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61+ Winter Nail Designs To Rock This Season

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Winter is upon us, and while most people dread the snow, cold and darker weather, we must remember that the season of gold, glitter and all that shimmers is on its way! And if glitter eyeshadows or candy cane lips aren’t your thing, maybe some winter-themed holiday nails can bring a twinkle to your eye?

From full on acrylic nail art to simple, yet stunning winter manicures, I’m sharing a whopping 61+ winter nail designs and polish colours that are sure to bring some inspiration to your next salon appointment this festive season.

I’ve also linked to all of the Instagram profiles for each nail pic, so you can find some great nail experts to follow on your feed!

1 – Gold Snowflakes from @matuszewsk.a

gold winter nails designs for holidays


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2 – Pink & White Festive Acrylic Nails from @home_of_deva

acrylic nail ideas for christmas

3 – Green Plaid from @thebeautyroombysarah

green plaid festive nail designs


4 – Blue, White & Matte Winter Nails by @bornprettystore

matte acrylic nail designs for winter


5 – Winter Palette by @beautyworksbyamy

winter nail art ideas


6 – Gold & White Shimmer from @elegancja_paulina

white and gold nail designs for christmas


7 – Gray Plaid Nails by @taryns.nails

gray plaid winter nail design

8 – Silver Shimmer by @essieyall

61+ Winter Nail Designs To Rock This Season


9 – Soft Pink Acrylics by @jet_set_beauty_nails

pink acrylic holiday nail design


10 – Blue Glitter Nails from @thebeautyroombysarah

blue glitter winter nail colors


11 – Hot Pink Holiday Nails by @zakolorovana_indigo_educator

holiday nail designs acrylic

12 – Pine Trees by @beauty_basecoat

pine tree nail art for winter


13 – Warm Red Glitter Nails by @paula.nailsart

warm red christmas nail designs

14 – Mauve & Snowflakes by @paula.nailsart

holiday nail designs with shimmer


15 – Beige & Gold Glitter by @donatam_nails

gold and beige christmas nail design idea


16 – Soft Matte Pink Nails by @ujvary_aneta

acrylic snowflake nail designs festive


17 – Gold & Pink Nails by @charlotteroseclay

gold glitter holiday nails


18 – Penguin Nail Art by @nailsbynatalina

winter nail design ideas mauve


19 – Rose Gold Glitter & Nude by @nelia_nails_ch

christmas rose gold nail color ideas


20 – Glitter Wine Nails by @lightelegancehq

festive holiday nail designs


21 – Orange & Red Nails by @sylwia_nailss

red and orange winter nails


22 – French Pink With Snowflakes by @naileditbyliv

french pink nails with snowflake nail art


23 – Blue Gray Nails from @sophiastylianou_

Blue gray winter nail colors


24 – Candy Cane Nails by @marcipazur

candy cane holiday nail designs


25 – Blue & White Snowflakes by @the_polished_life

blue and white winter nail designs with snowflakes


26 – Red, Green & Gold Plaid Nails by @hi_fancy



27 – Star Nails by @m.blaszczyk_indigo

star nail designs christmas


28 – Blue Reindeer Nails from @zmalowana_ana

blue reindeer winter nail designs


29 – Multi-Color Nails by @magpiebeautyusa

best winter nail designs


30 – Green Glitter by @nails_by_l92

green holiday nail colors winter


31 – Royal Blue Nails by @aboutallandnothing.nails

royal blue nail designs for winter


32 – Black, Gold and Pink Nails by @mightbesun

black gold and plaid holiday nail designs


33 – Silver & Nude Nails by @nail_fumika_

Silver and Nude winter nail designs


34 – Holographic Sparkle Nails by @ilnp

purple glitter christmas nail colors


35 – Black & White Nails by @nail_prophecy

black and white holiday nail designs


36 – Simple Nude Nails by @nailitmag

simple nude holiday nail design


37 – Red, White & Pink Nails by @adriannawysocka

christmas nail design ideas red


38 – Gold Glitter Nails by @curious_about_polish

gold glitter christmas nail polish


39 – Soft Pink Plaid Nails from @laurabeare_beauty

pink plaid holiday nail designs winter


40 – Red & Gold Nails by @ariannaianni_nails

glitter christmas nail designs for winter


41 – Green Shimmer Nails by @nailedbyanxiety

shimmer green winter nail colors


42 – Blue Shimmer Nails from @happily_polished

blue gray shimmer winter nail colors


43 – Black, Red & Gold Nails by @my.little.nail

winter nail art ideas gold


44 – Soft Gray Matte Nails by @ewuleek

matte gray winter nail designs


45 – Deep Red Nails by @polishedbylolo

deep red winter nail colors


46 – Green & Pink Nails by @thelittlethingsbyania

winter nail design ideas green


47 – Blue & Nude Ombre Nails by @nailsbycaseyg

blue and nude ombre winter nail design


48 – Red Nail Design by @home_of_deva

red holiday nail designs winter


49 – Silver & White Nails by @sofiii.nails

white and silver holiday nail ideas


50 – Deep Gray Nails by @dndgel

deep gray winter nail color ideas

51 – Purple & Gold Nails by @iramshelton

purple and gold winter nails

52 – Christmas Nail Art by @nailsby_lydiarose

christmas nail art for acrylic nails


53 – Purple & Glitter by @the_nail_cottage_by_stephanie

purple glitter festive nails winter


54 – Warm Pink Marble Nails by @thenailbox.col



55 – Snowman Art Nails from @joanna_bandurska

christmas snowman nail art


56 – Black & Silver Nails by @sam_williams_beauty

black and silver winter nails


57 – Pink and Gold Glitter Nails by @candy_art_nails

pink and gold glitter nails


58 – Leaf Nail Art from @_nailsbynatalie_

winter leaf nail art


59 – Silver Glitter Nails by @rainbownailed

silver glitter winter nails


60 – Wine Red Nails by @charlbbeauty

wine red christmas nails

61 – Light Blue Nails by @paznokcie_z_instaagrama

winter blue nails

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