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25 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair in 2024

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With the day of your wedding getting closer, make the wedding planning simpler by scrolling through our selection of beautiful wedding hairstyles suitable for long hair. Then, choose those that grab your attention!

1. The Half-Up Braided Crown Hairstyle

What if you wanted to look as a queen at your wedding, but in addition, to show off your gorgeous hairstyle? Consider an up-and-down crown braid that blends both!

The Half-Up Braided Crown Hairstyle

2. Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Boho ladies will certainly appreciate this style. This look is easy to wear in a daily basis, but can be transformed and adapted to suit the wedding. To achieve it, create a loose half-up crown braid, and then tie additional braids that are thicker or thinner in the hair that remains free. You can choose to use only one or more braiding techniques.

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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3. The Knotted Low Bun Hairstyle

On the other hand, those who are most classically inclined will love this style. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to wear with long hair regardless of situation, since all you need to do is twist the hair to create your low bun.

Knotted Low Bun

4. The Classic Chignon Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

The chignon hairstyle is the most popular choice on lists of wedding or special occasion hairstyles that are suitable for all lengths of hair. Additionally, there are many methods you can create a chignon, so we suggest doing some research to make certain you’ve chosen the correct hairstyle!

The Classic Chignon Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

5. The Voluminous Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This extravagant updo is sure to be an eye-catcher and one of the most beautiful hairstyles you can try when you plan to wear veil. To achieve such a large hairstyle, you’ll need to apply and massage your hair. Also, you can use hair extensions that are temporary.

Voluminous Updo

6. The Elegant Braided Mohawk Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This photo shows what an unbraid mohawk could appear like, even if you opt not to cut any hair (so you’ll basically sporting a faux hawk). To create it you need weave and braid your hair at the front and working your way towards the nape of your neck.

Elegant Braided Mohawk

7. Romantic Crown Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This gorgeous wedding hairstyle can stand by itself but you might want to think about making a crown braid that is adorned with flowers to make the look more romantic, and perhaps even fairy-tale-like.

Romantic Crown Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

8. High and Messy Wedding Updos

Who said you shouldn’t dress in messy wedding hairstyles suitable for long hair? Absolutely not us, because we’re going to present you with a messy hairstyle that was pinned close to the hair’s crown. For a little more sophistication, you could also include embellishments like these pearl accents.

Messy Updo With Pearl Detail

9. Tucked In Bouffant Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bouffant hairstyles are gradually becoming popular and the most appealing feature is that they are quickly transformed into the perfect wedding hairstyle. Try a half-up hairstyle that you gather the hair that is on top of your head in the tucked-in fashion. Then, you can tease hair on the crown of your hair and curl the loose tresses to create loose waves Hilary Duff is wearing.

Bouffant Tucked In Hairstyle

10. The Side Swept Curls Style

Anna Kendrick is here with Anna Kendrick is here with an Old Hollywood glam look that can be easily recreated to make it your own for the big day. For this look, you’ll need hair curlers or curling wand to create looser or more tight hair waves. Secure them using hairspray, and then take a sweep of hair across one shoulder.

Side Swept Curls

11. Wavy Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

This is a great wedding hairstyle for those with wavy hair or women who prefer waves on straight hair. In accordance with the hair’s natural texture, this hairstyle is easy or takes more time to achieve. Make sure to add an extra side part to add some extra volume before you start.

Wavy Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

12. The Elegant Half-Up Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do you want to show off your hair’s waves but aren’t a fan of hair falling onto your face? Try a puffy half-up half-down hairstyle which sweeps across the head all frontal hair strands. You can leave two tendrils that frame your face, but take the rest of them and gather them. Bonus points: this haircut is great when paired using a veil.

Elegant Half Up Half Down

13. Knotted Braid Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Make sure you have time to do it as this hairstyle requires patience and time to create. To make it easier the knots are braided knotted and twisted ponytail created by making numerous twists in the hair, and then knots to create various types of pony.

Knotted Braid Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

14. The Half-Up Bun With Flower Pin

The messy half-up bun is another style which could be bridal style for brides who prefer the boho-inspired side. Apart from the stunning hair color it can be styled to a twist messy style, with the remaining hair falls over shoulders in soft waves. The contrast flower pin is an romantic accent to the style.

Half Up Bun With Flower Pin

15. The Retro Pinned Curls Updo

Retro hairstyles are returning to fashion styles since this haircut is a modern interpretation of the Rockabilly curls. They are designed for special occasions. Hair was styled using the soft side part which makes the perfect transition into the low bun style that is perfect for hair that is made completely from curls.

Pinned Curls Updo

16. Glamorous Low Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

You can choose the low ponytail or go for a chic low pony that appears to have to have all the hair on top of your head lies clean and straight, while the pony is styled with perfectly loosened and loose waves. For extra class, consider adding a delicate diadem-like headpiece.

Glamorous Low Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

17. Glam Ponytail With Beaded Details

Another method to freshen up your ponytail and make it stand outside the norm is to go for an unusual twist. Begin the twist at towards the crown and go to the bottom until you get to the tip. As you can see in the photo you could also make use of glamorous hair accessories like the bracelet of pearl-like beads. twist them along the length of your pony.

Glam Ponytail with Beaded Detail

18. The Sleek High Bun

The majority of the high buns included on any list of wedding hairstyles with longer hair (and not just) can be styled messy. But, you can opt for a more sleek style or even bring the bun closer to the middle of your head. Check out this hairstyle to ensure it is flattering on your face and enhances your looks.

Sleek High Bun

19. The Ballerina Bun Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the most elegant and elegant methods to make your hair look elegant – be you wearing it to prom or wedding or just everyday wear is to put it in the ballerina bun. It’s also simple to to make the perfect ballet bun, so you can try it by yourself.

Ballerina Bun

20. Royalty-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Make yourself look like the next person to be crowned with the crown of the royal family by adding a the crown, or even a tiara into you wedding hairstyle. We suggest an unruly or sleek style for those who want to make your headpiece truly shine.

Royalty-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

21. Twisted Crown Updo With Flowers

The twisted crowns that are a great option for long hair in this image have a romantic and fairy-like look in part due to the baby’s breath that is added to the hair and largely because of the hairstyle. Once you’ve mastered how to create a twisted crown you can style your hair looser and more tight way based on your personal preferences.

Twisted Updo With Flowers

22. The Wedding Dresses You Tucked In with Jewel Crown

This hairstyle is deceiving because it is a tuck-and-roll style is much easier to recreate than you would think. One method to achieve it is to wear a thin headband that you put in and over the entire hair. You can also follow the steps in the photo below and begin with a ponytail that is low. Then, divide it into the middle, and then begin with the tuck roll chignon, pulling all the hair back into it. If you want to make your hair look more sophisticated look, you could add a jewelled Tiara or any other headpiece that you like.

Tucked in Updo with Jewel Crown

23. Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair with flowers Crowns

The simple but beautiful hairstyle is the ideal look for a beach or spring wedding. In the end, you just must style your locks with looser or more tight waves , and then put on the flower crown. Based on the flowers you choose you can alter this fashion to suit the seasons.

Wedding on the Beach Hairstyle

24. The Curly Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with curly hair will especially appreciate this style because all they have to do is apply a mousse or similar items to shape their curls, and put them into an edgy ponytail. Wavy and straight-haired brides are able to achieve the style too, and every lady should think about including the gorgeous flower hair accessory!

Curly Ponytail

25. Winter Wreath Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

We have already explained an inch earlier the concept of a flower crown, it can be the perfect option to bring attention to the season during which you are celebrating your wedding. You can make them appear more festive by choosing hairpieces with a wreath. While the one shown in this photo is suitable to be used for weddings in winter, you could also make wreaths suitable for weddings in the fall, for instance.

Winter Wreath Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


After you’ve sifted through our collection of most beautiful and glamorous wedding hairstyles suitable for length hair, let us know if that you’ve discovered the style (or one or more) that will delight you! Leave a comment and let us know if are planning to wear one of these for your wedding day and congrats!

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