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88 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women With Thin Hair

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Hair with thin, fine hair typically have a difficult time finding an appropriate hairstyle, due to the fact that their hair isn’t settling well with the majority of haircuts, including curls, layers, or bangs. We need to fix this! Famous hairstylists tell us that customers with hair that is thin often seek ways for their hair to more full, dense and easy to manage. Before we dive into the top hairstyles for thin and fine hair, let’s take an initial look at ways you can add volume to get your hair to be more manageable. Hair cuts can be cut using layers. They not only give volume to hair that is thin, but they also let you create various styles and designs. Be sure that you layer your hair in accordance with the length of your hair. For instance, short hair requires shorter layers, whereas long hair is best laid out with lengths that are longer. There are a variety of hair products available on market which you can use on your hair that is thin to increase bulk and thickness. Take a look at these 88 adorable and trendy hairstyles for hair that will help your hair appear thicker and improve your overall look

1. Short Pastel Blonde Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

short pastel blonde bob hairstyle for thin hair

short blonde bob hairstyle for fine hair

Mixing highlights in colors provides highlights for hair that is thin and also adds dimension to fine hair. It gives a modern look that is stunning. The hairstyle with layers of fine hair that is short creates volume in this bob haircut for thin hair. It’s delicate, but perfectly cut for this particular model and is an excellent hairstyle for hair with fine texture.

2. Copper Hair with Blunt Bob

copper hair blunt bob

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If your hair is thin there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to manage shorter hairstyles more easily than people who have hair that is thick. If you’re keen to showcase your hair Why not cut off your locks into a shorter cute bob that gives the impression of a mature, but fun appearance. It’s a great way to showcase your gorgeous hair.

3. Honey Blonde Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Honey blonde hairstyle for thin hair

A beautiful balayage always looks well with a cute, waved hairstyle such as this. Make your hair the focus of attention with the perfect balayage of gold and brown and an easy wavy look that is easy to achieve every day.

4. Blonde Disconnected Undercut for Fine Thin Hair

blonde disconnected undercut for fine thin hair

Have you ever had a reason to put on the leather jacket? This is your chance to do it wear this stylish hairstyle that is suitable for thin hair. Hair that is thin will appear fuller with these curls , and even better you can cut it undercut to provide you with the extra spink you want.

5. Straight Bob with a Pulled Up Bang for Fine Hair

Straight bob with pulled up bangs

If you’re looking to keep things simple and elegant then why not opt for straight hair? You can complete this stylish look by wearing curly hairstyles for your bangs at events where you don’t require them. Although this is among the hairstyles suitable for people with thin hair, it may require a bit of straightening to keep it in place.

6. Ombre for Fine Thin Hair

ombre for thin hair

Wavy Ombre for fine thin hair

An ombre hairstyle for fine hair can go well. Why? Because hair that is thinner can be dyed faster than thicker hair and requires less care (a.k.a. the risk of damage) to your hair. For this sultry hairstyle ask your barber to offer you a gray-to black balayage that has an ombre pink. If you’d like to make your hair appear more full and make it more attractive, you can curl it frequently using the curling iron.

7. Blunt Bob With Side Braid for Fine Hair

blunt bob with side braid for fine thin hair

Are you looking to be more imaginative with your hair, beyond a distinctive hair color? Try getting side braids done to give you a faux hair crown. It’s easy to do and with stunning outcomes.

8. Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Thin Hair

pixie undercut for thin hair

pixie undercut thin hair

Mixing two modern features, the fashionable pixie cut for thin hair offers a an easy, but unique style that will surely attract attention. Pixie hairstyles can be perfect for hair that is thin because it is easy to maintain, and an undercut that is short will give you the additional edge you’re seeking.

9. Short Layered Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

short layered bob haircut for thin hair

Mom’s face? Nah. The short, layered bob that is ideal for fine hair will create a chic daily look that requires minimal styling. Wispy hair also can benefit from this style because it doesn’t need much cutting or styling (maybe maybe a little). This hairstyle is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for short straight hair.

10. Blonde Balayage Hairstyle for Fine Hair

blonde balayage fine hair

If you’re seeking that sun-kissed appearance then balayage is the best method to go. This particular style works with fine or thin hair as blondes can work well with fine hair and curls are a breeze to create on thin hair. Another great hairstyle suitable for hair with fine texture.

11. Long Fine Hair, with Full Bangs

long hair balayage bangs

Long hair with full balayage bangs

Like short hairstyles, long hair can disguise thinness with long, straight locks. If you’re looking to get this style, ask your stylist to provide you with full bangs and a light layer of hair, and an balayage from blonde to brown to complete your style. For more styles, check out the best balance to straight hair.

12. Blonde Fringe with Bun for Thin Hair

Blonde Fringe with bun

If you’re seeking a casual look for everyday wear that conveys a youthful and adorable vibe, you should try this style instead. Your stylist will give you hair with layers and bangs that give your face a nice frame. Then, finish your hairstyle with an easy bun that keeps your hair looking fresh and easy.

13. Asymmetrical Bleached Blonde Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Asymmetrical bleached blonde bob haircut for fine hair

Blonde is a simple way to create a beautiful hair shade, as bleaching can be completed in only a short amount of duration. Additionally, if you have a middle part, asymmetrical bobs with a subtle honey undertone dye could create a simple and elegant.

14. Pastel Lilac and Creative Undercut for Fine Hair

Pastel lilac and creative undercut

The rock stars aren’t the only ones who have this hairstyle for hair with thin hair. Attract attention with this hairstyle that is unique: comprised of an undercut and well-crafted lines and fades that are perfect for everyday wear. Add the pastel color of lilac which provides you with an extra edge.

15. Purple and Peach Pastel Hairstyle for Fine Hair

purple and peach pastel hairstyle

This hairstyle for hair with thin hair simply screams color. If you’re willing to dyeing your hair and bleaching it this mix of pink, orange and dark purple could work well to create the perfect color bomb look. But, if you have thin hair be aware of the harm dyes for hair can cause!

16. Unicorn Rainbow Hairstyle for Fine Hair

rainbow hair for thin hair

Make a statement with your hair dye using this hairstyle with rainbows! With a professional stylist your corner, it is possible to dye your hair with any color of the rainbow to create this look.

17. Short A-Line Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

short a-line blonde bob hairstyle for thin hair

A little shorter in the back, and longer at the front, this style is fashionable and fashionable at the same time. For hair that is thin this curly bob could also be a great option to increase the volume of your hair to make it look more vibrant.

18. Cute Baby Bangs for Thin Hair

wispy bangs for thin hair

cute baby bangs

Fine, thin hair can lend itself to wispy styles similar to this fringe style. The short bangs aren’t easy to achieve However, with the right hairstyle, they can give you a distinctive appearance. For this style suitable for hair that is thin it is possible to request that your stylist offer you straight bangs that run down towards mid-face together with a short bob for a frame that frames the face.

19. Mermaid Hairstyle for Fine Hair

mermaid hair

Another hairstyle that is focused on the color of hair. If you have fine or thin hair, bleaching could provide faster and more effective results since the process isn’t too intense. Give your hair the mermaid-like look using violet deep blue, turquoise, dark blue and bubble gum colors.

20. Edgy Creative Haircut for Thin Hair

Edgy creative haircut

It’s no secret that fine hair has more options than thicker, more unruly hair. Find your trendy look with this unique cut with a mid-forehead bang and spikes on top. It’s definitely a unique haircut, however, if you think you could do it then why not?

21. Classic High Pony Combined with Knotting to create Fine Hair

Classic high pony combined with knotting

For hair that is thin and loose it can be difficult to find a hairstyle that works. However, with this knotting hairstyle coupled with a long ponytail and a high ponytail, you can create an attractive and stylish style without making your hair appear messy.

22. Unique Shaved Haircut for Thin Hair

Creative shaved haircut

Hair with thin hair is usually paired with hairstyles that are very short. This style will be able to create a distinctive, vibrant and sultry image that’s sure to turn heads. But a skilled stylist will be required to create that smooth fade as well as well-done rainbow highlights.

23. Side Swept Short Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Side Swept Short Blonde Bob

This side-swept blonde bob hairstyle suitable for thin hair is an easy and enjoyable way to add the look to your photo and keep the maintenance to a minimum.

24. Pastel Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

pixie haircut for thin hair

fine thin hairstyles pixie

Pastel pixie haircut

This pink pixie style with pulled-up bangs add some glam to your hair that is thin. You can make a great impression by putting a cut pixie on coloring your mane’s short hair with a distinctive shade. Pastels are hot. So why not opt for pastel pinks, blues or even greens?

25. Long Bob for Thin Hair

Long bob for thin hair

For hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair with fine texture You can always opt for hairstyles similar to these. Are you not looking for an entire bob? Hair cut to a shoulder-length lob instead. Not overly lengthy, however definitely not too short!

26. Center Part Hairstyle for Fine Thin Hair

center part hairstyle

A central part is among the best hairstyles for medium length for fine hair. It’s soft and feminine way to display your hair’s fineness.

27. Pixie and Side Swept Bangs for Fine Thin Hair

pixie with side swept bangs for thin hair

pixie and side swept bangs

Another variation of the pixie cut however, this time with cute and short hair! This hairstyle brings fun to the classic cut, and makes you appear fun and lively without looking too serious even if you do not want to stick with the classic cut.

28. Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Inverted Bob Hairstyle for fine hair

A skilled stylist is needed to create this hairstyle. Cut your hair carefully into an inverted bob and keep it straight for a sophisticated youthful appearance that is easy to maintain and makes hair that is thin grow longer and thicker.

29. High Fashion Haircut for Fine Hair

High fashion haircut

High fashion is always the unique. You can pull off this unique style and you will have everyone’s eyes on you everywhere you go. Are you looking for interest? Do your hair a favor and give it an edge with a ginger-colored dye.

30. Creative Half Braids for Thin Hair

Creative braids for thin hair

Are you looking to make more of your hair that is thin? Consider putting your hair in these innovative braids. They’re not easy to pull off but for a more casual appearance, your fine hair will probably manage it.

31. Long Vintage Curls for Long Thin Hair

long vintage curls

Are you ready to see the hottest trend of the 60s back by experimenting with this hairstyle that is perfect for hair with thin curls. If you’re looking to add more volume to your hair Why not try curling it into a long golden ringlet as shown in the image above? Elegant and formal this look is certain to add a touch of class in any outfit you put on.

32. Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle

The hair that is thin, wispy and thin could need a bit of life brought to it. Ask your stylist to offer you a subtle layer of cut, and then you can keep your hair looking full with curling irons to make small waves. This is a very basic hairstyle however, it’s stunning however. It’s another fantastic medium length hairstyle that is perfect for delicate, thin hair.

33. Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Stacked bob for thin hair

Create a simple and easy to maintain bob by doing the help of a few swishes every morning. Always on the lookout for a way to get out of the house? This hairstyle designed for thin hair could alleviate the stress of trying to keep your hair looking presentable.

34. Straight Short Haircuts with long Bangs for thin Hair

Straight Short Haircut with Long Bangs

If you have thin and delicate hair, this style will make your hair appear more full. appearance with a long fringe that can be used to cover your thin hair. It is also a simple to maintain hairstyle, yet elegant and stylish nonetheless.

35. Full Bangs for Thin Wispy Hair

Full bangs for wispy hair

Do you have hair that is wavy? Do you want to rock it with this rockstar style that has long, full bangs and shoulder-length locks? Hair will not just appear more thicker than it is, but you will also have unlimited styling options.

36. Voluminous Perm Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Voluminous perm hairstyle

There is evident that curly hairstyles that are designed for fine and thin hair can create a false impression of volume. Sometimes, it’s true. If you’re willing to go for perms, why don’t you test it? This style can provide you with the iconic 80s style while creating a hairstyle that is big and thick.

37. Wet Look Pixie Thin Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Wet Look Pixie

Do you want to have a sophisticated appearance? Try this stylish low-maintenance style that will create a stylish appearance without too much effort. For hair with thin, fine hair, this cut should be simple and easy to keep.

38. Half Pony Hairstyle For Thin Hair

half pony hairstyle

The half pony oozes style and grace. If you’ve got thin hair and are constantly moving around the half pony hairstyle can give you a stylish look yet with plenty of time left. But, the half pony needs to be done properly or you’ll end looking more exhausted than you were you did before.

39. Straight Mid Length Cut for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for fine hair

If you don’t want do any curly or styling prior to leaving early in the morning, you can try an effortless hairstyle that looks gorgeous with an easy rundown of a hairbrush. The shoulder-length cut highlights the contour of your face while remaining simple and elegant.

40. Chop the Ends Haircuts for Thin Hair

chopped ends fine thin hair

chopped ends fine thin hair2

chopped ends fine thin hair3chopped ends fine thin hair4

chopped ends fine thin hair5

chopped ends fine thin hair

chopped ends fine thin hair 2

chopped ends fine thin hair 3

Thin haired women are also able to wear the hottest hairstyles. The key to looking stunning with any hairstyle is to cut hair at the end of hair. These are the best hairstyles for fine hair. Then, you can modify your hair to whatever style you like , but by cutting off the ends, your hair will not just look neat, but it can also give a sharper look to their flat appearance.

41. Blow Out Medium Length Layers for Thin Hair

blown out shoulder length layers

blown out shoulder length layers2

blown out shoulder length layers 4

blown out shoulder length layers 5


Give volume to this medium length haircut to create volume for curly hair with a flowing curl. The blonde hair color is a great accent to this shoulder length cut.. The shoulder length is considered as the most attractive length for fine, thin hair. Make fringes of your layers either on the left or right sides of the head , and then blow-dry your layers using a blow dryer for a beautiful hairstyle with layers.

42. Side Part Shoulder Length Layers

Side Part Shoulder Length Layers

This hairstyle is another option for hair that is thin, and has similar shoulder length hair. You just need to blow dry the hair while keeping those ends of the hair towards the back using an oval brush. Side-part your hair, or split your hair in the middle. It’s all about the shape of your face and the cut. For those with a round-face, the middle part of your face is a good choice. This is a good option to experiment with haircuts for round faces or thin hair. For smaller faces, the sides look more appealing.

43. A-Line Long Bob for Thin Hair

a line long bob fine thin hair

a line long bob fine thin hair

a line long bob fine thin hair

a line long bob fine thin hair

a line long bob fine thin hair

a line long bob fine thin hair 2

a line long bob fine thin hair

a line long bob fine thin hair 3

a line long bob fine thin hair 4

This is a long, layered haircut for thin hair that you’ll surely like. Keira Knightley looks stunning with this gorgeous long bob style for hair with thin layers. If you’re interested we’ve discussed Keira Knightly’s plastic surgery in another article.


The longer bobs in length looks nice and are among the top hairstyles suitable for fine hair that is thin. Bob haircuts are suitable for all types of hair. However, thin hair is easier to manage with this cut. The model is center-parted in her hair as she has a large face. This is one of the most effective haircuts for hair with thin or round faces. It is also possible to do an angled side-part based what shape your face is. Because fine hair that is thin is flat in their nature, you don’t need to use a straightener in order to achieve this look.

44. Chic short bob with highlights for fine hair

chic short bob highlights fine hair

chic short bob highlights fine hair

chic short bob highlights fine hair 8

chic short bob highlights fine hair 9

chic short bob highlights fine hair

chic short bob highlights fine hair

chic short bob highlights fine hair

chic short bob thin fine hair

chic short bob thin fine hair 2

chic short bob thin fine hair 3


We’ve got the most stylish short hairstyles suitable for hair with thin curls in this section. Cameron Diaz shows off her short bob, which is perfect for light hair that has blonde highlights. If you are a fan of her style, take a look about her hairstyles at Cameron Diaz Hairstyles

chic short bob thin fine hair 4

This chic bob haircut is short in length , and Keira Knightley has highlighted her hair in a the partition. This means that people focus more on the highlighted part and less on the thickness of the hair. She’s not done anything with the ends of her hair, and has kept them as straight as is possible.

45. Side Swept Bangs for Long Thin Hair


If you’re experiencing thin, fine hair and are looking for a style that will look stunning for a night out, try this hairstyle. Apply a product that is texturizing onto your hair prior to applying the product. Make a deep portion only in the upper portion of your crown. Then, create a ponytail that is low toward one side of the head. Then, place it on your shoulders and you’re ready to start.

46. Chopped Pixie Like Short Haircut for Fine Hair

chopped pixie thin fine hair

chopped pixie fine hair

chopped pixie fine hair 2

chopped pixie fine hair 3

chopped pixie fine hair 4


This style isn’t ideal for everyone, so be careful before you make the decision. It can be done with highlights or without. It’s not a lot of tools to get your hair set in this cut, and just some products for creating texture accomplish the task. The model is wearing fringe on the front, but you can also get this cut without fringe, especially in the case of a round face. Thank you for allowing us to share with you our top hairstyles for fine, Thin Hair. We hope that you’ve come across at least one great hairstyle to try the next time before your stylist. If you have ideas to send us, we’d love to hear from you via the comment section below.

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