10 Edgy Pixie Haircuts for Women

These cute pixie haircuts for women are the most fashionable haircuts available at international hair salons. So, make sure to take a look! From the best outfits you can wear with a black dress to the newest cap hairstyle, these are the latest styles the world’s most famous and wealthy fashion-conscious ladies are sporting. Since there is no perfect person regardless of how rich they are, they’ll have amazing short haircuts that keep a round or long face balanced or reduce the size of a large nose! There’s no way to afford an expensive yacht but we certainly can have a have a great look!

“Less is More” stylish pixie haircuts for women

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

The new pixie cuts work to wear with any fashion style however, this minimalist style is stunningly stylish! The most basic shape is a contemporary short sides and back with layers of long lengths on top. This lets you create a thinner version the faux mohawk, with the height that is suitable for round and oval faces. It’s also perfect for people with the appearance of a low forehead. The texture on the sides as well as the back creates interest and contrasts nicely with the smoothness of the layers that are long over it. Ecru-blonde color, off-white shade, like unbleached calico. It also adds warmth with an ounce of dark pink near the base and peach hues on the sides and the back!

Rippled brunette with iced-copper and iced-copper balayage pixie haircuts for women

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

This is a stunning Pixie cut to straight hair. It makes interesting use of texture, not curls or waves. The shape is symmetrical, with an angled side, which allows more layers that can be styled to the bangs that are affixed to the forehead. The style isn’t actually the definition of a bang, it’s an exaggerated side-bang that gives shape and style to the shape! A wavy-effect top with a stunning copper-beige balayage which makes every part be noticed. The sides are long enough to fit perfectly behind the ear in a stylish short copper brown cut!

Cute and sporty on black hair with cute ear tattoos as well as pixie haircuts for women

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

This haircut is great for thick to medium-sized dark hair that has a slight natural curl. It is styled with layers to keep hair from getting too thick, and the extra height adds an attractive roundness to the top. A short slant on the sides and a shape around the ear highlight the beauty of the model’s tattoos and give a sporty look to this easy-to-maintain style. The back is slack on the side of the head to create an elegant line, and you can pick straight lines or a stylish V-shape. The front portion covers the face and the gorgeous wavy mini bangs increase height and flatter faces that are square or round.

Extreme pixie cut specifically for women – how do you keep a narrow, long face in balance

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

The model is actually a slim, long face however, this clever cut hides her forehead, which reduces the length. The stunning blue-green eyes are set by expertly placed platinum bangs! The longer side taper towards the cheekbone before turning out slightly, creating an extra dimension to a slim face. By bringing the hair to the side towards the crown and below the natural growth direction gives volume and shape to the fine hair. The asymmetry is especially striking on the shorter and trimmed side that has an “shadow” section. The effect is to divert attention from the adorable earpieces to the side and reduces the look of a tall face!

Cut down on a long nose and highlight your tattoos with cool short haircuts

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

The model is a lover of fashionable hairstyles, with an extremely elegant black cat tattoo that is adorning the side of her head. The cut she picked is great to highlight her finest appearance and diminishing her long nose. Instead of directing the eye towards into the middle of her face which could focus attention on the nose, a dramatic parted face shifts the focus to the opposite side. A sharp horizontal line of bangs carries the eyes across the face before descending to the opposite side to emphasize the cheekbones and eyes. Ash blonde is a chic finish to a stunning short pixie cut with asymmetrical lines!

Forward flips, 3-D color depth for fine-hair Pixie hairstyle

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

This model is looking for “go to the bar” to an event that is a bit more formal! She combines her fashionable boho-chic style with a fun and cute Pixie. Asymmetry is delicate and silky, showcasing the silky feel that fine hair has. However, the semi-curly locks highlighted with blonde definitely give a trendy look to the shorter part of the hair. The tips focus attention on cheekbones and eyes and are further framed by softly draped hair. It’s left long and is also covered with blonde hair to reflect the neutral-blonde balayage ombre.

A slick medium ash-blonde, short cut with a metallic finishing

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

What’s cooler than this gun-metal brunette shade that’s on a young hairstyle! Medium ash-blonde shades work well for medium skin tones with a cool undertone however, you might require a touch more blush than what you usually wear to achieve a great shade balance. This is a pixie-bob cut that has a nape you’ve shaved for hair that isn’t sufficient to support a stacked layer back. However, you’ll have the same look, with layers creating a chunky volume around the crown. It also has that cute silvery-blue fringe that highlights sparkling blue eyes!

Asymmetric pixie textured in copper-orange with balanceage

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

This warm copper-brown shade is ideal to highlight brown eyes and light skin tone that has warm tones. The front view is smooth and stylish, however there’s plenty of texture and movement on the back and sides. The side with the shorter length has an oversized side-point that is hairstyled back, and the larger side features a fashionable vertical portion that displays an ear that is unadorned, as well as the earring you love most. The hair that radiates from the crown makes a chic flat-looking shape, instead of the typical curly crown. The cute orange balayage is the perfect finish!

Gorgeous grey pixie that has quiff and waves that create ridges for hair with thick layers

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

If your hair is already been a bit coarse and gray You’re lucky! This is the ideal fashion-forward style to give your hair. If you don’t, you’ll need to shell out for this stylish gray-blonde shade with white blonde Balyage! The look is asymmetrical and dazzling and a deep side-part and an amazing curly quiff that frames the eyes and forehead stunningly! In a closer view it’s easy to see the amazing, ridged effect at the top. The detail is even greater in the shorter layers, with side-swept textures at the back. There’s also a touch of purple in the nape, and green tones above!

Choppy and chunky ripple-waves Long to short haircut transformation

Stylish Pixie Haircut, 2018 Best Short Hair Styles for Women

Today’s photo is a large, smooth Pixie that has choppy highlights. The new style is a great idea for a makeover to change from girlish long hair into a stylish, young lady! This is a fantastic style for medium-thick hair that will keep a curl for the entire throughout the day. The longer side features defined ridge-waveswhich create an intense 3-D texture and a contemporary shaggy look. However, the peaked cap quaff creates a flowing line that is finished off in a cute and edgy strand that accentuates the lips!


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