The 50 Most Eye-Catching Short Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Stand Out

Have you ever thought of channeling your inner Scarlett Johansson with Black Widow-inspired short bob haircuts? With the right cut, you can have that sexy vixen look you’ve been dreaming of. Who hasn’t wanted Audrey Tautou’s adorable look in Amelie? You don’t have to be French to pull off such a charming cut. Whether you’re going for sultry or cute, there is no doubt that short bob haircuts add something to your look and make you stand out.

The cut that never seems to go out of style; unless it’s a “mom bob cut,” we’re loving everything that can be done with short bob cuts. From sleek and sensual to curly and fun, there are as many bob cuts as there are hair types, but we think anyone and everyone can look just as fabulous as Audrey or Scarlet.

The 50 Top Styles

1) Easy-to-Style Choppy Bob Cut

If you have a bit of curl or wave to your hair, this choppy bob will look great on you. It makes it easy for you to leave it as is while still looking edgy. Slightly shorter in the back and just a bit past your chin in the front, it’s a low-maintenance bob that looks and feels good.

2) Sassy Yet Delightful Hairstyle For Women

With a drastic transition from short in the back and longer in the front, this hairstyle allows you to keep hair off of your neck while still framing your face perfectly. It’s edgy enough to keep you from looking basic yet delicate enough to keep you looking feminine. If you ask us, this cut offers the perfect balance.

3) Confusing But Cute Hairstyle For Girls

If you like the idea of bangs but want to keep your hair off your neck, this is the bob for you. Perfect for summer days and charming for colder climates, it’s the chic cut that allows you to be you, no matter the season or weather. Add a touch of pink-gold color and you’ll have the cutest style around.

4) The Forever Youthful Long Bob

It doesn’t matter how many years go by; the long bob will always be a trendy hairstyle. If you’re not ready to chop off your long locks to a short bob, the long bob will be a happy medium. It’s chic, trendy, and looks fabulous on almost anyone.

5) Wispy-as-a-Dandelion Easy Hairstyle

This feathered bob feels light and looks delicate, making it the perfect option for women with fine hair that is easily styled. Suitable for any occasion and as feminine as can be, it’s the chic look that feels lightweight and looks amazing.

6) Boss Lady For the Win

There’s no way you won’t look the part of a woman in charge when you get a sleek style like this one. This bob says that you know how to handle what comes your way while still caring about how you look. For the boss lady who wants a low-maintenance bob, this is the way to go.

7) Sleek and Sensual Hairstyle For Women

The way that this gradual bob hangs is just the right amount of sexy. It’s sleek and sensual without taking away from your sass—and every woman should keep her sass. It also keeps your hair away from your neck while still providing a face frame that will suit almost any face shape.

8) Playful, Unique, Pretty, and Eye-Catching Hair

You want to have fun with your bob and you want to have bangs because let’s face it, bangs are always fun. This bob is for when you want to get that perfect face frame while still being able to choose between straight or curly styling. It’s a pretty hairstyle that is fun to play around with.

9) The Delightfully Versatile Bob

This simple yet stylish bob is great for women who don’t want to go too drastic but who want to look trendy. The smooth transitions, the length, and the body allow you the freedom to style it the way you want, without you having to be married to one certain style every morning.

10) The Pixie: Cute and Easy Hairstyle

If you like the cute and chic look, you’ll love this option. With wispy strands that are fun to play with and the light bob in the back, it’s a bob that you can do a lot with. Long enough to keep out of the way yet short enough to be playful, it’s a winner for sure.

11) Rockin’ The Beach Waves Style

This cut is perfect for bringing out the beach waves after a day in the sun. You can wear it naturally allowing your own volume to do the work or do some styling to get a soft and wavy look. Long enough to allow you to wear it up when needed yet short enough to be playful and fun, it’s the ideal style for the active girl who always wants to look good.

12) The Classically Classy Bob Style

Simple and straightforward, this bob doesn’t require much fussing over for those who want to have a trendy look without having to put in too much effort. With an even cut and a few longer strands, it is an easy-to-maintain style for many types of hair textures.

13) Charmingly Daring and Beautiful Hair Idea

This look is simply mesmerizing; no matter how you look at it. From the sharp gradual layers to the color itself, we think that this is one of the most beautiful short bob haircuts out there. It takes a bold personality to pull this look off. It’s fun, chic, and edgy; what’s not to love?

14) Fairytales Come True With This Style

We could totally see a modern-day fairy rocking this delightful feathery bob that looks like you could fly away at any moment. Perfect for the lady who needs to add a bit more volume to her otherwise thinning hair, it’s a look that looks good on many women, no matter your hair texture.

15) The Light and Airy, Easy-Peasy Hair

Some of us girls like to keep it simple. A lightweight bob like this one allows you to stay busy with the things that really matter. It works perfectly on the girl with fine hair and can also look good on girls with volume. It’s trendy, it’s classic, and most of all, it’s chic.

16) Keeping Soccer Moms Looking Good

We love this look because it’s timeless and attractive. It can look good on almost any woman, no matter her age. With a smooth transition from short in the back too long in the front on both sides, it allows you to style it as you wish while keeping your face framed. Face-frame hairstyles are always helpful in keeping us looking youthful.

17) Keeping It Cool and Pretty in 2018

You’ve seen it on celebrities and you’ve seen it on friends. This bob hairstyle has been making its rounds in 2018 and we’re loving it. Just barely a bob yet chic enough to make you feel classy, it’s the look that allows you the comfort and freedom you want in your hair while still looking trendy.

18) There’s No Time For Drama Hair

When you want to look good, you have no time for drama. This modern hairstyle says that you’re in charge of your life while showing off personality. It’s perfect for the girl who wants hair away from her neck and framing her face. With less hair, you can cut down on time getting ready to have more time to win at life.

19) Short Bob Haircuts Can Have Log Locks

Just because you get a short bob cut doesn’t mean that you can’t keep longer locks. This long bob is yet another one of our favorite short bob haircuts. You can always leave the back as is while curling or straightening the longer stands in the front. It’s fun and easy while remaining classically beautiful.

20) The Look That Feels So Good

If you’re tired of hair weighing you down, just chop it off. Yet, we don’t suggest just doing it yourself. Cut it in such a way that people will be asking you where you got it done. Short, chic, edgy, and oh, so ready to make things happen is what we think this cut screams to onlookers.

21) Channel Your Inner J-Law Today

A look that will have you looking like a celebrity, this haircut is so dreamlike, it’s a look worthy of short-hair loving princesses. Easy to use with or without product, it’s simply classy and gorgeous, that it’s perfect for any woman looking for a bit of change.

22) Asymmetrical Isn’t Only For Faces

This type of look is for the girl who wants to do things differently. Who says we have to have a straight cut? The style for the girl who wants to do things out of the box, this asymmetrical bob is certainly one of our favorites.

23) Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This cut is for the lady who just wants to have fun. Say goodbye to boring tresses and hello to easy and breezy. You can feel the air during the summer and look adorable during the winter with this pretty hairstyle. To us, it’s anything but boring.

24) A Stunner, No Matter How You See It

Who says volume is a bad thing? For the girl with thick hair who is desperate to sport a bob hairstyle, this is the one for you. Long enough to pull down volume yet layered enough to make you look as chic as can be, this stunning look will win every single time.

25) The Cool Style That Makes Life Easy

You’re the girl with places to go and things to do—we get it. This is one reason why this style might have been made just for you. It works best on girls with pretty fine hair that is easy to style, so you can just wake up, give it a couple of brushes and voila, you’re ready to make your day the best day ever.

26) The Hair That Makes You Feel Awesome

This could be said of any of these short bob haircuts but we especially like how this one transition between short and long without you barely notice. This cut makes it easy to stay away from drama accompanied by very short layers while still giving you a bit of edge that makes you as awesome as you want to be.

27) Ready For Fall With Your Favorite Style

With all that you have to prepare and do during the autumn and the layers that you’ll start to wear, you don’t want to have a mess with messy layers. That’s why this bob haircut is ideal. It’s just layered enough to give it style yet you barely have to touch it to make it look good.

28) The Cute As a Button Bob

Whether you’re a tempting seductress or a serious career woman, there is no doubt about this haircut. You’ll look cute, adorable, and fun. There’s no way around it with this short bob; but before you dismay, it’s not bad to look cute. It’s all about your attitude, baby.

29) The Mysteriously Beautiful Bob Cut

If you want to feel unique and not give everything away at first glance, this face-framing bob may be the look for you. It’s serious enough to give you some edge while being friendly enough to welcome people in. Go ahead and confuse your audience; everyone loves a bit of mystery.

30) Long Yet Short Yet Awesome

It’s long, it’s short, and all of the above. It’s the bob that allows you to do updos while still keeping you as stylish as you want to be. Whether you let your natural curls run wild or you do a bit of styling every morning, this length allows you to play around a bit—which let’s face it is almost always what we want.

31) The Sharp as a Tack Style

Whether you have been blessed with hair as straight as a road in Texas or you like to style it that way, this is the bob that you will love. The sharp edges are so much fun that there is no need for frills found in other styles. If you like it straight and simple yet daring as can be, this is the modern hairstyle for you.

32) Can I Speak To Your Manager Style

We love the confidence that this bob exudes. Its dramatic length in the front that climbs up in the back shows us that if you can pull this daring cut off, you deserve to speak to whomever you want. Go ahead and have some fun with this one.

33) The “They Say Opposites Attract” Cut

While most bobs go way long in the front and keep it short in the back, this classy hairstyle goes about it differently. Keeping it short in the front with long bangs and longer in the back and sides, it’s opposite of everything you though a bob was, we’re still loving it.

34) Fresh and Clean Beauty Queen

There is just something about this look that says fresh. The way that it’s slowly but surely transitions from short to long in the front to the way that it settles just right has us loving it for days. It’s the style that can look pretty, no matter the occasion.

35) Because Messy Is Beautiful Sometimes

This cut allows you to go to the beach and let your hair happen. It lets you style it in a hurry. It allows the crazy hair chica to do what she wants with it. It’s the easygoing chic that you want on your side. It’s the haircut that makes it easy to wake up in the morning. With no sharp edges, there is no need to stress about how you wear it.

36) The Never-Ending Love Story

This title could very well describe the love affair that you could end up having with this type of hair. We don’t know where it ends or begins and for once in our lives, we just don’t care. With short and long and everything in between, this haircut is a dream. With nothing to judge and everything to enjoy, this haircut belongs in songs.

37) The Bob That Makes You Take Notice

It will certainly make the owner of this bob take notice, as this kind of style isn’t something you wake up and fall into. Yet if you’re the type of girl who has no qualms about your hair iron, go for this look. It’s so charming, we wish that every girl could keep up with a look like this. Sharp and intelligent looking, it’s amazingly unique. What do you think?

38) Short and Sweet and Pretty as Can Be

Smooth transitioning from short in the back and a tad longer in the front make this a sneakily attractive cut. It’s not an in-your-face kind of look but it slowly wins you over with its hidden edginess. Easy-to-style and not too dramatic that you’ll never want to be friends with it, it’s the kind of style that you want to keep.

39) The Hair That Stays in Shape

Yes, this hair needs maintenance but doesn’t every hairstyle? Because of its short length and side-swept bang, it will require you to put in the work, but as you know, anything that is worth something costs something and this hairstyle is worth it. It’s chic and beautiful and will make you feel as gorgeous as can be.

40) The Ready For Action Style

We love this straight bob because once you’re done with it, you can simply grow out your hair without any drama. It looks great when it’s short and makes it easy to be good. With no unnecessary layers or dramatic flairs, it’s the haircut that makes you get ready faster than ever before.

41) A Modern Hairstyle You’ll Love

Maybe you’ve shied away from drastic changes in the past but it’s time to show your hair who is boss with this lovely haircut. It’s so dramatic and perfectly modern that there’s no way that you won’t turn heads with this bright and beautiful style. That dramatic swoop has us swooning.

42) The Cute Easy Hairstyle You Need

This cute hairstyle for girls and women is the kind of haircut that can suit the whole family. Whether your pre-teen daughter is tired of her long locks or you are, this bob allows you to have a change without you screaming in terror. It’s simple to style and works with all kinds of hair.

43) Be Your Best With This Cut

Smooth and simple to style, this cut has us in love with it. We like that it takes a classic bob cut but has a bit of fun with shorter strands in unique places. Yet it’s swooping front bang allows you to get the face-frame that makes you as youthful-looking as you want to be.

44) The One That Allows You To Just Be

Unless you have voluminous hair that is hard to handle, this haircut will allow you to just wear it as is. Short and not dramatic at all, it doesn’t demand crazy time spent styling it. If you’re a woman who wants to wake up and take over the world, this is the perfect cut for you.

45) Perfect For The Summer Heat

We’ve all been there. Those times when you want to let your hair down and feel pretty but oh, how hot it is. This haircut will allow you to delicately frame your features with a long bang in the front while keeping your hair off your neck in the back. It may seem drastic but when the temperature is high, drastic measures are valid. Plus, you can’t deny that it looks amazing.

46) Make A Splash With This Look

We’re in love with these waves because they look so effortless. Just because you have a curl to your hair doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it short. If you’re afraid of chopping it all off, try a happy in-between with this long bob. Wear it with your natural wave, style it, or straighten it; it will look good any way you wear it.

47) The Glamorously Gorgeous and Great Style

This GGG style is so chic, we are loving it. You can wear it straight or style it with soft big curls. You can wear your favorite bandana with it or let it hang loose. However you decide to wear it, this is such a trendy look, we think anyone should wear it.

48) Making Serious Changes Can Be Good

Change can be scary but when it’s a change like this cut, oh, it’s a step in the right direction, honey. We love how the soft, long bang hangs over the front of your face, allowing just enough of your beauty to seep through while keeping it edgy and short in the back. If you’re looking for a serious change that will do you some good, try to do it with a modern hairstyle like this one.

49) Love Yourself By Loving Your Hair

This look looks fantastic with curly/wavy hair. It’s the perfect option for the girl who has been blessed with that special kind of hair that looks amazing long. As much as us curly tops love our long locks, we like bobs too. This one allows you to keep your waves while looking as trendy as can be.

50) Blowing Things Out of Proportion

The cut that provides volume to the ladies that were born without, this is the bob that works wonders for when you need a bit more thickness in your hair. Whether your hair has started thinning with age or you have always had fine hair, this cut will help to enhance your hair volume. If this is what you want, this bob could be for you.


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