24: Curly Caramel Blonde Bob

Curled Bob For Fine Hair

Curls are so beautiful with a bob! Make sure to keep the curls close to your face and make sure that you keep them to the side to get the most attractive result.

#25: Sliced Ash Blonde Shag

Medium Length Ash Blonde Shag

If you’re searching for different medium length haircuts for hair that is thin You may not consider a shag however, a shaggy and cut that is textured can give hair that is thin an additional lift.

#26: Wavy Choppy Midi Cut

Medium Wavy Blonde Hair With Shadow Roots

Medium length, wavy hair that falls on shoulders creates a beautiful easy, feminine, hairstyle. The summery blonde locks with shadow roots look fun and easy to care for. The flexible length makes it simple to create either ponytails or an updo when you’re feeling the mood.

#27: Texture-Boosting Shag for Thin Hair

Medium Choppy Cut For Fine Hair

The texture is crucial in shoulder length haircuts designed for fine hair. Cuter layers around the face are a distinctive addition for this style, boosting the shag with volume while giving it a bohemian look overall.

#28: Perfectly Textured Thin Hair

Perfectly Textured Thin Hair

Hairstyles with shaggy, medium-length hair suitable for thin hair are the latest trend So why not try this sleek blonde bob at your next trip to the salon? This hairstyle that has a thick layers that are volumized and layered with waves highlights every part of the cut. The bright blonde highlights of balayage will stand out through any crowd!

#29: Blonde Jagged Shag

Choppy Messy Shoulder Length Cut

Shags tend to be more edgy than shoulder length hairstyles, which means they’re a good fit for a more thrifty outfit that is more rock and roll as well. You can pair this haircut in any solid and subtle accented hair color for the most impact.

#30: Feathered Brunette Lob

Layered Razored Brunette Lob

The straight fine hair appears more sturdier and healthier when layers. The razored edges and a tousled tops also give volume. The shape that is flared tricks the eye into believing that there’s lots of body and fullness in this particular hairstyle. The side portion emphasizes the copper babylights and those long feathered bangs serve as the perfect frame for your face.

#31: Choppy Shoulder-Length Shag

Choppy Shoulder-Length Shag

Cuts with a choppy medium length for thin hair are popular with the younger generation because they provide the effortless chic look. The middle part is trendy and fashionable that is suitable for all facial types.

#32: Shaggy Messy Brown Lob

Messy Lob For Fine Hair

Give your hair an extra boost by letting loose waves. Hairstyles that are simple, unobtrusive style makes your highlights appear effortless and natural. A deliberately messy hairdo is the best choice when you are growing out with a shorter bob.

#33: Side-Parted Bob for Straight Hair

Side-Parted Bob for Straight Hair

This gorgeous look is elegant and attractive. The back part of the style creates the hair shape, and the sleek layers on the front are feminine and easy. For a modern cut ensure that you consult your stylist about extremely long bangs on the sides.

#34: Milk Chocolate Lob with Honey Highlights

Layered Lob Haircuts For Thin Hair

Layered hairstyles for thin hair are best complemented by subtle dimensional highlights like in this instance. Treat your strands to a delicious blend. The dark chocolate brown shade with honey highlights make hair appear lush and healthy. It’s also supple and soft.

#35 Medium Blonde Bob With Shadow Roots

Long Bob For Thinning Hair

A longer hairstyle with side bangs could be a good option for hair that is thin. A lob that is feathered and barely touches the collarbone looks elegant and stylish The light hair and the face-framed bangs show out your best features.

#36: Beautiful Golden Curls

Medium Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Curly curls that flow are the ideal hairstyles for fine hair that is thin. To maximize the volume-building strength of curls, curly the hair in alternating directions. This lets you put the curls on top of another and create a gorgeous complete head.

#37: Messy Inverted Lob

Easy Inverted Lob Hairstyle

A dark chocolate hair color and dazzling honey highlights stand out for themselves: you’re an easygoing woman who is looking at the more positive aspects of life. Combine a sleek cut with an inverted cut and you’ve got yourself an enticing combination.

#38: Sliced Bronde Lob for Thin Hair

Medium Choppy Blonde Haircut For Thin Hair

You can try a live-in style with a choppy medium cut for hair that is thin. Get the most out of your natural curls by making them bend in the middle using flat irons. The various shades of blonde balayage help to give the illusion of volume and thickness.

#39: Flowy and Voluminous Curls

Curly Blonde Hairstyle For Medium Hair

In order to really liven up thin hair it is essential to create as much bounce as you can. This is why big curls are crucial. Smaller curls may be flat, however large, whipped curls like these work beautifully to create a full-bodied appearance.

#40: Mahogany Red A-line Bob

Mahogany Red A-line Bob

Medium length hairstyles for thin hair require some colour. Highlighting your hair with expertly placed highlights can bring life to thin hair. This stunning red shade is the perfect option for brunettes.

#41: Angled Choppy Blonde Bob

Shoulder-Length Wavy Blonde Bob

Make a splash on your dull and flat shoulder-length hair an inverted, vibrant hairstyle with lots of textured, chubby waves and shaggy pieces. The vibrant blonde hue is tempered by some honey undertones. the side section allows for longer, face-framing bangs that fall down towards the clavicles.

#42: Side-Parted Razored Bob Cut

Mid-Length Razored Bob For Straight Thin Hair

If your mid-length straight hair is dry and thin Cut off the ends that are damaged and opt for a cut that is shorter and razored hair cut. The blonde streaks are stunning over the darker base color while the feathered bangs along with the smooth top give volume and a roundness to the overall shape.

#43: Soft Gray Blonde Lob

Medium Length Gray Blonde Hairstyle

Metallic shades are one method to style hairstyles that are suitable for medium length hair that is thin. The silvery blonde shades look shiny and appear to sparkle, while the deep side part lets the full set of thick bangs to be swept across the forehead.

#44: Cute Two-Tier Brunette Hairstyle

Two-Tier Shoulder Length Hairstyle

A two-tier cut can make shoulder length hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair appear more full and more round. The upper part tapers toward the neck while the lower section flips up and allows the ends to rest comfortably on shoulders. The copper brown color is a great choice for those who want to keep your look more conservative.

#45 Caramel Bob featuring Root Lift and Swoopy Bangs

Bob Blowout For Thin Hair

A root lift gives overall volume, and is especially useful when you want to draw attention away from the thinness of hair. Caramel bobs are an airy, light and inviting look, perfect for the warmer months. They are also excellent to brighten up your complexion and showcasing the colors of blue, green, gray and light brown. They also look great with hazel eyes!

#46: Medium Length Bangs

Long Bob With Short Bangs

Medium hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair can also be stylish. Although you may not be in a position to create hairstyles that curls and waves are held the shape, you can still look elegant and gorgeous with long, straight layers and bangs.

#47: Choppy Layers for Thin Hair

Medium Layered Cut For Thin Hair

The fine hair looks better when it has layers and color . bring your style to life for the summer months with various hues of blonde, which are soft and flirty.

#48: White Hairstyle with swooshy layers

Medium Cut With V-Cut Layers

Layers of swaying swoopy hair on cuts that are mid- are vital as they’re fragile enough to not overpower the fine hair, but they still serve a purpose to add motion. The sway adds energy, which is particularly important when choosing a color such as white, which could appear flat otherwise.

#49: Adorably Poofy Pony

Ponytail With A Bouffant For Short Hair

Inflating the hair by teasing it is most efficient method to get additional volume quickly. The basic ponytails can be extremely boring. Do you want to spice things up and create a look that is more elegant and stylish while still looking stylish? This adorable pony does the trick.

#50: Chic and Sleek Side Parted Bob

Side Parted Blonde Balayage Bob

The sleek medium hair style should be slightly teasing at the roots , and then twirled toward the ends. It’s difficult to imagine a better hairstyle than this with its body, asymmetry as well as a sleek and shiny appearance with a hint of the bedhead style. A must-have.

#51: Tousled Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Messy Bob For Straight Fine Hair

It’s all about less Keep the style simple with a simple hairdo. It doesn’t matter what your natural hair texture it is possible to spice up the look by cutting hair in a deep side. This is also a fantastic and artistic hairstyle for ashier hair tones, such as the highlighted shade of dishwater blonde.

#52 Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Flicked Ends

Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Flicked Ends

Medium-length hairstyles with thick layers are a great option for those who wish to make their locks longer and alternate between updos as well as downdos. You can smudge the ends of hair to create a more sexy style and give it the bounce that fine hair has.

#53: Tousled Medium Length Locks

Tousled Medium Length Locks

Don’t forget the benefits of staying simple. Simple styling can inject an instant boost of sexiness in your appearance. The secret to enhancing the volume of your hair is a rough texture. When you’ve finished blow-drying your hair, you can add random twists and waves using the clipless curling iron.

#54: Short-to-Medium Blonde Waves

Layered Blonde Bob

Medium hairstyles for thin hair should be airy and lightand never heavy. This haircut does just that with its gravity-defying waves as well as loose curls. Flipping the lower layers out (instead instead of in) can also bring more excitement and life to your hairstyle casually.

#55: Smooth A-Line Bob

Smooth A-Line Bob

Hairstyles to wear shoulder-length hair do not need to be difficult. Sometimes, the most effective way to show off your hair is display your style. Straight hair is a great match when cut in an A-line particularly when the layers are soft and subtle.

#56: Medium Blonde Balayage and Jagged Layers

Medium Blonde Shag Hairstyle

Blonde balayage is an easy method to bring out the huge blue eyes. Oh my… it’s stunning! The highlights for the face are striking, and their placement makes them look like they’re natural. This is a stunning style that is completely trendy.

#57: Blunt Medium Length Haircuts for Thin Hair

blunt bob with bangs for fine hair

Sometimes, a blunt cut works ideal for girls with thin hair. If you feel most attractive with your bangs, get them cut to just below the length of your eyebrows and then pair with medium-length hair that is straight across for a perfect. Beautiful, straight and beautiful WOW!

#58 Shaggy Cut With Flipped-Up Ends

Shaggy Medium Haircut For Thin Hair

This look of layers is effortless to create. The rule is that fine hair isn’t frizzyand so it’s not necessary to blow your hair out to achieve smoothness, but only to add the volume. Allow your hair to dry a bit before using an angled brush to turn the ends, if needed. Then, apply a lightweight texture cream.

#59: Medium Length Hairstyles

mid-length hairstyle with a braided centre part

If you’re getting bored of the length of your shoulders, you can try an alternative hairstyle that is just as individual as you. The way to do this is to make a braid that runs across the middle of the hairline. This is a wonderful look if your roots are developing, too. Cover up imperfections until your next visit to the salon and inject new life into your long hair in the process.

#60: Gorgeous Shoulder Length Blowout

Medium Dark Brown To Blonde Ombre Hair

Vavavoom! Hairstyles with flowing shoulders shouldn’t be something out of fashion. This classic style is due for a revival. For a chance to try it you can blow dry hair straight downand then flip it upwards with a large round brush on the ends. The bright, platinum ombre adds the hair a fresh new look.


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