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137 Latest Medium Length Hairstyles For 2024

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Medium-length hairstyles have made it easier for women to choose hairstyles that are neither long nor short. Short and long hairstyles used to be the only options available, but nowadays, women can easily choose between the two. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that medium haircuts have dominated and are now the most popular hair length among ladies. Is it true that you’re looking for medium-length haircuts that complement your hair type? One of the most amazing ways to show off your dazzling hair is to wear one of the many trendy mid-length hairstyles that are popular today. You can have added volume, surface, and development all at the same time for certain lengthy layers or delicate calculated edges around your face. Before you choose a new hair styling method, you should consider whether the hairstyle will actually suit your hair type. Regardless, your choice should also be the best match for your face shape in order to fit you perfectly. You’ll find the best mid-length hairstyles, as well as styling tips, down below.

Medium Length Haircuts for 2024

Frisky Fringe

Fringe and Face-Framing Layers for Thick Hair

Regardless of your appearance, lively fringes are one of the medium-length hairdos you’d look against. The thick fringes and face-outlining layers give you a stunning emotional look with the hairstyle just beneath the jaw. This look pairs well with striking and beautiful streaks, such as a mix of reds and oranges for a hot, girlish look. Styling Tips: To style, apply a texturizing product to your hair and blow-dry straight, brushing your bangs forward until your hair is smooth and level. Then, level iron your hair in small sections and finish with a sparkling serum for a smooth finish. You can also use a hair curler to twist your hair and change up your look.

Fancy Flipped Layers

Fancy Flipped Layers #mediumhair #mediumhairstyles

Among the medium-length haircuts for thick hair are extravagant flipped layers. With feathers starting from the shortest layers just above the cheekbones and a daring side part, this different haircut is stunning, joyous, and in vogue all at the same time. If you have an oval-shaped face and thicker straight hair, this look is ideal for you. Styling Tips: To style, blow-dry your hair smooth and then twist it segment by segment with a medium-sized hair curling accessory, flipping the closures straight out. If you want, you can also make the crown to add more levels. This style looks great with a deep two-toned balayage effect, so you can let it all hang out despite your cutting-edge look.

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Delicate Curls

Delicate Curls #mediumhair #mediumhairstyles

These free delicate twists are extremely ladylike for a delicate, energetic look. The twists give you a more youthful and lively appearance. Styling Tips: Apply a great styling product to slightly wet hair and blow dry with a round brush. Then, apply a warm protectant and create huge, fun, free twists with a moderate hair curling accessory. Finally, gently run your fingers through your hair to relax the twists, and then spray with an adaptable hold hair shower.

Boho Chic Chick

Boho Chic Hairstyle

These joyous waves are striking, and the thick, spaced bangs add a pleasant Bohemian pizazz to this retro-stylish look. This style is particularly popular among female VIPs who have chosen a mid-length haircut. It adds a dash of flavor. It gives you an exceptional and cheeky appearance. Styling Tips: Pull your hair back and create a deep side part to create full, hot bangs. Then, at that point, make big, free, fun, and distinct twists. Add a mesmerizing hairband or another out-of-control hair accessory to amp up this fun look.

Textured Layers


You don’t need thick hair to pull this off. It is one of the medium-length hairstyles for fine hair. These disengaged layers give your medium-length hair a lot of surfaces. With this dazzling style, you will look years younger with more limited layers and the crown, as well as fun and crazy flips. If you have blonde or red hair, this style is ideal for you. Styling Tips: Blow-dry your hair until completely dry, then go over it with your fingers. Then, using a level iron, go crazy with the ends. Then, at that point, select random areas and quickly cut out the edges. As you add a texturizing item, gently run your fingers through to separate the flips. This is another look that works well with various balayage or amazing streaks all over.

Carefree Curls

Carefree Curls #mediumlengthhairstyles #mediumhair #thickhair #longbob

This light and vaporous look are playful and unpredictable, and it looks best on people with naturally wavy or wavy hair. Wash and condition with items designed for regular twists, then towel dry to remove dampness. Use a wide-tooth brush to apply your favorite twisting mousse, gel, or other twisting items to remove tangles. Then, for the most extreme twists, scrunch your hair starting at the ends and working your way up. Support your twists with low to medium intensity while cradling for added volume by using a diffuser. Shake it free and add a light holding shower when it’s dry.

Sexy And Shaggy


This style is ideal for those who enjoy the always fashionable “rocker-chick” look. It has a spiked edge due to the full thick bangs and point-cut closes. This look works best with earthy-colored shadow roots and blonde tips. Another lovely feature is that you can switch from short to mid-length haircuts like this one. Styling Tips: Apply a light styling froth or mousse before drying to give it a surface. Blow-dry your hair with an oar brush or your fingers until it is completely dry and smooth. In addition, use a texturizing item to add volume every now and then. Try not to level iron your hair because you believe that this look should appear restless and dirty rather than smooth.

Simply Sophisticated


Understated layers can help to complement your head state as well as your highlights. These light layers create a smooth, tightened look that works best on square-shaped faces. Blow dry your hair smooth after adding a fixing item. Then, apply a warm protectant to your hair and level iron it in small sections beginning at the end of your neck. This shocking look is enhanced by features or lowlights.

Haircut With Medium Length Layers


Because of its medium-length layers that cover the crown, this hairstyle has a fuller top section. Ladies typically expend a lot of energy and insistence to achieve this look. Furthermore, because of your hair thickness and this trim, you will have it normally. Understated midway features will draw attention to those layers and make them appear more texturized.

Shaggy Medium-Length Bob

Shaggy Medium-Length Bob

Style the ends of that layered hair to conform to different styles, making the thick braids appear lighter. This will give you the impression that your hair is vaporous. Women with thicker hair have been wearing shaggy hairstyles for a long time and will gladly continue to do so. Such hairstyles are associated with a laid-back personality.

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