10 Hi-Fashion Short Haircut for Thick Hair Ideas & Color Options

This gallery of trendy short haircuts for thick hair is filled with fresh and creative inspiration. There are new style tips and lots of hot details you can copy to make you modern! And that includes the two main root trends – soft copper and its close companion, reddish brown. We have many options for honey, caramel and beige balayage, as well as shades of gray and ash blonde. It’s fun to watch rainbow colors, popular for summer fun, turn into very chic, faded hues. The muted coral pinks are great for adding warmth to beige balayage and look great with faded pink jeans and jackets! And if you like whimsical yet classy, ​​check out the gorgeous indigo and ash blue bob below. Everything is here – from natural brunettes to fabulous futuristic grays, beiges and ashy “power images”!

Cute copper roots on faded pink bob – short haircut for thick hair idea

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Because of this “magic” property, it never completely goes out of style. However, there is no doubt that this whimsical pale pink version comes from the latest cuts and colors of the new season. It’s a combination of colors and the first hairstyle we’ve seen with modern copper roots, so this is a really new short hair idea! The rest of her hair is expertly bleached in about four more colors: coral, shell pink, beige, and light orange. This colorist applied different shades of color, all within the same tone of each other. And here’s how to get a very textured look, but without the “streaks” appearing!

Hi-fashion indigo-blue textured short haircut for thick hair

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Love the gorgeously rich indigo base on this quirky short haircut for thick hair! It’s a trendy color that’s trending right now in trendy clothes, linens, kitchen utensils and crockery at my local mall! Thus, this hair color is in line with a very strong color trend. As with many of the new short cuts, there is a balayage pattern from darker roots to a few inches of ash-blonde down the middle along certain sections. This gives the impression of tons of reflected light and three-dimensional color depth in front of a steel blue blonde in the last inches. Add some half-waves and textured ends for a short haircut full of movement!

Vertical highlights in honey-beige & caramel on short haircut for thick hair

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Popular this season, the oblique bob haircut has moved back from last year’s “mandatory” styling. The line is now longer, with long layers on the back forming a strong line at the back of the head. The layers are long with a slight concavity at the bottom for a couple of inches. This haircut with dark roots and an Ombre made of three vertical strands looks beautiful, but at first glance it is rather corny. Look again ladies! This short bob has scattered layers dyed ash brown all over the bottom line for a very modern look!

Casual chic copper-brown roots & blonde Ombre – short haircut for thick hair

Women Short Haircut for Thick Hair, Short Hairstyle TrendsCredit

This effortless look showcases a modern, angular bob that really does look effortlessly chic! Why? The trick is to find a highly skilled colorist who can match the perfect hair colors to your skin tone. Color matching plays an incredibly important role in creating an attractive look, so it’s worth paying for the services of the most experienced colorist. Once you know which colors suit you, make a note so you can go to a cheaper salon for a touch-up – if your wallet prefers! This extreme slanted bob has warm brown roots with warm neutral blonde balayage Ombre over muted copper beige layers underneath. Copper roots are a stunning new trend that suits pale skin with warm undertones and honey or hazel eyes!

Cool beige & ash-blonde with gray & black roots

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Here’s a shorter angled bob that’s also a casually trendy style for thick hair, but here we switched from warm to cool colors. As for the cold, ash-blond colors, they only complement the skin with a cold tint and green-blue eyes. But if you have brown eyes and warm undertones, you can get an almost ash blonde with a cool beige blonde as above. The main impression is a fashionably faded blend of approx. three beige-blond shades of balayage with a hint of ash toner. The highlights are within one or two tones of each other so the hair doesn’t look “striped”. And with the ear-baring hairstyle, it’s definitely a look for the new season!

Gorgeous gold, russet & beige short haircut for round face

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This attractive short haircut for thick hair seems to have a strong beam of light focused on the side, but is there really? No, this is a great example of the optical illusions that clever colorists are adding to the latest short haircuts! Basically, there are dark roots and dark tips, with a band of bright-blonde between, creating the lovely, light-reflecting look. And there’s a sprinkle of gorgeous, golden-beige highlights in the top layers, too! This well-shaped short haircut is thinned and layered to keep thick hair under control with the minimum of styling time. With an intricate beige and brown color-design accentuating the fab shape and texture, you don’t need any waves!

Loose wavy texture on long angled bob for brunette hair

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For those who prefer their own natural color, here’s an attractive long bob haircut that’s cut and styled with the latest twists. It’s suitable for all straight hair types, including fine hair, as you don’t need any natural volume to get the look. There’s an extra long, side-swept fringe draped over one side of the face from a side parting. And the latest half-waves and half-pin-curls are arranged the create texture and movement, over smooth layers below. The profile shows this season’s signature styling twist of an uncovered ear, with a thick strand pulled down in front. It’s an easy-care style with a youthful vibe that combines fashion-flair with a natural beauty look!

Spiffy angled blonde bob for thick hair with low-lights

Women Short Haircut for Thick Hair, Short Hairstyle TrendsCredit

This ‘vintage’ haircut is actually from the 1960’s, but there’s something about the shape of all angled-bob haircuts that always looks ultra-modern! This season’s new twist on the popular short bob haircut is the move away from closely stacked back layering. The short, shaved nape has a given way to a softer bottom line, which in this hairstyle has textured tips and a feminine vibe. The blonde top layers have finely low-lighted tips accentuating the curved ends that decorate the surface.

Power-look – gray ash-blonde pixie cut with textured detail

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Here’s another exciting new color design in ash-blonde, over silver-gray, with dark roots and ash-brown low-lighting – with beige balayage, too! It’s one of the radical, new color combos that instantly create a trendy, unconventional fashion style. This asymmetrical short bob projects a very independent image and radiates self-confidence. Why? Well, this style says the wearer doesn’t follow conventional rules, which means you can never be sure what she’s going to do next! It’s great for creating an image of ‘power’ at work. The side-swept fringe and long side point frame and flatter the eyes, nose and lips. And the highly original colors and half-pin-curl texture mark out a very modern thinker!

Super-cute V-back on blonde pixie with russet roots

Women Short Haircut for Thick Hair, Short Hairstyle TrendsCredit

Isn’t this the cutest pixie haircut and color you’ve ever seen? We think it’s an adorable twist on the short haircuts for thick hair this season! So if you’re still hanging on to your brown roots, maybe this will persuade you to update to a more contemporary color. Thick hair in sliced ​​layers radiates from an asymmetrical point to one side of the natural crown. And the long V-shape with a little ‘tail’ set symmetrically on the nape is also a great new detail to add to your pixie haircut. But the hottest touch comes from muted coral roots on top, and russet tips at the bottom on that beautifully graduated nape!



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