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New: 27 Flattering Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair Color Ideas Right Now

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An ombre of blonde to brown is a hair shade that begins with brown at the root and slowly turns blonde as it grows to the tip of hair. This is a coloring technique that can help you improve the game of your hair. Guaranteed! Courtney Alexander, a Missouri-based professional colorist, offers her clients these dimensional highlights. She advises, “Consider if you already have hair colored, your hair’s condition and what shade of blonde you’d like at the ends. Tones of platinum and ashy with a lack of warmth are trendy at the moment.” Your biggest nightmare is having an ombre that’s not seamless! Courtney suggests to “be aware of the shades of brown and blonde you’d like. Be sure that they’re achievable within the timeframe you’d like and within your budget.” Another thing to discuss is your personal history. According to her “It’s important for your stylist to figure out the best method to accomplish your desired result.” Prior to your next appointment for hair coloring make sure to check these cool images of blonde to brown hair colors!

Lived-In Bronde Ombre

#1: Lived-In Bronde Ombre

Get a chic girly vibe with a natural blonde Ombre. Ombre is among the most effective blonding methods to give your hair some color , yet it’s surprisingly low-maintenance. Be sure to get frequent trimmings to avoid dead ends and try not to use excessive heat to maintain your hair’s health.

Dimensional Mid-Length Brown to Blonde Ombre

#2: Dimensional Mid-Length Brown to Blonde

Consider a mid-length brown blonde shade to cut down on time and cost. If you choose this low-maintenance shade it will develop easily and allow you to stay longer between visits to the salon. To keep this vibrant color, you’ll need to go to the salon at least two or three times throughout the year. Hair that is longer or of a mid-length works best for this technique of color.

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Brunette to Pale Blonde Ombre

#3: Brunette to Pale Blonde

A brunette-to-blonde Ombre is a striking choice for women who want to have an attractive hair colors. The brunette hair roots offer durability and the pop of light blonde gives an amazing contrast against the dark.

Warm Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

#4: Warm Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

The method used is called an ombre balayage because the ends are tamed. Colorist Alyssa Berg from Sacramento, CA explains, “We balanced her locks and cut her hair to give her a great haircut that shed a lot of weight. If you’re going blonde, take into consideration cutting off some inches. Hair that is healthy and beautiful!” Berg also points out, “If you’re thinking of becoming blonde, you’ll require hair products like shampoos with purple or oily ingredients and repairing shampoos, masques hair lotions, etc. This is definitely a commitment!”

Caramel Brown to Blonde Ombre with Bangs

5: Caramel Brown from Blonde Ombre with Bangs

An ombre that ranges from caramel to blonde that has bangs is an imaginative and fun hairstyles that resemble ombres. Ombres are simple to keep when your hair gets longer and look stunning when paired with waves from the beach. The full fringe, in turn it adds a youthful look to the cut.

Brown to Blonde Reverse Ombre Hairstyle

#6: Brown to Blonde Reverse Ombre

A reverse ombre can be a hair that is low maintenance color that lets you be both blonde and brunette simultaneously. Discuss with your hair stylist about experimenting with a teasy or balayage method with a striking face-framing piece that will give you an attractive pop of blonde all over your face. To add some texture, apply the flat iron on the blonde to brown ombre hairstyle to create loose messy curls.

Auburn Brown Ombre with Blonde Ends

7: Auburn Brown Ombre with Blonde Ends

Think about an auburn brown ombre with blonde ends if you’re looking for an energizing sun-kissed look. Maintain your natural hair by blending your hair with an ombre. A warm brunette brunette base and blonde ends will emit an ethereal vibe to your hair.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre for Brunette Hair

#8: Strawberry Blonde Ombre for Brunette Hair

Think about an ombre strawberry blonde for brunette hair, if you are tired of your brunette. Keep your hair’s color low-maintenance by wearing a deep and warm brunette with the strawberry-colored balayage with copper tones. Highlight the gorgeous hues with a few waves to give your hair a polished, luxurious look.

Straight Golden Brown to Blonde Ombre

#9: Straight Golden Brown to Blonde Ombre

Think about the straight golden brown-to blonde ombre shade as the best method to achieve stylish, low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s great and will look more polished and sleek on fine, long hair. To give your hair a more polished look you can apply a shine spray on your hair.

Wavy Copper Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre

#10: Wavy Copper Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre

With the wavy copper brown and the golden blonde of ombre hair, this style is the kind of color that melts, but will also win the hearts of all who is able to see it. The delicate edge is the reason that you’ll forever fall in love by this long-length, ombre style.

Curly Brown to Blonde Ombre hairstyle

#11: Curly Brown to Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

You can show off your natural kinks sporting this curly brown to blonde blonde ombre. The lighter shade pops out more, due to the volume of your curls as well as the thickness of the roots.

Mahogany Brown to Platinum Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

#12: Mahogany Brown to Platinum Blonde Ombre

With a sophisticated dark brown to platinum blonde shade incorporated into your hair, you’ll never get it wrong. The subtle waves and the dimension of this hairstyle look great together. If you’re looking for an elegant shade of ash blonde to your brunette hair, request your stylist for this color!

Red Brown to Blonde Ombre

#13: Red Brown to Blonde Ombre

It’s impossible to go wrong with a color melting on your long, wavy locks. Make your brown blonde hairstyle with an ombre of red-brown and blonde. Try beach waves to enhance the dimension created by Balyage.

Mocha Brown to Subtle Blonde Ombre Bob Hairstyle

#14: Mocha Brown to Subtle Blonde Ombre Bob

Are you begging for a melting hair color that will soften the locks and compliment your olive skin tone? This is an shoulder-length mocha brown blonde ombre bob with side bangs. It is perfect for hair with fine texture.

Honey Brown Roots to Blonde Ombre Style

#15: Honey Brown Roots to Blonde Ombre

Pick a honey-bronde hair color to match the chic and flirty look you’re looking for. Make your hair look more vibrant by adding this honey brown root to blonde ombre, and then add curls on the ends.

Brown to White Blonde Ombre Style

#16: Brown to White Blonde Ombre

Some women don’t enjoy curly and waves It’s perfectly okay because an ombre will still be stunning for straight hair! If the hair you’re wearing is straight, and are a medium or long-haired woman then this is the perfect brown to white blonde ombre you need. This shade is sure will give your hair that trendy look, and also compliments fair skin tones.

Brown to Ash Blonde Ombre

#17: Brown to Ash Blonde Ombre

A brown-to-ash blonde ombre will bring fresh life into dull locks. Beach waves will give more dimension on the hair that is layered and v-cut as well.

Black Brown to Blonde Ombre Style

#18: Black Brown to Blonde Ombre

Who wouldn’t be enthralled by the gradual blend of this brown-black hair color? This is certainly a fashionable method of enhancing the natural hair shade. Hair waves can bring sparkle and movement to your hair’s long locks.

Ash Brown to Blonde Balayage Ombre Hairstyle

#19: Ash Brown to Blonde Balayage Ombre

An ash brown-to-blonde balayage ombre with beach waves create a stylish look. The hairstylist Danielle Cooley from Canada painted the blonde streaks to create an organic-looking edge. She employed “teasylights along with foilayage create this gorgeous smooth blonde.”

Medium Chestnut Brown to Blonde Ombre

#20: Medium Chestnut Brown to Blonde Ombre

Choose medium chestnut brown or blonde ombre that features highlights of balayage. This stunning shade, it’s essential to style your hair in delicate waves.

Short Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

#21: Short Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

This short dark blonde to brown ombre is characterized by an incredible melting effect of color. Andit looks gorgeous on fine hair! This fashion style gives an edgy root, letting the natural hair grow without the constant need for dyeing. Make sure to style your neck with waves, because there is nothing better than a stylish hairstyle with a wavy look. Hair stylist Terri Nadin from Cardiff, UK calls this an ombre that is traditional and sun-kissed with a smooth transition from darker roots to biscuit blonde before transforming into more luminous ends. It’s cut into a sharp one-length bob that is hairstyled with beach waves that are textured. It’s versatile and can be worn by almost everyone! The soft color of this hair cut short is ideal for women struggling to find a salon regularly for regular color treatments. If you’re dark and would like to lighten your hair without the need to maintain conventional highlights, maintain the natural roots as well. The color should spread out beautifully.

Light Brown to Blonde Ombre with Face-Framing Highlights

#22 Light Brown to Blonde Ombre with Highlights of Face-Framing

The loose beach waves complement this long, light brown to blonde ombre, with highlights that frame the face. Accents that are lighter create a sleek balance. “I am in love with how the pops of blonde showcase the hair’s texture beautifully and the frame of blonde around her face brings the entire look together,” says Hannah Moore, a balayage specialist who hails from Statesville, NC. This style lets any woman to be happy with her hair and develop her style without the hassle and anxiety of having to go to get her hair changed each 6-8 weeks!

Cocoa Brown to Medium Blonde Ombre

#23: Cocoa Brown to Medium Blonde Ombre

This is a natural, creamy blonde ombre of brown hair styled by hair stylist Marion Castang of Vancouver, BC. “I find it healthy and shiny. I also love that the bronde ombre hair style looks very organic,” Castang points out. This style is ideal designed for women who do not want excessive maintenance hairstyles. In the home, a conditioner and shampoo that is moisturizing is recommended to keep your hair smooth and healthy. Castang says, “From time to time you should use a purple shampoo to maintain the color of blonde. It is possible to do this with any kind of hair (thin or long, thick and shorter).”

Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre

#24: Chocolate Brown to Blonde Ombre

This is a striking melting chocolate ombre that features blonde strands of hair on a wavy and layered hairstylethat was created by stylist from Massachusetts Jurein Torres. “This is a very dimensional hair color that morphs from warm and light brown root to vivid, blonde ends. The hairstyle was created using an iron for curling and bristles that were brushed to create an edgier, more wavy style,” she describes. Torres clarifies, “It can be retouched every six months to those who don’t want to be bothered with having roots appearing every four to six weeks. I also suggest this color for women who do not want to get rid of their blonde hair, but would like to experiment with a new color in their hair, such as experimenting with deep browns that are rich and deep.”

Brown to Dirty Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

#25: Brown to Dirty Blonde Ombre

The brown-to-dark blonde color was made by the balayage creator Katie Carroll of Milford, CT. The thing that Carroll typically explains to brunettes wanting to change their hair color is the way to go about it and how long required to achieve the appearance. It took Carroll around 3-4 sessions to get the desired brightness , considering how dark the natural locks are.

Medium Brown to Blonde Ombre

#26: Medium Brown to Blonde Ombre

The ombre is created using the technique known as balayage. It is freehand hair coloring which gives a natural, blended style with no visible lines. The stylist Kamo Kameran from Malmo, SE loves doing this style. He says “Playing in color is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job, and it’s followed by cutting hair, because it adds life to hair. The final thing to do is style that is done after cutting so that it will show the cut in a clear way.” The greatest aspect of this method (balayage) is the fact that it is done without ammonia. Therefore, it’s less harmful than any other color-related process. But, as Kameran points out, “We have to be transparent and inform women that it’s a suitable fit for the shape of their face and their personality because hair is the largest element of you.”

Brown to Light Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

#27: Brown to Light Blonde Ombre

This ombre is an elegant blend of hair on the top. The hairstyle is soft and layered and face-framing to show off gorgeous features. The loose curls provide the perfect finishing touch to the look. The entire hairstyle is from Lily Nguyen, a stylist who hails from Canada. If you ask her for advice Nguyen responds, “Know that going to an ashy blonde or dark brown doesn’t mean that all hair types are alike. Certain hair types might require more than one treatment to achieve this style. A suggestion for women is to be sure you have purple shampoo included in your hair routine!”

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