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Top 18 Wedge Haircut Ideas for Short & Thin Hair in 2024

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wedge hairstyles Beautiful for Over 50

#11: Beautiful for Over 50

This is a pretty stackable bob that has plenty of movement. This is a fantastic short hairstyle for women who prefer the comfort of shorter hair, without having to go to the Pixie cut. Her gray hair is getting longer hair, so I gave her an intense highlight and toned her blonde to match the natural hair color of her. What’s great about wedge hairstyles is that they’re fairly simple to keep. Make use of Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep and Phomolient to dry her hair to give it some volume . Then finish using Aveda air Control hairspray. This style looks fantastic on all hair kinds (straight or wavy, or using soft curls).

Great for Curly Hair

#12: Great for Curly Hair

This style is an angular wedge. I use more intense highlights than I would do on straight hair as curly hair tends to naturally blend colors. The bright color and curly haircuts enhance the waves by drawing attention to the individual hair tendrils. The shorter back and longer at the front, creates a lot of volume and motion through the back. It also keeps a “safe” long around the face. The haircut also draws her profile up to create a flattering appearance. This haircut is ideal for those who want to enhance their natural waves with a fashionable haircut , while still keeping it simple and elegant. This style is great for all curly or wavy hairstyle as if hair is thick, it can become too thick. I recommend this cut for any face shape. If you have a round face it is best to keep the length of the front higher than your jawline, which draws the eyes more upwards and down. For more pronounced facial forms, the jawline will be the ideal length. The best method to create the look would be to apply the lightest curling product (I like sweetheart curls by L’Oreal) and then blow dry using a blow-dryer. For fixing curls that are acting up you can wrap some pieces around an iron rod that is 3/4 inches long. This process should be completed in about 20 minutes, making it ideal for those who is on the move. Maintenance happens every 6 weeks or more.

short wedge haircut Blunt Bangs

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#13 Cute with Blunt Bangs and Blunt Hair

The bowl was mixed with the bob cut with Bob cut, and added some texture by texturing the side of her head. The color I was inspired by was beginning with the Redken bleach, and after that, I glazed using Shades EQ gloss 09v / Shades EQ gloss 09v / 09t/09p/09b and clear in equal portions. Following the glossy, I applied the fusio dose protein treatment through Kerastase (concentrate vitamin cement, which boosts shine) followed by drying with Uemura Shu straight blow-dry oil spray. I then hairstyled using Shu Uemura Uzu Cotton for volume, texture and shape. I designed this wedge hairstyle to suit a variety of hair kinds. Particularly, it is suitable for medium to fine hair thickness, and straight and Wavy. If you want to maintain your hair at home you’ll need an amino-rich shampoo and conditioner as well as an Extreme Redken treatment to repair and repair damaged hair. It is also possible to alternate the two products using Blue shampoo as well as conditioner (Redken Blondage) for keeping your hair healthy and vibrant. For maintenance in the salon, you’ll have to go back after 3 weeks to get another gloss to maintain your color , and a haircut within 4-5 weeks in order to maintain your desired shape.

Very Short wedge haircut

#14: Very Short Wedge Cut

This is a razored , stacked hairstyle. The most appealing feature of this style is it’s versatility. It can be worn sleek or messy but it still appears as if you’ve put in the effort. It’s an easy to wear for the perfect hair kind. This haircut is perfect for people with a larger face or narrower since it opens your eyes upwards to concentrate on your beautiful face features. This cut can be styled in any way you’d like or keep it natural by applying the help of a leave-in-cream (I love Matrix Boho AirDry Cream) or put some salt spray inside and then blow it dry using your fingers. Alternatively, you can dry it out using a round brushes and some blowdrying cream (I have used Matrix Skinny Cream). After you’ve cut the hair but be ready to desire it to be cut for a long time! It’s effortless and stylish.

The Classic Wedge haircut

#15: The Classic Wedge Haircut

The wedge haircut, also known as a short stacked hairstyle is classic with a contemporary twist. It’s a perfect balance of precise lines and texture. The appropriate amount of texture to make it appear more contemporary, while the precise stacking at the back makes it a timeless classic stacked bob that will never go out of fashion. The thing I like the most about this style is the way it keeps its shape, and yet the hair bounces and moves naturally. I love the soft lines which define the facial features. I would suggest wedge haircuts such as this to anyone who wants the classic style with a bit of edge. It is simple to maintain and style on a regular basis, but must be cut and restyled every 4-6 weeks. Therefore, anyone wearing the cut must be prepared for regular appointments to cut their hair. This style is perfect with natural grey or highlights hair, as seen in the photo.

Chic Disconnected Wedge Cut

#16: Chic Disconnected Cut

It’s a bit like a cross between a pixie and smooth bob. I style most pixie hairstyles with the same method cutting back and sides before deciding on where to go for the top part.

This particular cut I used the horseshoe shape and cut the sides and back quite short. I then left the remainder of hair longer. I then cut in a circular. It’s a bit edgy, however it’s extremely soft. It’s probably my most hairstyle that I love the most. It gives you greater creative freedom while keeping the style more conservative. This haircut is quite universal. It is possible to achieve similar short wedge cuts without the huge disconnect that this style features. I’d suggest that in general this haircut could be an easy wash and go style but it’s usually best with some styling, if not complete blow drying. It all is dependent on the hair texture. The advantage of smaller hair length is that it will settle and will take a lesser time to dry. I believe that for this particular cut the finer hair with a bit of texture is best however, that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying it! I’m also a huge advocate of texture products when you’ve got dry hair to style such as this. I’m a fan of dry lift products from AG Hair! It doesn’t leave hair shiny but can be used like an anti-oil repellent as it’s dry shampoo in a form of paste. If you’re looking to let your hair loose slightly I’m in awe of the texture spray by Oligo.

Amazing Wedge Cut Back View

#17: Amazing Back View

This style is a classic and versatile Bob shape that has a contemporary design that has a rich texture and color. I love the depth you get by the base formula the rich chocolate mocha made with Matrix ColorSync and how it melts right into the ends of the raspberry! The most important thing to consider first and most important is maintenance! Shades that are trendy tend to fade more quickly, so rinsing using cool water as well as applying high-end shampoos and conditioners like Biolage Color Care is a must! Washing your hair no more than three times per week can prolong their longevity by using dry shampoos in between. I would not suggest this cut to someone with extremely coarse or thick hair, as it could cause triangulated shapes over the eyes. The best finishing product is Matrix Height Riser! Height Riser provides the ideal amount of body and texture.

Stylish Chin Length Wedge Cut

#18: Stylish Chin Length Cut

The hairstyle is called a Pixie cut that has many layers and texture. The greatest thing about this hairstyle is how adaptable it can be. It can be transformed from a fun and flirty (like in the photo) to a sleek and sophisticated style by hair slicing in the direction of the ears.It will require some care. I suggest trimming it at least once every 6-8 weeks to ensure that it is looking amazing. This haircut is suitable for nearly every facial shape and is suitable for people with middle to coarse density.Also depending on the hair’s texture, the hair might require additional styling and products. A person with straight or curly hair might find this style easy to style. All you need is needing to blow dry the hair by using your fingers, put some paste or texture spray on the ends and you’re out! If your hair has a curlier texture longer time is required to style hair. Hair with curlier texture should be smoothed using the help of a blow-dryer and a the round or flat iron prior to applying any styling products that are texturizing.

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