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Medium length – also known as mid-length hair is getting a lot of attention. Popular with fashion editors and celebrities this is the ideal, length that isn’t too long and not too short cut. A medium cut generally will leave the ends of your hair falling at your collarbones or shoulder blades. This hairstyle is compatible with any hair type – that is straight or curly to to natural, curly as well as any hair texture. It flatters all facial forms and requires less maintenance as long-hair. Look at these stunning and fashionable medium length hairstyles and be inspired for your next trip in the beauty salon.

1. Layered Bangs

Layered bangs provide your haircut with more motion than a straight fringe. They frame your face perfectly. Mix them with wavy medium-length hair for a relaxed and beachy style. The use of texture products, such as sea salt spray are essential and contribute to the relaxed, cool, California style. The final product is subtle nods to the 70s shag cut but with an updated twist.

Layered Bangs With Medium Hair

2. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs, also known as thick bangs, make the perfect match for moderate length hair. They are a favorite among French fashion models as well as influencers. The sharp bangs and medium length combo will make your hair appear more voluminous and attracts the attention of your eyes. Also, it creates a younger appearance. For the best results, opt for the cut with brunette coloring that is rich, such as chocolaty or chestnut.

Medium Length Hair With Blunt Bangs

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3. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs can also be described as pieces of bangs, or bangs that are thin. They are different from blunt bangs by the fact that they don’t completely cover your forehead. Instead, they spread and create a lighter, soft and more relaxed look especially when worn with medium-length wavy hair. Wispy bangs are ideal for those with thin and fine hair since they don’t require the same amount of hair to make the fringe.

Wispy Bangs With Medium Length Hair

4. Medium Length Cut for Fine Hair

Hair that is thin or fine may appear dull and uninteresting If it’s too long. Therefore, the medium length cut is ideal for those who have that type of hair. To give the appearance of volume and thickness apply mousse to the roots after blowdrying and finish with a spritz with texturizing spray. It is also possible to experiment with clip-in hair extensions since medium-length hair can be length enough for it to blend effortlessly with the rest of your hair.

Medium Length Cut For Fine Hair

5. Long Layers

Long layers are perfect for people with naturally thick locksbecause they visually break up hair, and provide more motion and direction. In the same way cutting a medium length cuts great for hair with more volume since it will not take the same amount of time to dry, wash or put together longer hair. If you decide to opt for medium-length hair that has long layers cut, consider adding faces-framing pieces, or even longer side bangs for the most attractive and charming look.

Medium Hair With Long Layers

6. Short Layers

In terms of cutting hair how long your layer is – either long or short – is the differences between the lengthiest and shortest pieces not the point at which the layers finish. The thinner the layers are, the less distinction between them. Medium length hairstyles with short layers can add the body and volume which is ideal for hair that falls flat. In addition short layers tend to flutter out towards the ends, and this style is fun and has a 1970s style.

Medium Length Hair With Short Layers

7. Straight Hair

There are a variety of ways to style long straight, medium-length hair. If you’re looking for a professional and polished look Try a smooth and shiny blowdry. For a more retro-inspired look, try a 90s-inspired one. that combines a relaxed texture and a side split can create an easy-going and relaxed style for a weekend.

Medium Length Straight Hair

8. Curly Hair

Ladies with curly hair have plenty of choices for mid-length hair. From loose, deliberately sloppy curls to defined ringlets A mid-length cut lets you to display your curls with style. Although medium-length curly hair tends to be more prone to maintenance as compared to shorter cut, products that define curls and moisturizing treatments can cut down on the time it takes to style and ensures your hair isn’t prone to frizz.

Curly Medium Length Hair

9. Wavy Hair

If your hair is naturally curly Medium-length cuts are an ideal length. It’s because it’s shorter enough to be manageable but length enough to display the gorgeous movement of your locks. Hair that is naturally straight can make waves with the heat of the curling wand and flat iron. Alternately, braiding your hair in a wet state and applying the sea salt spray could provide you with the beachy waves you’ve always wanted.

Medium Wavy Hair

10. Short Bangs

The short bangs finish at the middle of your forehead, drawing attention to your brows and eyes. They sport a trendy and artistic look, which is why they’re ideal for women who want to display their individuality. Although short hairstyles look quite dramatic and edgy longer hair can balance the edginess and sexiness to create a soft and feminine look. If you’re trying out short bangs the first time, combining them with a cut that is mid-length is a great alternative.

Short Bangs With Medium Length Hair

11. Asymmetric Cut

Do you want a hairstyle which is distinctive? Try an unbalanced cut. Hairstyles like this draw attention due to their unbalanced design. Additionally, an asymmetric cut is a variety of styles that include various lengths for the sides, or even different lengths in either the rear and the front. Most asymmetric cuts work well with medium-length hair.

Medium Length Asymmetric Cut

12. Long Front Short Back Haircut

Another variation of the asymmetrical cut is the longer front, short back style. Also known as an A-line or an inverted cut, it provides you the best of both worlds : longer pieces that define your facial features, while still having the bounce and volume of shorter hair. If you’re not willing to make the leap into a lob cut, the long front , short back cut is a good first step.

Long Front Short Back Haircut

13. Afro

The process of growing natural hair to medium length could take a bit longer than other kinds of hair however the results are worth the effort. You’ll have a broad range of styles to pick from, whether you want an elegant Afro or braided hairstyle. To ensure your natural hair’s length, don’t excessively trimming. Instead, cut off split ends as you observe them. Make sure to keep away from damage caused by chemicals or heat. You can also gently detangle the knots using the wide-tooth comb in order to avoid breakage.

Medium Length Natural Hair

14. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are among the most popular hairstyles for women who have hair with afro-textured. They’re also regarded as an effective style for protection since they don’t require any chemical to be applied, and don’t cause too much stress to the scalp, and can help natural hair keep moisture. While the various dread styles are great for any length, more tight and thinner locks are ideal for medium hair.

Medium Length Dreadlocks

15. Medium Length Cut for Asian Hair

The Asian hairstyle tends to be more dense that Caucasian hair, which makes it perfect for medium length cuts with layers that are long. They allow movement and keep your hair from appearing as an unison mass. Framing layers also make your face appear longer and thinner. Because Asian hair is also known to grow more quickly than other types of hair and therefore, needs to be cut more often to maintain a medium length.

Medium Length Cut For Asian Hair

16. French Braids

The process of braiding medium-length locks is tricky as compared to long locks, particularly when it’s fine or damaged. It’s because there’s not enough hair for an extended, thick plait or an elaborate design. However, simple plaiting methods such as French braids look gorgeous when worn on hair of medium length. They only need three hair pieces and you can braid at the hairline, rather than the top of your neck.

French Braids On Medium Hair

17. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are among the most simple braids that don’t require lengthy locks to braid. It is possible to start the braid on your hairline or side of your hair and braid in a backwards direction either from the side of your head to another. It’s perfect for medium length hair. It’s also a popular choice for wedding receptions and bridal guests for its soft elegant, and romantic appearance.

Waterfall Braid On Medium Hair

18. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids can be described as a typical African hairstyle that looks stunning on natural hair of medium length. They blend small side braids and braids that run down the middle of the. Beads are added on the ends to create an distinctive and attractive finish. This design is elegant and sophisticated, which makes it ideal for casual attire or formal events.

Medium Length Fulani Braids

19. Box Braids

Box braids are an iconic hairstyle for medium and long hair. They’re not just protection one, but they also give off the cool ’90s vibe because of their popularity during the era. If your hair is 4 to 5 inches long, you could easily get extremely long extensions that are box braided However, shorter hair may be able to handle medium-length extensions. Try shades like purple or metallic grey for interesting twists of the braid box fashion.

Medium Length Box Braids

20. Half Up Half Down

A romantic and soft option for hair of all lengths The half-up, half-down hairstyle is particularly gorgeous on medium-length hair. It is also suitable for thick and thin types of hair. The main thing you need to consider when styling a half-up half-down hairstyle is the building of volume in the “up” section. This will ensure that your hair won’t look heavy down and draws your eyes upwards, which balances your facial shape.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

21. Ombre Hair Medium Length

Medium length hair is the perfect companion to your ombre shade. Ombre originates from the French word’shaded’ and is the process of combining different shades of hair to create a stunning blended effect. Ombre is a classic style that blends brunette roots and blonde ends and mid-lengths. It’s a classic look that is never out of fashion. You can also apply temporary color to the ends with lighter hair if you’re looking to alter your look for an important occasion. Medium length hair allows you to showcase all of your colors, and since there’s less hair to dye, you’ll have less time at the salon than if you were sporting ultra-long locks.

Ombre Hair Medium Length

22. Medium Blonde Hair and Highlights

If you’re not going all-out platinum, it’s essential to include multi-dimensional highlights to keep the blonde hue appearing flat. The colorist will lighten the hair to bring out the base shade and allow the new color of your hair match the skin color. If you’re considering switching towards medium length blonde hair ensure that you’ve got the hair cut prior to being dyed to allow your colorist to put the highlights exactly.

Medium Blonde Hair With Highlights

23. Platinum Blonde Medium Length Hair

If you’re a woman who wants to make an impressive fashion bold platinum blonde hair can be the perfect striking look. Because your hair goes through many toning and bleaching – especially when you’re natural brunettes – to get that platinum-like appearance, your stylist might suggest a haircut at the same with a haircut. The transition from long to medium length hair as you transition to platinum is not just a way to give the appearance of a new one and a smoother appearance, but it also helps eliminate any split ends or dry hair.

Platinum Blonde Medium Length

24. Medium Length Brunette

Medium length brunette hair is the most elegant and chic combination. This is the reason it is sought-after by fashion editors and models around the world. For 2020, the cool chocolate is being referred to as one of the most popular brunette trends. But, the perfect brunette shade will be determined by your eye and skin shade, along with your primary shade.

Medium Length Brunette

25. Medium Length Brunette and Balayage

Balayage is a technique that can be freehand employed by hair colorists to create natural and subtle highlights. Inspired by the ways artists work with light the technique, balayage can be utilized to frame your face, give it dimension and add movement to your hairstyle. A brunette color provides the perfect backdrop for balayage. If your hair is medium length, there’s plenty of space to allow hairdressers to create their magic. The result is an California cool hairstyle with an effortless and relaxed look.

Medium Length Brunette With Balayage

26. Brunette and Caramel Highlights

The warm and inviting caramel highlights create brunette hair with a an elegant and beautiful appearance, while also giving it a more lively and dimensional look. Colorists can employ highlights or the balayage method to apply the caramel-colored hair tones that will soften your hair, and also brighten your overall appearance. The perfect choice for brunettes seeking subtle changes in the spring or summer months the caramel highlights are also suitable for those with warmer undertones in their complexion.

Medium Length Brunette Caramel Highlights

27. Red Hair Medium Length Hair

Hairstylists believe that the warm, natural copper-gold is a major style this time of year. Since red is an extreme color shift, you don’t require a long hairstyle. The effect of the intense hue suggests medium length hair is the best choice. Being one of the colors that is most saturated red is also suitable for those who have fine or thin hair.

Red Hair Medium Length

28. Black Medium Length Hair

Black hair looks great in any length of hair even medium lengths. To cut through the weight of the shade you can ask for shaggy or choppy cut. The loose curls and some subtle highlights could be a great way to add movement and depth for black hair. Alternately, you can go for the dramatic and opt for a smooth blowdry and a thick sharp fringe.

Black Hair Medium Length

29. Lob Hairstyle

The lob hairstyle is considered to be one of the most flexible and attractive styles that women can wear for all different ages. This cut can be longer and longer than the standard hairstyle and is typically placed between the clavicle and chin however, it’s exactly as elegant and can be adapted to individualization. It allows you to play with various angles layers, shades, bangs, and even partings. If you’re seeking a style that is low-maintenance for your medium-length hairstyle, this could be the one for you. To highlight your face and enhance your appearance, think about applying highlights towards the side of your face. This will frame your face.


30. Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking to change your appearance, think about styling it with bangs on the side. This style first became popular in the 90s , but has recently made an appearance with a more contemporary and versatile look. Hair is parted which frames the face and is very attractive. It is also possible to create them in different lengths and different hair textures. The more straight your hair is the more precise your cut will appear. However, when it’s curly it’s more subtle and soft. You can also make use of plenty of options when it comes to hair styling, which allows you to wear your hair in a messy ponytail and making your bangs at the front the focal point of your style. Also, you can style your hair that is medium length loose.

Medium Length Curtain Bangs

31. Slick Back

In terms of fashionable and elegant styles, you cannot have much better than the sleek back. This hairstyle is created by blowing hair backwards in the front and then locking it with a firm gel or similar product. This style is ideal for straighter hair, which makes it simpler to style and hold in place. However, the style can be made using a variety of hair types and textures. This is a great hairstyle for formal occasions. It elegant and polished. It also opens your face and show off your facial features, particularly the jawline and eyes. While the style may require some time for styling it’s very easy to maintain and is possible with hair of various lengths, such as medium-length.

Medium Length Slick Back

32. Mullet

The mullet was a 1980s hairstyle that has become somewhat controversial, and is a hairstyle that calls attention. It is defined by the length of hair in the back, and shorter at the sides and on the top. If you plan to style your hair with an elongated mullet, you are not averse to attention since this style is sure to attract attention. But, it has changed in the past and is now being redesigned to be less glam and more wearable. It is possible to experiment with various cuts and anglesthat complement your face’s shape and texture. It’s a fun and trendy haircut with personality and looks amazingly attractive for women of different different ages.

Mullet Women Hairstyle

33. Blowout

The blow-out is accomplished by the use of heat styling and can give your hair an impressive appearance. When you’ve washed your hair, blow dry it to get the desired volume and texture. This can be done on any hair texture and is a fantastic method to alter your appearance with little effort. You can create curly hair straight, or change straight hair into large curly curls that look glamorous if you are looking to channel 80s style with your blowout. The more volume you have, the more impressive.

Blowout With Medium Length Hair

34. Passion Twists

They are securing hairstyle that is beautiful and adaptable. In 2018, they were created by Miami hair stylist Kailyn Rogers, the hairstyle offers women a fresh way to wear twists with two strands. The twists are available in different lengths, thicknesses and shades. If you are looking for a simple style to keep Medium-length hairstyles are the best choice. The length offers you the freedom in your style. It can be worn in a variety of ways however it’s not too long that it’s difficult to maintain and does not cause tension on your scalp. It’s also possible to apply the crochet method of installing which will reduce the time you spend sitting in the hair salon. For added benefit this twist is water-friendly.

Medium Passion Twists

35. Side Part

Hairstyles that are worn with a parting is extremely flattering. The perfect parting will complement your facial shape and highlight your facial features. The side-parting style is the most adaptable and comfortable to wear, suited to all facial shapes as well as women of different different ages. When you style your hair this manner can help bring an even balance and soften the appearance of your face. The side part can be created with hair of a variety of lengths and textures. It is an ideal alternative to bangs. You benefit from all the advantages without the need to commit to an unnatural fringe. The hair is curled slightly to the opposite side to create a appearance a romantic style or experiment with highlights on the edges of your face to create a frame.

Medium Length Hair Side Part

36. Ponytail

The ponytail is among the easiest, yet effective styles. It can be done in just a few minutes and requires any skill to pull off which makes it the ideal easy-to-wear style. It keeps the hair from the eyes, and away from of your neck and draws attention to the places. The ponytail can be styled to look more formal or casual by pulling your hair back to a loose ponytail can give a more relaxed appearance and is great for days spent at the beach or for working out. A stylish, high ponytail offers an elegant appearance for formal events Think Ariana Grande’s style. You could also let some hair strands loose to frame your face and add a touch of softness to your appearance. Be careful when you wear one’s hair down in a tightly ponytail, and don’t do it for prolonged periods in order to avoid the alopecia of traction.

Medium Length Hair Ponytail

37. Delicate Babylights on Straight Lob

If you’re seeking a subtle method to bring color to your hair, and to brighten the appearance of your hair, then you could do this by using babylights. The delicate highlights make a stunning style for those who want subtle sparkle. If you place them in a ring around the areas of your face that are on the sides This is also an ideal method to frame your face and draw attention to the highlights. The small streaks of color make your hair appear healthy and sun-kissed, while adding the illusion of depth. It is possible to achieve it on hair of any texture and shades to add a lift to the hair. Don’t use highlights that are less than one or two shades lighter than your natural shade for most effective results. It is also possible to wear in various styles and cuts including the most beautiful and flexible being the lob cut. This haircut can make the face appear more attractive.

Delicate Babylights On Straight Lob

38. Shag Haircut

The shag hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle of the 70s, that is distinguished by its choppy layers. It’s a medium-length hairstyle that can be great for highlighting the texture your hair. It’s also excellent to remove weight from hair that is heavy or for letting the layers be cut in a way to create fine hair that is thin to appear larger and more full. This haircut is edgy and has a sultry look and the way layers fall gives the hair movement and depth. This haircut is perfect for those who is looking for a haircut that’s low maintenance but also lots of enjoyable.

Medium Length Hair Shag Haircut

39. The Hair is Down and Twists are Taking Place

If you’re seeking a stylish option to style your medium length hair, you could consider adding twists. Leave the hair down, and creating twists along the sides can give you an elegant look that is perfect for formal or informal events. Twists can take hair away from your face, which will open it up. This can be done with any hair texture, but is best suited to slightly loose hair for a soft and relaxing look.

Medium Length Hair Down With Twists

40. Faux Locs

If you are a fan of dreadlocks but don’t have the time or dedication required to develop them faux locs are an excellent alternative. They are made by using human or artificial hair that is made into cornrows which create the foundation. It is a wonderful way to protect hair from breakage and damage as well as aid the natural growth of hair. The faux locs can be worn in various sizes and thicknesses, such as medium-length. You can also add other accessories such as cuffs, wire, and beads to make your hairstyle more personal appearance.

Faux Locs

41. Goddess Braids

The goddess braid is a secure style that is perfect for women who prefer flexible and attractive braids that flatter and are versatile. They are available in different lengths and thicknesses. However, keeping them to a medium length is a great option since it allows the flexibility to make your hair look the way you like, without being too long or excessively maintained. Protective styles stop breakage, hold in moisture and promote the natural growth of your hair. Goddess braids may not be longer-lasting than other styles, however they last for several weeks and offer you an opportunity to take a break from hot styling and will reduce the amount of grooming time. Keep the ends curly to create an edgy look. It can also create a subtle contrast to the rest of braids.

Medium Length Goddess Braids

42. Crimped Hair

If you like the look of a lot of texture take a look at hair that is crimped. The mermaid-like appearance of this hair is popular with women who want to play with their hair, as it gives an wavy, zigzag look which is great to create an appearance of volume. Crimping became popular in the 80s and while you could be a diva in your own way and be bold and dramatic however, it can also be accomplished in a less sultry and wearable manner. You can experiment with it on any hair texture however, your style is more visible and more easy to achieve when you have straight hair. Make sure the hair you have is in great health because the result could highlight any flaws.

Medium Length Hair Crimped Hair

43. Brown Hair Balayage Subtle Bangs with a Curtain

Balayage is a great way to achieve many hair types, and it looks great on hair with brown highlights. By adding lighter streaks of honey or caramel according to your taste and your natural hair color is an excellent way to brighten and lighten your look. Balayage can also be a great option to create a soft and sun-kissed look that is perfect for the various lengths and textures of hair. Bangs that are draped over the face are a stunning accessory to any hairstyle that frame the face while drawing attention to your eyes. They can be as striking or elegant as you want. If you’re looking to have healthy beautiful hair this is the method to go about it.

Brown Hair Balayage (1)

44. Curly Bangs

Bangs can be a fantastic method to alter your appearance They can enhance and balance your appearance They can also frame your face and give you a youthful look. Bangs are a great choice on women from all different ages and are great to hide wrinkles or wrinkles in the forehead. The bangs are able to be worn either long or short, and can be worn on a variety of hair textures, such as curly. The attraction of curly hair is the softness and a softer look, but they have a more irregular shape as compared to straighter hair. The texture can increase volume , and can make your hair appear more full and thicker.

Curly Bangs

45. Shaved Sides

If you’re in a rebellion and prefer an edgy style, you can consider shaving your sides into the hairstyle you prefer. Keep hair longer in the back and top of the head, and longer on the sides of your head is an innovative alternative to a mohawk, but is more comfortable and less striking. It is a fantastic way to show your personality, especially when worn in conjunction with hair of medium length it creates an intriguing contrast. It can also serve as a symbol and free yourself from the past by taking off hair, demonstrating that you’re sturdy and durable. If you’d like your hair to stand out noticeable, you could consider coloring it in a vibrant shade. Also, consider adding streaks of your preferred shade of hair.

Medium Length Shaved Sides

46. Viking Braids

The Vikings have been the source of inspiration for series and movies However, they also been a source of inspiration for hairstyles. If you’re looking for an interesting and rebellious style that can make you appear cool and tough Then the Viking braid is a good option. There are many possibilities for what this could mean braids in the side, paired with shaved hair or braiding the hair into the top knot. The beauty of medium-length hair is that it can be used in a variety of ways. You can also choose the more feminine and soft look by wearing braids with curls. Highlights throughout the hair will give your hair a boost and add dimension. Alternately, you could opt for a bold hair shade that attracts the attention of others.

Viking Braids

47. Blonde Balayage on Wavy Lob

The lob haircut is considered to be one of the most fashionable and flattering choices that women can choose from all different ages. It works well with all facial styles and all hair textures If you’re looking to make your lob look more modern it is possible to achieve this by adding color, such as Balyage. If you’re blessed with natural light-colored hair. Give it a sun-kissed glow by balayage, instead of opting for the traditional foil highlights. Balayage is a technique of coloring which involves hand-painting highlights on hair to create more natural and blended appearance. To get the most effective results, use the color that is one or two shades lighter than your natural hair’s shade. Additionally, balayage is not as damaging and as lengthy. It’s also easy to maintain and can last for many months without having to return to the salon.

Blonde Balayage on Wavy Lob

48. Retro Curls

Large, retro curls can create a stunning appearance and is the perfect method to showcase your hair. Curly hair can look extremely flattering and provide softness and balance your appearance. This style works best with medium-length hair, which supplies the length needed to make beautiful curls, however, it isn’t so long to feel too heavy. What are the best places to wear these curls? Retro curls are great for formal occasions such as weddings and corporate events, but they’re also great for occasions where you need to be stylish on dates.

Retro Curls

49. Face-framing Statement Highlights on Bob

When choosing classic highlights with foil, they are generally evenly distributed across the hair to give it a boost and dimension. But the statement highlights are a great choice for those who want something unique. The trend first became fashionable in the 1980s but has been modernized and includes the color you pick and how big you want highlights to appear. The attraction is in the location either side of the face and creates a frame which can emphasize your features. This is a wildly attractive and youthful appearance and it is a fantastic way to transform your appearance with little effort. Opt for vibrant shades if you’re looking to play around without committed to dying your entire head.

Statement Highlights

50. Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is how haircut is straight, with no layers, and usually in precise angles. This style is great for anyone looking to showcase their cut. It is most effective when you have straight hair. If you’re a medium-length person There are a lot of choices of the haircut you select which allows you to customize the style to fit your face’s shape and shade. The cut may have an elegant and sleek look which makes it suitable for any occasion. It’s also simple to maintain and easy to grow.

Blunt Cut

51. Middle Parting

If you’re looking to style your hair with an angular parting fashion, a practical and fashionable option is to use the middle parting. In this style, hair falls one side or the other of the face for medium-length hair, it’s more fashionable as it is possible to tuck the hair behind your ears. Removing the hair from your face will make your face appear more attractive and match a variety of hair texture and cuts. The drawback to an angled middle section is that it doesn’t fit all facial designs, and it doesn’t appear good on every person. It requires symmetrical features to create this style and a side-parting is the best option for those looking to balance and soften their appearance.

Middle Part

52. Strawberry Blonde hair with Wavy Lob

Hair with strawberry blonde is a beautiful shade that lies somewhere between red and blond. It’s gorgeous on all shades of skin, but it can be especially attractive for people who have pale skin and light eyes. The versatile color can be styled in a variety of ways, with different lengths and styles. It also provides an array of options for styling your hair such as a wavy bob that can highlight the texture. The lob cut is extremely attractive and can draw focus to the face. Medium hair is great since it offers the most desirable of both; it’s easy to style in many ways, yet not as demanding as hair that is longer. If you’re looking to boost your appearance, think about adding some highlights of blonde throughout your hair to give it more an extra dimension and depth. Also, you can lean into red hues with small red streaks, that can create modern style.

Strawberry Blonde Hair With Wavy Lob

53. Wispy Fringe

Hairstyles with a fringe is extremely flattering, however there’s also a huge selection of fringe styles to pick from. Certain women prefer large and long fringes that give the appearance of volume and are dramatic and striking, while others prefer a subtle style with a fringe that is more slender, such as a soft one. Thin streaks of hair can add an air of softness, drawing attention to your cheekbones and eyes. They can also be a great complement to a variety of hair textures, lengths and cuts. Hairstyles that feature a messy cut that has an elongated fringe is ideal and can be paired with the texture.

Wispy Fringe

54. Textured Cut in Pink Hair Color

If you’re looking to alter your appearance, one the most effective ways to achieve it is to dye your hair with your favourite shade. The choice of bold colors for your hair is bold and allows you to show the world that you are a fun person. The color you choose can convey a message about you and pink is a lovely option. If your hair naturally has a texture and curly, the color you choose can focus attention on the curl pattern. It is also possible to add some an extra dimension and movement to your hair by adding messy layers. Whatever your hairstyle or texture will blend with your preferred pink shade, creating an eye-catching and beautiful hairstyle that you’ll be proud to display.

Pink Hair

55. Very Short Bangs

For those who wish to make their medium-length hair to stand out the best option is to put on hair that is short and will make any hairstyle look more edgy modern look. They are cut high above the brow. They can be large and blunt or even textured and wispy. it’s all about your personal preference in hair style and texture. They draw attention and draw you towards your forehead and to the eyes. It creates a striking contrast when worn in conjunction with longer hair due to the proportions.

Very Short Bangs

56. Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

There are some tricks and tricks that will ensure that thin hair appears more full and fuller. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through layers. Layers can be a great accessory to any hairstyle and help to give the appearance of the fullness. They can also add dimension and motion to hair, and draw the eyes toward the ends , not the roots. It is generally ideal to keep your thin hair shorter, however the correct cut can result in medium-length hair too. A few examples are shags, mullets, or a bob cut. Bob haircuts are flexible and flattering to all types of people.

Hairstyle For Thin Hair

57. A slick split Dye Bob, with Middle Part

The bob is among the most versatile haircuts . It can be customized to fit the texture of your hair and customized with color, such as the split-dye style. Hair dyes with vibrant colors are an excellent method to be playful by enhancing your appearance. Picking colors that are bright and make you stand out lets you showcase your playful side. You can dye your entire hair, but focus on the tip, or add streaks of color or various highlights, or even try the split dye style. The idea behind split-dyed hair is that you dye part of your hair that is on the opposite side. It could be done with two colors that are artificial, such as green and pink or keep one side as the color you have in your hair. The look is it is not flexible that allows the possibility of mixing and matching the combinations you want. If you want to create a more blended style choose colours that complement each other.

Hairstyle For Thin Hair

58. Permed

Another popular 80s style is permed hair that is focused on volume and texture in the way it forms waves or curls in hair. Hair that is big can be an absolute blast and can be a bit revealing because it calls for attention. If you enter the room, others are likely to notice. Permed hairstyles can look attractive and youthful, which can be a great match for a variety of faces or women with all different ages. Modern hairstyles aren’t as loud and glam as it was in the 80s, and it is possible to reduce the volume of your perm to achieve an equilibrative look. There’s a drawback of permed hair, however the main reason one is the fact that perming, which uses chemical treatments to modify your hair’s structure it can be harmful and dry. It is recommended that you engage a reliable hairstylist to avoid the risk of this.


59. Black To Blonde Balayage with a Center Part Cut

The middle portion isn’t exactly the easiest to take from, yet it can draw the eye towards your appearance. One method to enhance the cut of your middle by the balayage technique. Balayage is a well-known coloring method for a variety of reasons. It’s low-maintenance and can last for a longer time, it’s natural and looks great for all hair types. Highlights with foils added to dark hair is harmful as the shades tend to be disjointed and look apparent and not natural. You can however brighten and lighten black hair using the technique of balayage. This will give your hair a the appearance of a subtle and blended look. There is no need to cover the roots . You can collaborate with your colorist in order to create the perfect blonde hue that matches your hair color and personal preference. If you are looking for a style that calls for platinum blonde hair It could take many sessions to get.

Black to Blonde Balayage with Center Part Cut

60. Lob Hairstyles with Balayage Thick Hair

Hair that is thick and beautiful appears healthy and full. There’s plenty to appreciate about hair that is thick but it also can be heavy and, based on your hair’s texture, may be susceptible to knots. To keep your hair in a manageable state and speed up styling it is possible to reduce some bulk by putting layers across. There are a variety of methods of styling thick hair but keeping it to an average length is the best for making it easy to keep. A great style is the long lob that is flattering to all and works well with all hair textures and styles. It is also possible to go for side-partings or bangs to soften your face and create youthful look. Frame your face by adding a few highlights, or sprinkle them around to give it more depth and depth.

Hairstyle For Thick Hair

61. Backcombed Hair

Backcombed hair is produced by blowing hair backwards off the scalp. This creates fullness and volume, and can look great in a variety of hairstyles. Hair that is brushed down with a tiny bouffant and bangs can be fashionable and can soften your hairstyle. It is also possible to have hair that’s completely brushed off your face, without bangs. imagine you’re a beehive. The beauty of Backcombed hair is the fact that it is able to be made in a variety of ways and can be adapted to match the different hair textures. Your cut must complement your face shape and highlight your best features.

Backcombed Hair

62. Beach Waves

The beachy waves can help you create hair that is feminine and soft and can create a relaxing appearance. The waves you add to your hair will make it appear as if you’ve spent your day at the beach and how they bounce over your face can be extremely attractive. They can add a touch of softness to your look and add some volume and movement. Explore the ways you would like how you want to dress your hair. this can be left loose and long with medium-length hair being the ideal cut. It can also be put on the side or in the middle of your hair. To create a romantic look that will lend itself to formal events take those beach waves in a loose , loose-looking updo.

Beach Waves

63. A-Line Hairstyle

The bob cut is generally shorter, however it is extremely versatile and can be adapted to different lengths and texture. Cut your hair in an A-line style is great since it allows you to frame your face, drawing attention to the jawline and cheeks. The cut that is angular is smaller on the backand greater length on the front. This creates the illusion of more length. This cut works best with straight hair, to showcase the preciseness of the cut It is a good fit for most facial shapes which makes them appear slimmer and more elongated.

A Line Lob

64. The Blunt Cut is paired with the Side Swept Bangs

Bangs can be a wonderful accessory to any hairstyle, and there are many ways to style them, based on your face’s form, texture and personal preference. Side-swept hairstyles are attractive and comfortable option that can suit all facial designs and require minimal maintenance. Hair that is swept on the left makes them much easier for styling than blunt or cut bangs that are horizontal. Side-swept bangs are also able to naturally develop. These hairstyles look particularly attractive when they are combined with a sharp cut. The cut will make your hair look and feeling healthy. However, it also creates an interesting contrast to your sharpness haircut along with the softness and slenderness the hair. The way your hair falls can make your face appear more rounded and make your eyes stand out.

Blunt Cut Side Swept Bangs

65. Heavily Layered Red Hair Styled to the Side

Red hair is among the most uncommon colors, but it’s also one of the most noticed. It’s easy to comprehend why women gravitate towards the fiery color and the vibrant hue can enhance your hair’s cut and texture. If you’re looking to be different from the rest by dyeing your hair your preferred shade of red is a great option to accomplish this. In addition, medium-length hair is extremely versatile in the way you hairstyle it, and allows you to pick from a variety of braids and haircuts. The gorgeous shade showcases your hairstyle, and includes splitting the hair towards the side. The way you style your hair is extremely attractive and make your face appear more balanced and highlight the bone structure. For a red hairstyle that gives the appearance of a muted one you can apply highlights of blonde throughout.

Red Hair

66. Side Parted Grey Hairstyle

Even though older women are accepting their natural grey hair , and providing us with reasons to live longer and gracefully, gray hair is becoming a trend of this moment. You can get this cool hue using hair dye and it’s a shade that is suitable for everyone. It also works with a variety of hairstyles, such as side parted hairstyles, which will add softness to the cut you choose. The beauty of side-partings is that they blend the features and compliment many facial styles. The only drawback for grey hair is it fades quickly and is costly and requires frequent maintenance. Additionally, if your hair isn’t naturally light it will require bleach it in order to create an even lighter tone prior to dying. This procedure can be harmful and, therefore, it is recommended to collaborate with an experienced colorist to limit dryness and damage.

Grey Hair

67. E-girl Hairstyle

The E-girl fashion is unique and enjoyable. It is a way to express a lot about the things you love, and is designed for those who stand apart from the rest and doesn’t blend into. The style combines many items, including bold style choices, vibrant cosmetics, black nail art and hair that has flashes of color. This is, of course, only a brief overview of what this style is about, and there’s plenty of space for creativity and creativity in the way you appear and wear. However, if you’re looking for a modern young look that will make a statement about the medium length of your hair applying streaks of your favourite shade is a fantastic idea. You can use a variety of shades throughout your hair to create the look of a rainbow. You can also stick with one color by placing the color around the face for an effect of framing.

E Girl Hairstyle

68. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

If your wedding is approaching or you’re seeking an easy and elegant way to style your hair to attend an event for someone else it’s good to know that medium length hair is ideal. It’s enough to allow for simple updossuch as loose twists and a crown braid or even simple French braid. It is also stunning worn down, or as hairstyles that are half-up and half-down and is an excellent way to show your hair’s texture. When you are deciding on the style look, think about your hair’s texture and thickness. Then, alter your hairstyle to fit the hair type and thickness. You could also incorporate a piece of jewelry such as baby’s breath or even vines. If bling is to your preference, try adding the look of pearls with a string or a flower hair accessory that is adorned with fake jewelry.

Medium Length Hair Wedding Style

69. Space Buns

The hairstyle known as the space bun is a refreshing and fun method of styling your hair. The style was first popularized in the 90s , but they are popular even today, with some modern variations and personalization. Ideal for parties or daytime beach days or having a drink with your friends Space buns are versatile. This hairstyle is made up of two buns on each side of your head, and hair that is completely up or you can make use of these buns for a half-up half-down style. It’s also a cute hairstyle that is ideal for younger teens and women who are looking for something fun and simple to make. It is also possible to combine space buns with long or thick bangs that draw attention to the face. You can also add a fringe that is wavy or tendrils. This will make softness and be very pleasing to the eyes.

Space Buns

70. Crown Braid

It’s a lovely option to style your hair. Additionally, it’s great for formal events like weddings, or if you like the classic cottage style. The style is made by plaiting hair into braids that are a French braid, before moving them towards the sides before wrap them around the head. This braid is able to be styled in a variety of ways and is suitable for any occasion and an excellent method to attract attention to your face. You can make it with different hair textures and it’s a quick and quick way to manage curly or wispy hair. To create a soft look take some hair strands to fall over your face. This adds feel of softness and an unfinished look. To get the most optimal results, apply the braid over a week or two following washing; providing more grit and making it more manageable.

Crown Braid

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