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23 Chin-Length Blunt Bob Hair Ideas For Women To Consider in 2024

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A chin-length blunt cut is an angular haircut with straight, sharp ends. Hairstylist Yasmin from Boca Raton, FL, explains who benefits most from this style. “I recommend this cut for women with fine, thin hair because it appears fuller. It’s also great for those with prominent cheekbones. However, for oval faces, it can make the face look larger,” she notes.

Women with thick hair should be cautious with shorter haircuts, as their hair can become fragile when cut sharply in a single length. Dry-cutting is preferable for an angular bob. “Dry hair reveals its natural fall, making it easier to cut,” Yasmin explains. “Wet hair shrinks when it dries, revealing unexpected cowlicks.”

Before committing to this style, consider the maintenance. “To keep a chin-length bob looking its best, visit the salon every six months,” Yasmin suggests. Enjoy this gallery of fashionable chin-length blunt bob styles!

#1: Grey Blunt Bob for Older Women

It’s a beautiful option for an older woman. A blunt bob really shines on hair that is grey. One of the most effective cuts for fine hair is the blunt cut makes your hair appear more dense and larger. Furthermore, this cut is easy to cut. If you’re able, to see your stylist approximately every 8 weeks to get trimming.

Grey Chin-Length Blunt Bob for Older Women

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#2: Short Blunt Cut for Straight Hair

If you’re looking for an elegant style it is recommended to think about a blunt cut that is short to straighten your hair. A chin-length haircut is trendy however, it is also professional. If you want to be considered more serious, this is a great haircut. Hairstyles with a blunt cut are simple to maintain, but keep in mind that you should get your hairdresser to cut your form with the part at the right place. Since there aren’t layers you shouldn’t have any excess hair.

Short Blunt Cut for Straight Hair at Chin-Length

#3: Beachy Bob for Women Over 40

For women over 40, try an easy, beachy bob for its comfort and elegance. A chin-length hairstyle takes a little minutes to get dry, and it is a good alternative for all facial forms. After a quick blow-dry and curls, you can add them with a the wand and wrap your hair around beginning around mid-shaft. Do not worry about the ends as this will create an adorable beachy look.

Chin-Length Beachy Blunt Bob for Women Over 40

#4: Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Bob hairstyles have a lot of versatility and can be used for any hair type. For a style of a bob that is tousled curls, curls and a texture spray is your go-to. Your stylist may make use of a razor at the ends to give some texture to the wispy style.

Chin-Length Blunt Wavy Bob

#5: Blunt Angled Bob Cut

A blunt, angled cut bob is a haircut for everyone. Short bobs are an extremely popular hairstyle, but angling your hair can add a fresh appearance to the haircut as well as makes you look more attractive. If you’ve not tried shorter cuts, then a sharp cut that is angled is a good way to begin. It’s simple to style and will grow out elegantly when you decide to make your hair out long.

Blunt Angled Bob Cut at Chin-Length

#6 The Side Part Bob and Blunt Finals

Side part bobs with blunt edges are a fantastic option for women who have thin hair. The blunt ends of a chin-length cut can make it appear as if you have hair that is thicker while looking elegant and full.

Side Part Bob with Blunt Ends at Chin-Length

#7: Side Fringe on Short Symmetrical Hair

A short symmetrical bob featuring a side-fringe provides an amazing mix in texture and shape. A chin-length blunt hairstyle with side-swept bangs isn’t layered that draw the attention to your jawline however, the bangs will cover your eyes with a gentle frame.

Side Fringe on Short Symmetrical Chin-Length Hair

#8: Asymmetrical Blunt Cut for Black Girls

Asymmetrical blunt cuts are very flattering for black women. Short hairstyles on natural texture will require flat ironing as well as Aveda Heat Relief spray will keep the hair looking smooth and without damage from heat.

Chin-Length Asymmetrical Blunt Cut for Black Girls

#9: Short-Length, Messy Bob with Bangs

Bangs on a bob with a short length can be a great way to enhance your hairstyle. A chin-length bob that is blunt can be styled in a variety of ways. For a messy appearance you want, try curling the top layer of your bob using the help of a large curling iron.

Short-Length Messy Blunt Bob with Bangs

#10 Chin-Length Curly Bob with Short Bangs

Chin-length curly hairstyles that are paired with short bangs may bring fresh life to curls that are naturally curly. Ladies who feel that their curls are getting weighed down, should consider the chin-length blunt bob that has fringe. This haircut can help ease the burden of hair and bring the gorgeous curls back and will give you a new, fun haircut.

Chin-Length Curly Blunt Bob with Short Bangs

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