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10 Female Pixie Haircut Designs – Shaggy & Textured Trends

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The coming season will be full of more bold and more experimental styles. Hairstyles that are glamorous are not just for special occasions, it’s suitable for everyday wear! Now is the best time to test the latest hairstyles that have a rich texture and stunning color styles.

Have a youthful pixie cut

We’re leaving the house more frequently and it’s the ideal time to get some stunning makeup done . It’s something you’ve never attempted before! There’s no doubt the fact that having a cut will help you appear years younger. They will always highlight your eyes and the upper part of your face and are perfect to distract attention from a heart-shaped or round face.

Be bold

And for those with thin hair and a pixie cut is a good option, it can give the appearance of thicker hair, making you look more attractive and confident! Take a look at these innovative new haircuts that showcase elegant greys and are that are complemented by pastel shades and subtle balayage that is beautiful in pastel blues, pinks Beiges and purples. Select from sleek shaggy, elegant, with very flattering and chic pixie cuts!

1. Cute silvery-grey metallic blonde – short female pixie haircut designs

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

This adorable look is ideal for people with green, blue, or gray eyes. Gray coloring beautifully highlights the eye’s color and highlights an oval-shaped face. The root area is medium gray. This creates a striking distinction between tops and shorter sides and back.

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The gorgeous silver-metal top frame the beautiful forehead beautifully. The most fashionable thing is the stunning deep hairline and the stunning and patterned nape!

2. A short blonde pixie cut to create females with a round or wide face. hairstyles for pixies

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

This is a fantastic illustration of how a small cut pixie can enhance an elongated face. On the right, the model sports an elegant straight bob with flat sides , which are perfect for a broad face.

Yet, when you observe the same model sporting hair cut with a pixie and little or no volume on her side, the face appears more thinner. When you have a pixie cut you can see the stunning jawline curve toward the center of the cheeks. The extra growth around the crown can create a wider round or heart-shaped face!

3. Deep textured pixie cut in steel-grey & beige – female pixie haircut designs

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

The latest trend in short hairstyles is to create thicker lines of texture that have never been seen before. Instead of curls or waves, curly lines, straight lines could serve as beautiful curvatures that make hair appear to be thicker.

The colorist has created a cool hairstyle for blondes with a blue-steel gray hue at the root. The upper layers are highlighted by more of a warm, beige-blond. The contrast is in perfect harmony with the eye and skin tone that the subject has!

4. Subtle raspberry roots on white blonde hairstyles for female pixies

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

The simple, short cut is extremely flattering and is a perfect echo of the cute style of classic 1960s cut-offs. The side dots run about half way down the ear and finish in the perfect location to emphasize the cheekbones of the model. A light blush lipsticks are the ideal compliment to the retro 60s style!

If you rub the product with your fingers it will give you that gorgeous, deep texture by rubbing it with your fingertips! The most striking aspect of this fashionable look is the stunning pink roots, which are subtle enough to go well with the striking white top!

5. Asymmetrical platinum blonde short haircut that has long hair, full bangs

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

This is a different trend that uses warm and cool shades to create a trendy modern hairstyle. Long layers cascade over the top, creating a curving fringe along all the eyelashes. In the warm beige shade that will look great with blue eyes.

Additionally, the cool blue roots make an original hair color contrast that defines the fashion for the season. This is a gorgeous look for hair with thin layers and a broad, round or heart-shaped faces!

6. Brunette roots short haircut that has faded pink and grey hairstyle with balayage

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

Evidently, many colorists as well as stylists have been working hard to create colors and haircuts that are cross-over this year. This style is a perfect blend of stylish, fashionable and amusement! The stylist created this pixie style to highlight the face’s wideness and wide face of model.

That includes keeping the sides of the face clear of volume, and adding an extra height on top. The short hair was expertly cut to soften the lines and enhance the perfect eyebrows. However, I absolutely love the combination with warm, brown hair and cool, light pink and grunge balance!

7. Curvy volume on light ash-blonde short-bob with layers of long hair

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

It is important to pay attention to see that this stunning hairstyle, which is straight and short, is adorned with delicate colors. It shows how a basic cut can be simple to style, but is also packed with interesting details! Although this hairstyle is straight however, the cut and style have resulted in beautiful curves and a glamorous volume.

It’s a lot of texture in this There’s plenty of texture, too. The sections with different shades have vibrant, defined strands as well as a rich texture. All of this contributes to a modern, stunning appearance that highlights fashionable earrings and hoops!

8. Ice-cream-soda pink-blonde hairstyles with curly texture

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

The delicate pink, short cut is a fashionable and chic look that blends a number of trendy characteristics. This long flowing fringe styled to give moving towards the back with the rear styled to be more forward which gives it a fresh look right ahead.

The stylist has created an adorable texture on the surface of the strands which is perfect with the shaggy style. The nape with a close cut is a gorgeous beige shade that is a perfect match in with pink-blonde and cool white. A few delicate gold-blonde accents make for a stunning and chic appearance!

9. Super-trendy shaggy , long-sharpened short-cut with

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

This style is a swathe of tapered tips, which are cut with a razored-edge finish to create a wild, irregular style. Warm brown root turn into white-blonde strands that are adorned with beautiful golden beige Balayage.

The windswept hairstyle will be easy to style and looks elegant, yet casual, to be worn casually. Layering unevenly is great to add volume, movement and the appearance of fine hair.

10. Shaggy short boy-cut in cinammon brown

Female Pixie Haircut Designs - Cute Very Short Hairstyles

This light, warm cinnamon shade is an extremely stylish shade that goes beautifully with outfits that are trendy and earthy, such as this orange-citric top. This cut is ideal to balance out a heart-shaped face. It has an elongated and textured top to enhance the figure’s shape.

The messy, choppy bangs create a rebellious ambiance which enhances the youthful look. The top is made more windy by the shorter sides and the back. All attention is focused on the face’s upper part, to hide an unnatural jawline!

Have you decided on your new hairstyle already? There are plenty of options to transform your hairstyle and welcome the season with a stylish easy-care style. Schedule your appointment now!

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