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Refreshing Long Bob Hairstyles for 2023

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This 3-day guide to style is made for those with messy long bob hairstyles who are looking for different ways to cut their hair as a part of their daily routine. If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to groom your hairevery day, then you may prefer to cut down on the time of washing it each day. It’s better for hair over the long term. This style is best suited to longer hair with many frizzy layers, is slightly shorter at the back, and has an undercut.

Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyles

These easy long hairstyles offer three styles to choose from which will save you time and energy with your hair.

It’s best to use hairstyles that are suitable for long hair, and you may even create minor changes as you become more adept. Look over this easy 3-day style guide to long bob hairstyles!

Day 1: Tousled and Carefree

Tousled and Carefree Long Bob

Start your 3-day fashion journey with clean straightened, dry hair. For those who have Wavy or curly hair may prefer to blow dry or apply a flat iron before getting started.

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  1. Use a tiny amount of volume-enhancing mousse to fine hair, or an oil for shine on curly hair, to manage your hair and prevent frizz.
  2. With a 1 1/2-inch curling iron, make loose rings. Don’t curl the roots as well as the edges of your hair. Instead, focus on the middle of your strand. The curls should be curled in 1 inch sections, alternating the direction of curls. Don’t clamp at the end. It is better using a wand to put your hair on the wand then secure the ends with your fingers.
  3. After the hair has curled and cools down then add more dry shampoo, or texturizing spray to apply a spray to your hair while at the ends, avoiding the tips.
  4. Shake the curls out Massage your roots, then make your curls scrunchy so that they appear smooth and clean.
  5. Apply a small amount of style cream onto your palms. Then, use your fingers to comb your hair for that desired look! Spray your hair with an anti-humidity or medium hold finishing spray , and you’re done!

Day 2: Sexy 90’s Swoop

Day 2: Sexy 90’s Swoop

If you wake up the next day with hair frizzy, you can mist it with water , then blow dry it to smooth it out.

  1. Spray small areas of your hair using a dry texturizing spray to create the fullness.
  2. Make a deep side part.
  3. On the side that is parted make a 2 inch section into a small, tight braid.
  4. Make sure you comb the hair’s ends using an incredibly fine-tooth comb. Secure using hair tie.
  5. The braid should be secured by using bobby pins to create an “X” shape on the top of the braid.

Day 3: Funky, Twisted Knots

Twisted Knot for Long Bob

After 3 days your hair may appear a bit oily or dirty however, that’s fine. A little dirty hair is easily transformed into adorable mini-buns that are perfect for any work occasion or weekend vacation.

  1. Make sure you brush your hair using boar or nylon brushes to distribute evenly the oils and other hair products in your hair.
  2. Make use of your fingers to eliminate any knots.
  3. Apply dry hair as well as dry texture spray for more volume.
  4. Separate your hair into two forward and two back sections. They do not require to be perfect.
  5. Beginning in the back, pull the first part into a small bun that is above the neck’s nape (about 2 inches). Use bobby pins to secure the bun.
  6. Make a second mini-bun by placing the second hair section just next on the bun that was made earlier.
  7. On the back, you can turn one piece backwards until it’s somewhere between the buns that are first and second and secure it using bobby pins as move.
  8. You can twist your hair in a ponytail and pin as you move.
  9. Repeat the glance on the opposite side.
  10. Make sure you pull out a few layers to create sexy locks to frame your face.

The bun doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s meant to be a little casual, but elegant style!

Enjoy This 3 Day Style Guide for long bob hairstyles. You can play around and make your own styles! Get wild and rock your locks!

Wavy Lob Hairstyles for Your Inspiration

Wavy Lob Hairstyles for Your Inspiration picture1

Wavy Lob Hairstyles for Your Inspiration picture2

Lob Hairstyles for Your Inspiration picture 3

How can you add some movement or body into your bang? Apart from experimenting with the color, try moving it.

Second Day Hair

Fabulous Long Bob Hairstyles picture 1

Second Day Hair picture2

Fabulous Long Bob Hairstyles picture 3

The slight messiness in the second day hairstyles conceals the fact hair was washed the day prior to. It appears like it was deliberately done.

Straight Lob Hairstyles

Straight Lob Hairstyles picture1

Straight Lob Hairstyles picture2

Straight Lob Hairstyles picture3

A sleek and straight hairstyle can complement the appearance of a woman with a very active life style.

Braided Long Bob Hairstyles

Braided Long Bob Hairstyles picture1

Braided Long Bob Hairstyles picture2

Braided Long Bob Hairstyles picture3

Ideal for second day braids are cute accents to your bob that is longer, adding your hair a romantic appearance.

Half Up Lob Hairstyles

Half Up Lob Hairstyles picture1

Half Up Lob Hairstyles picture2

Half Up Lob Hairstyles picture3

The length of the long bob allows for a wide range of hairstyle options for a half-up or half-up hairstyle. You can wiggle loose hair around slightly in order to create a relaxed appearance.

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