10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Tired of struggling to dry and style your thick hair? Why not stop fighting and go for a chic, elegant, slim or glamorous short haircut in one of these amazing hair designs. Thick hair looks great in short hairstyles as its natural volume means it will never go flat. And you have so many new styles to choose from this year. A chic short bob, long or short pixie cut with bangs, or a cute layered haircut with tousled hair will help control unruly thick hair and really add style to your beautiful look! So take a look at our latest gallery of hot hairstyles for thick hair and get your makeover soon!

1. Canary yellow & orange color on messy short haircut – hairstyles for thick hair

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Cute and playful, this canary yellow haircut with orange roots is an eye-catching, fantasy hair color and haircut that just exudes a happy vibe. The stylist has created a super-casual updo with ripped layers that look shaggy and effortless. In particular, slicked-forward bangs create a thick, deep streak and uneven eye rims. With the hair tucked behind one ear, you can see the orange roots on the side. And the unruly ends at the roots are tousled to balance out the unruly bangs!

2. Makeover to beige-blonde pixie cut – hairstyles for thick hair

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing Colors Credit

This cute short haircut is easy to wash, dry and style for a quick start to the day. And although it is a short haircut, the effect is soft and pleasant to the face. And it’s because of the long, defined strands that create the perfect fringe that glides over the brows. The textured sides have multiple layers that accentuate the eyes and cheekbones and cover the ears. This asymmetrical pixie cut in a stunning warm beige-blonde shade will stay in style all day long and is perfect for a round or heart shaped face.

3. Glamorous short bob hairstyles for thick hair

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing ColorsCredit

Curved, wide bangs always look glamorous as they add a super-cool casual style to your overall look. And this style has a strong shape with a short layered back and a cute pointy line at the back of the head. The asymmetry comes from the blurry side part, one side is neatly tucked behind the ear to show a nice rounded profile at the back. And the strong form is softened by thin side strands, lush bangs and magnificent light highlights.

4. Choppy chin-length inverted bob with baby-blue balayage – hairstyles for thick hair

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing Colors Credit

This beautiful blond inverted bob dangles just below chin length and has a center section to suit an oval face. This length suits many face shapes, while the textured, jagged ends create an ultra-modern vibe. But when you add a stunning 4 color hair design, it turns into a really eye-catching high fashion look! Dark blond/taupe roots fade into golden beige and cool, oatmeal blonde blends warm and cool tones. And thin blue icing on the bottom of the hair is the perfect way to accentuate blue eyes!

5. Authentic 60’s pixie-cut in beige baby-blonde

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing ColorsCredit

Here is a simple short haircut for medium to thick hair. The 60s haircut was thought out to the smallest detail with a soft pink-beige blond shade. A gooseneck back creates a curve that hugs the back of the head. And this is balanced by short, combed forward bangs that emphasize the eyes. Beautifully defined dots on the sides complete the hairstyle that frames the eyes. And this style is a great way to get texture and volume on straight hair.

6. Micro-fringe brunette short hairstyle

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing ColorsCredit

This beautiful short pixie cut is designed for shaping and conditioning thick hair, making it easy to wash, dry and style quickly. A wide line running from side to side across the forehead makes for an incredible fashion statement and accentuates rounded brows and beautiful brown eyes. It’s not too harsh around the ears, as the hair is styled to show only the lobes and your choice of trendy earrings. Combing your hair forward from the crown will add extra volume, texture and movement to straight hair.

7. Edgy short beige-blonde bob with nape detail

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing ColorsCredit

When you have the back of your head shaved or shaved, it’s hard to prevent it from showing your natural hair color and keeping it round is shaped in defined, ‘chrysanthemum petals’ creating a lovely round volume and texture. And the long, asymmetric fringe adds glamor and a flirty, peek-a-boo image!

8. Tousled brunette pixie with soft orange-blonde highlights

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing Colors Credit

Thick, curly hair can be very wayward and hard to control when it’s long, but it looks fabulous in a short, cropped style. This layered look can be styled with your fingers and will stay looking cute and trendy all day. The special features are the soft, wispy strands in the fringe and sides, brought forward to frame the eyes and cheekbones. And the straight-across line at the nape, which continues up and around the ears for that cheeky, elfin vibe! Just add trendy, light-copper-blonde highlights to add extra texture and movement!

9. Precision-cut short asymmetrical haircut in golden-blonde

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing Colors Credit

These four images show what a beautifully varied short hairstyle this is! The two sides are asymmetrical, making this a great look for a round or heart-shaped face. The shorter side features a blunt point and there’s a line of ‘undercut’ hair moving around the back to the other profile. The blurred side-part has a long, side-swept fringe covering half of the forehead. And the stylist has arranged the crown into defined, chrysanthemum petals radiating out in soft, golden blonde over darker roots!

10. Stunning curved contour lines on tousled pixie style

10 Hairstyles for Thick Hair - New Cuts & Amazing ColorsCredit

And the final finishing touch to today’s gallery of short hairstyles for thick hair is this lovely contrast style. The photographer chose to shoot this haircut in black-and-white to bring out the dark/light hair color and the straight/curly creative contrasts. And another fabulous feature of this cut is the trend-setting curved line arcing up from a precision-cut single point at the nape. This is a 3-point haircut with its roots in the 1960’s, but brought beautifully up to date with the inspired curved line and a dainty, tousled and highlighted top!



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