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Top 18 Wedge Haircut Ideas for Short & Thin Hair in 2024

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A wedge cut is large retro-style bob with a short layer for women with straight or fine hair. The style became popular during the 70’s. Olympic Dorothy Hamill really made this style very popular. While short wedge hairstyles aren’t for everyone women of all ages will appreciate these hairstyles. There are a lot of layers that gradually build up of stacking, short A-line or asymmetrical designs cut with choppy edges, blunt or wispy bangs, and tapered backs. These are all part of the common wedge, and will naturally increase the volume of your hair without requiring excessive weight! This cut is popular for women with thin or fine hair that requires an extra bulky look or those who want to get an experience of the shorter hairstyle. Wedges come in a variety of styles. You can opt for soft and soft layers to give a feminine appearance or go for a super short and spikey style to give a lively style. There’s a style to suit every shape and hair type , even wild curls! Refresh your appearance with these gorgeous and sought-after short wedges!

Wedge Haircuts for Women Over 70

#1: Wedge Haircut for Women Over 70

The wedge cut is the popular style for women who are over seventy. Make use of the Revlon blowout brush to create the wedge-like look.

Super Short Cut

#2: Super Short Wedge Haircut

This haircut provides a chic appearance every day, without appearing too formal or shabby. If you’re looking for a haircut which is similar to the inverted bob, but is more simple and shorter, then this is the cut ideal for you.

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Wedge haircut With Bangs

#3: Wedge Haircut With Bangs

Simple yet elegant style with a bold statement to it! The layered cut stacked with straight edges works perfectly with any texture and face shape.

wedge bob perfect for thick hair

#4: Perfect for Thick Hair

This cut is cute and graduated. It is for those who are looking to look fashionable with their long hair. The hair is shorter in the back and layers all over the length, it provides less bulk and more texture for an elegant style.

Gorgeous Short Bob

#5: Gorgeous Short Bob

This curly, tousled hairstyle looks stunning thanks to the neatly cut and full of volume. Perfect for any occasion and in any setting, whether it’s your office or at the beach!

Ideal for Fine Thin Hair

#6: Ideal for Fine Thin Hair

Rewind to the 90s with this timeless cut that will complement any facial shape. You can also add a modern style by selecting an elegant and trendy silver shade for this cut.

Cool Undercut

#7: Cool Undercut

Make sure your layer is long over the top, making it appear like the shape of a pixie cut. chop the sides to the skin, to highlight the volume of the top! Color using a bright auburn to give a more luminous look.

Wonderfully Stacked

#8: Wonderfully Stacked Wedge Cut

A shorter nape with angular sexy side parts, and incredible volume on top – these are the outcomes you’ll see with this simple and chic short cut. Make sure to keep your natural hair color , and simply add a pop of color, and you’re ready to go! This look is great with a shag that is short as well.

Very Edgy 1920s inspired cut

#9: Very Edgy 1920’s Cut

Layered hairstyles can create an adorable 1920s cut that is trendy and fashionable. Great for women with shorter hair who want to add some spice and the look with movement and volume. style!

wedge hairstyle great for women over 60

#10: Wedge Hairstyle Great for Women Over 60

It’s a beautiful shorter wedge cut suitable for females who are over 60, that brings the look of elegance and volume. The angled short haircut complements natural hues well and is simple and low maintenance.

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