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Top 30 Long Wavy Hair Ideas Trending in 2024

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Long , wavy hair is fashionable this season, so get your curling iron, or your deep waver and create some exciting hairstyles that are perfect in any season! Long hair can be made by simply brushing through more curls. The soft curls can be a perfect match for any facial shape, so there’s certain to be a look that you could pull off and create your unique. Check out these gorgeous long wavy hairstyles to get an idea of how to style your hair! If you don’t naturally curly hair making longer wavy styles is simple using curling irons, flat irons, and traditional rollers. When you are getting ready for the next appointment for hair, look through these images of long wavy hairstyles.

Beautiful Long Blonde Balayage Waves

#1: Beautiful Blonde Balayage Waves

Let your hair grow long with gorgeous blonde balayage hairstyles. When you are caring for your hair that is long you need to know that it’s a dedication. It takes time , but during bad hair days, you are able to put it back into the form of a ponytail or bun. Hairstyle options for long hair are limitless.

Very Long Waves and Blonde Balayage

#2: Very Long Waves and Blonde Balayage

The very long hairstyles are great when they are paired with blonde balayage go with each other. They really highlight the depth of the color and provide an outline to your hair. When it comes to maintaining for a blonde balayage, make certain to schedule all of your appointments with color glaze prior to time in order to ensure that your blonde stays fresh and vibrant. Always seek advice on suggestions for products from your stylist/colorist.

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Radiant Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

3. Radiant Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Try wavy hair that has bangs to create your new style. It is helpful to have lots of locks, or to at least possess some skills in styling to make it appear. If you blow-dry or air dry, finishing this look with a tad of curl or wave of any type really highlights the hair’s texture. I love the Unite’s Second Day Haircut with a small amount of oil and Ouai’s Finishing Cream. It’s a clearly polished style, but the secret to a great cut is to make sure that it looks great without a lot of hairstyling.

Face-Framing Long Dark Waves

#4: Face-Framing Long Dark Waves

Bring some spice to your appearance by framing your face with hair with long, dark curls. This style is ideal for women who wish to bring some brightness to the face, but do not wish to manage the maintenance of a lot of highlights. If you’re considering this type of look request your stylist to apply highlights that go all the way to the hairline on the face, and anywhere else from between the mid-point and the end of hair. This makes the color easy to maintain as you’ll need the front frame to be to be sprayed every 8 to 10 weeks. You can also apply an additional glaze to preserve the lovely caramel hue.

Long Blonde Wavy Hair with a Center Part

5: Blonde Long, Wavy Hair with a center part

Long, wavy blonde hair that has an angled center is a contemporary option for a style that is lived-in. One great day of prepping can be extended over the course of a day. braiding your hair at night can be a fantastic method to keep loose waves without exposing yourself to hot. If you are creating this look using the wand, 1 1/2 inch barrel is the best choice. If you are styling, leave 1” on the ends to give it an ocean-like feel. Ouai “wave spray” misted onto the braids, or applied after styling can create an enduring style.

Blonde Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

#6: Blonde Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

One option that works well for hair with long lengths is to use a blonde balayage that is applied to long wavier hair. A rooted balayage can be an extremely low-maintenance shade that is beautiful when worn on hair with long lengths. The lighter blonde pieces stand out against the darker pieces to provide greater interest and create the illusion of more density, particularly when worn with soft layers.

Long and Soft Brunette Waves

#7: Long and Soft Brunette Waves

Gorgeous wavy long blonde hair

#8: Gorgeous Wavy Long Hair

The gorgeous, luscious blonde curls can be easily fashioned and look great in any season. A beautiful and romantic long wavy hairstyle that can be worn with any hair type and shape. Add some layers to give movement to the locks.

textured and wavy long hair

#9: Textured and Wavy

The wavy and textured look is a style you should not overlook if you’ve got long hair. The tendrils create a motion which appears more soft when you have straighter ends. Add some spice to this long wavy with the blonde balayage to create an authentic sun-kissed look.

lovely layered long wavy hair

#10: Lovely Layered Long Wavy Hair

You can give your beautiful long casual waves extra volume by layering them. Add a long and choppy fringe that flatters long faces.

Long shaggy waves

#11: Shaggy Waves

Hair that is flowing and shaggy can benefit the coarser, thicker hair types because the layering removes the weight of long hair. Your hair will not only feel lighter, but its motion will appear less sloppy. It’s suitable for females who have a loose, loose style.

Long Hair with Beach Waves

#12: Effortlessly Long Beach Waves

I am a fan of these wavy and long styles due to their effortless feeling of beachy and easy. This hairstyle is extremely versatile and can be worn for working out or out for a night on the town. Wavy, long hairstyles are prone to be prone to losing their shape. A few minutes of brushing and dry shampoo after a good night’s sleeping will bring the bounce back, giving this style the “I am waking up with this look” and low-maintenance look. For this style you need to use a larger curling wand, and leave the ends exposed to show the length of your hair. The curly look is the most flattering for any facial shape. Alternating across creates a fun messy beach waves. The more extensive section you use, the more loose the wave will appear. If you make use of shorter sections, your waves will be more tense but last longer. The use of a curling wand can be ideal for people who aren’t used to hot tools. It is not necessary to twist it as you would do with a straight iron, or curling iron. Just wrap the hair in around it, hold it for around 10 to 15 seconds, then let it go. If the hair isn’t as tight as you’d like then repeat the process.

long wavy brown hair with volume

#13: Long Wavy Brown Hair with Volume

Hydration is the key to achieving beautiful, smooth and silky wavy hair which gives you massive volume and volume. Who wouldn’t want beautiful and soft hair that bounces with every movement? !

tousled smooth curly waves

#14: Tousled Smooth Curly Waves

Opt to go for a smooth and tousled waves hairstyle with an Ash blonde. It is possible to create it using Pravana stylist products (Full Volume Foam and Invisible Control Spray). Smooth the roots and turn the flat iron until you get the curl. Then straighten the ends. The suggestion given to those who desire this hairstyle is to choose products which aren’t oil-based, and provide volume and texture. Women of all ages can achieve the highly textured waves however, smoothing the hair prior to (blow-drying and straightening) is based upon the hair’s texture. While a straightener may be employed to style hair initially use a wand to apply the straightener at low heat to smooth out the curls.

natural tousled waves for long wavy hair

#15: Natural Tousled Waves

Natural smooth waves are an ideal style suitable for all hair types and length (that has straightening irons). Beginning with clean hair, make use of hair conditioners like the Elixir Ultime serum by Kerastase to nourish natural, wavy hair and smooth out the flyaways. It provides an abrasion-resistant heat level of 230 degrees which is crucial when making use of heating tools! Superdust by L’Oreal can create instant root lift for dry hair. This is and then Infinium Pure hairspray by L’Oreal to maintain the style through the entire day. It is easier to curl your hair if you’ve straightened it before to ensure that you’re using a smooth surface to curl your hair on. By holding your irons vertically, and curling your hair in sections that are vertically separated from the face can let the hair define your face.

romantic s-shaped waves

#16: Romantic S-Shaped Waves

Its soft “S”-shaped waves lend this style a vintage Hollywood glamour feel. The best part about this style is its flexibility. The hair of any length can be styled this way. For instance, curling the hair to the front so that it can rest on the face can emphasize certain features, such as cheekbones.Giving hair a healthy base with the right products and then leaving the curls to set and cool in the direction you desire will provide you with the most longevity. Blowing dry a mousse or spray for styling prior to curling your hair can help keep the curls in place and not get flattened. Following each curl, lightly smooth the curls into position and apply an a moderate hairspray define the bends of the hair.

Shiny Hollywood Waves hairstyle

#17: Shiny Hollywood Waves

“This look is referred to as Hollywood Waves or Bridal Waves,” says owner and hair stylist Liezel Asi from Bay Area, CA. “My favourite aspect of this style is how clean, classic smooth, smooth, and shiny it appears.” “My suggestion for women who want to achieve this style is to wear hair that is long,” says Asi. “Take extremely good treatment of your hair so it is full and long or buy high-quality hair extensions. All facial shapes look stunning with this full-bodied, bouncy waves haircut.” The hair products that created this style included Sebastian Fierce hairspray and Kenra Ultimate Hold.

Dimensional Copper Waves hairstyle

#18: Dimensional Copper Color Waves

These copper waves were made by hairstylist Nycole Navarro from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. “The beach waves provide the natural beauty that is ideal for daily wearing and the red color adds sparkle and sexiness that a lot of girls desire,” she adds. When it comes to the beach waves are concerned, everyone is able to wear it using the appropriate products and tools. Navarro clarifies, “I used a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron, and my preferred Bumble and Bumble products (Hairdresser Oil to give shining as well as Spray De Mode for hold) to make these waves.”

Melted Auburn Waves hairstyle

#19: Melted Ombre Auburn Waves

“I would describe this style as an auburn balayage that melts on delicate waves” Style creator Coleen Figiel from Tannersville, NY. “My favourite thing about the lengthy, dark waves is the subtle changes in color. It’s not easy to know precisely where each color’s end and the next one begins.”

balayage lived-in waves

#20: Balayage Lived-In Waves

These live-in waves have smooth curls, and the curls compliment the balayage with a lived-in look.” Take a look at the long wavy hair as it is suitable for any woman regardless of length or long. In determining what your facial shape is, you might like some curls to fold towards one’s face and away. There are many different styles that you can make by combining long wavy hairstyles. There is no need the perfect look. The more messy, the better! For styling, make use of products with a bit of hold. Two of the top products include Sculpting Foam and Super Skinny from Paul Mitchell.

Caramel Balayage Waves hairstyle

#21: Caramel Balayage Waves

It is an balayage made of natural dark bases and an a caramel balayage. It was designed by hairstylist and color expert Nicole Bovard of Tustin, CA. “My ideal advice is when you’re trying to get these curls, you should curl each curl in the opposite direction you did the first one,” says Bovard. “Also you should wait for a bit to blow-dry the curls before letting them cool. I applied Elevate mousse by Unite as the hair was damp to increase volume. texturiza from Unite after cooling.”

long beachy waves

#22: Long Beachy Waves

The long, waves of beach are trendy these days! They can be hung for casual occasions or dress them up to make them look more elegant to wear for a formal occasion like the wedding. Hairstyles for long curly hair require proper maintenance, and it is important to trim them regularly to avoid split ends. Long hair of beach waves are gorgeous on women who have a long amount of hair. Beach wave curls are great for women traveling and require under 10 minutes or less to make! Keep in mind these styling tricks Evelyn uses when curling hair to create beach waves, you should move the hair away towards your face. If you’re looking for plenty of volume, simply change the curls and curl them in larger sections, then let the ends loose and then pull them down when curling. After you’ve finished, cooling, smooth the curls with the wide-tooth comb or vent brush. Utilize a larger 1 inch curling iron (1in or 1 1/2 inch barrel) as well as a heat-protectant and dry texture sprays like Joico to make floating beach waves.

super long hair with natural waves

23: Super Long Hair with Natural Waves

Are you enthralled by this hair that is naturally sexy? It’s no wonder. If you’re looking to style it down or up the super long hairstyle naturally wavy hair will be awe-inspiring. Its ability to blend to any hairstyle and shade will surprise you. This tip: a blonde balayage is a beautiful long and wavy hairstyle definitely.

The Perfect Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

#24: The Perfect Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

Choose wavy, thick hair. Long wavy hair is a great choice to be styled in a casual outfit with a chic blouse, and can be worn more formal for an evening out. The top three products to achieve this look after a good shampoo is Kerastase Nectar Thermique (protects hair for up to 450 °) to form an invisible barrier between hair and the blow-dryer as well as curling iron. Apply 2 pumps of Essence Absolue by Shu Umera through the ends on hair that is damp. After you’ve curled all your sections, put your curls using Caviar Work Spray. It’s lightweight and can be styled according to your preference. Then, tip your head back and run your fingers through your hair and then spray once more.

long cascading curls

#25: Long Cascading Curls

Although this may be more curlier than the hair with wavy curls, it’s one of the most gorgeous long hairstyles that wavy hair can get! Take your hair in half, and add some flair with the curly curls that cascade. A slight tug on the crown can create volume and shape the look. For a touch of shine, painting light golden brown over your dark hair will be a great help.

slightly wavy long blonde hair

#26: Slightly Wavy Hair

This hair with a slight wavy texture can be enough to highlight the color of your blonde hair. It’s the softness of the style that makes it a perfect color melt. A gorgeous wavy hairstyle such as this one will make people looking at your hair.

long hair with big waves

#27: Long Hair With Big Waves

You can certainly include the big hairstyle in your most favored hairstyles for long, wavy hair! The gorgeous waves will allow you to achieve a the most natural-looking finish. This style gives the appearance of volume and movement, without pulling your long locks up. When you apply oil to your hair’s black color the hair will look healthy and shiny.

Messy wavy long hairstyle

#28: Messy Wavy Hair

That’s something you can be in love with! The messy waves will add some zing to your whole look. It’s soft and easy to style particularly with that delicate brown and blonde ombre. If you’re looking to brighten your look by a bit, you can add some money-making accessories to your messy long wavy hair , and it’s a sure bet.

Long Loose Waves

#29: Long Loose Waves

Soft waves and long layers make an ideal match! Long loose waves appear even more lively when you apply a the mist of a flexible hairspray to hold. This dramatic look is sure to highlight the silver highlights that are a highlight on the dark base. Long loose waves are great for both hair and short hair and lob haircuts too. To style your hair, apply Chi black seed oil or Paul Mitchell super skinny serum, Big Sexy hair texture spray frizz-free hairspray for humidity or soft spray and/or nonsticky for the result you’re looking for.

wavy long blonde hairstyle

#30: Wavy Long Blonde Hair

Transform yourself into a gorgeous girl with this wavy, long blonde hair. The length and volume ensure that your hair is not appearing dull or flat. The long wavy blonde hair is also shadow roots, which makes it easy to maintain. The wavy hair comes with a full head of lowlights and highlights blonde with two blondes hairs and one with caramel. Your stylist can cut your hair but making sure that the layers are long. Make an airbrushed look on your face. Long hair is great to women that don’t like to cut their curly blonde hair to be too short. They can wear their hair in a bun. To style your hair, blow dry your hair to smooth it out and then apply the GHD waver to make the waves. When your hair is getting wan, you can use an oversized comb and apply hairspray. The wavy blonde hairstyle can be used in a variety of ways since it can be worn either way and it is still gorgeous. Hair waves typically last for only a few days. The blonde shades are natural and compliment the wavy appearance of the long-cut.

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