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27 Stunning Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair Color Ideas

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An ombre of blonde to brown is a hair shade that begins with brown at the root and slowly turns blonde as it grows to the tip of hair. This is a coloring technique that can help you improve the game of your hair. Guaranteed! Courtney Alexander, a Missouri-based professional colorist, offers her clients these dimensional highlights. She advises, “Consider if you already have hair colored, your hair’s condition and what shade of blonde you’d like at the ends. Tones of platinum and ashy with a lack of warmth are trendy at the moment.” Your biggest nightmare is having an ombre that’s not seamless! Courtney suggests to “be aware of the shades of brown and blonde you’d like. Be sure that they’re achievable within the timeframe you’d like and within your budget.” Another thing to discuss is your personal history. According to her “It’s important for your stylist to figure out the best method to accomplish your desired result.” Prior to your next appointment for hair coloring make sure to check these cool images of blonde to brown hair colors!

Lived-In Bronde Ombre

#1: Lived-In Bronde Ombre

Get a chic girly vibe with a natural blonde Ombre. Ombre is among the most effective blonding methods to give your hair some color , yet it’s surprisingly low-maintenance. Be sure to get frequent trimmings to avoid dead ends and try not to use excessive heat to maintain your hair’s health.

Dimensional Mid-Length Brown to Blonde Ombre

#2: Dimensional Mid-Length Brown to Blonde

Consider a mid-length brown blonde shade to cut down on time and cost. If you choose this low-maintenance shade it will develop easily and allow you to stay longer between visits to the salon. To keep this vibrant color, you’ll need to go to the salon at least two or three times throughout the year. Hair that is longer or of a mid-length works best for this technique of color.

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Brunette to Pale Blonde Ombre

#3: Brunette to Pale Blonde

A brunette-to-blonde Ombre is a striking choice for women who want to have an attractive hair colors. The brunette hair roots offer durability and the pop of light blonde gives an amazing contrast against the dark.

Warm Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

#4: Warm Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

The method used is called an ombre balayage because the ends are tamed. Colorist Alyssa Berg from Sacramento, CA explains, “We balanced her locks and cut her hair to give her a great haircut that shed a lot of weight. If you’re going blonde, take into consideration cutting off some inches. Hair that is healthy and beautiful!” Berg also points out, “If you’re thinking of becoming blonde, you’ll require hair products like shampoos with purple or oily ingredients and repairing shampoos, masques hair lotions, etc. This is definitely a commitment!”

Caramel Brown to Blonde Ombre with Bangs

5: Caramel Brown from Blonde Ombre with Bangs

An ombre that ranges from caramel to blonde that has bangs is an imaginative and fun hairstyles that resemble ombres. Ombres are simple to keep when your hair gets longer and look stunning when paired with waves from the beach. The full fringe, in turn it adds a youthful look to the cut.

Brown to Blonde Reverse Ombre Hairstyle

#6: Brown to Blonde Reverse Ombre

A reverse ombre can be a hair that is low maintenance color that lets you be both blonde and brunette simultaneously. Discuss with your hair stylist about experimenting with a teasy or balayage method with a striking face-framing piece that will give you an attractive pop of blonde all over your face. To add some texture, apply the flat iron on the blonde to brown ombre hairstyle to create loose messy curls.

Auburn Brown Ombre with Blonde Ends

7: Auburn Brown Ombre with Blonde Ends

Think about an auburn brown ombre with blonde ends if you’re looking for an energizing sun-kissed look. Maintain your natural hair by blending your hair with an ombre. A warm brunette brunette base and blonde ends will emit an ethereal vibe to your hair.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre for Brunette Hair

#8: Strawberry Blonde Ombre for Brunette Hair

Think about an ombre strawberry blonde for brunette hair, if you are tired of your brunette. Keep your hair’s color low-maintenance by wearing a deep and warm brunette with the strawberry-colored balayage with copper tones. Highlight the gorgeous hues with a few waves to give your hair a polished, luxurious look.

Straight Golden Brown to Blonde Ombre

#9: Straight Golden Brown to Blonde Ombre

Think about the straight golden brown-to blonde ombre shade as the best method to achieve stylish, low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s great and will look more polished and sleek on fine, long hair. To give your hair a more polished look you can apply a shine spray on your hair.

Wavy Copper Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre

#10: Wavy Copper Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre

With the wavy copper brown and the golden blonde of ombre hair, this style is the kind of color that melts, but will also win the hearts of all who is able to see it. The delicate edge is the reason that you’ll forever fall in love by this long-length, ombre style.

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