10 Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair & Stylish Short Hair Color Trends

Platinum, silver, gold beige, and pearly blonde shades provide these short haircuts to fine hair fresh and trendy look. To match the latest shades, these haircuts feature amazing new concepts like unique side bangs, square sides ends, and V-shape-like details on the rear of the head. If you’re a fan of your summer’s heat, or cold winter months, pick your enjoyable, “cool” short haircut here!

Modern styled bangs with silver-white highlights new short haircuts for fine hair. Fashionable short hair fashions

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

White and gray hair hasn’t been more trendy than it is today! It’s time to go for gray hair or choose this gorgeous silver blonde hue with chic charcoal hair roots. This is a haircut for youth that is suitable for different facial sizes and age groups. Today, the newest short hairstyles for fine hair don’t have age limit and are ideal for women who aren’t willing to sacrifice their contemporary look. This is a great option to conceal forehead wrinkles or excessively wide or high eyebrows!

Pale golden-pink twisty twisty pixie cutting-edge short haircuts for fine hair – fashionable short hair fashions

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

This is a stunning new take of the curvy pixie appearance. The back is asymmetrical with a split that separates the smooth shorter texture and the longer layers that are stacked towards the crown! The asymmetrical motif continues to the front, with an asymmetrical side-parting and lengthy side bangs. Beautifully sinuous waves give you eye-catching volume and 3D texture. The ultimate finishing touch is this beautiful new color that blends light beige, pink, ash blonde, and sparkling pearl gold!

Beige-softened platinum-blonde new short hairstyles for fine hair – fashionable short hairstyles

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

Straight, short hairstyles are an up-to-date “street blonde” style with and “attitude”. It’s styled in modern straight cuts with long, slicked-back bangs that draw attention to the thickly textured spiky ends. The hairstyle is modernized with a hint of beige in order to lighten platinum hue and a small section with black hair roots. The result is a softer look to match the model’s meticulously applied modern makeup in the natural tones of earth.

Full-on silvery ash-blonde , with pink toner. It’s the hottest short hairstyles for fine hair. Fashionable short hairstyles

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

This gorgeous haircut and color is a modern style that is ideal for younger women. It’s is also a great short hairstyle for women who are in their 50s! This is an extremely easy-to-maintain hairstyle that is possible to achieve on thick or fine textured hair, giving a trendy appearance. The hair is swept up by long, long bangs that are and swept away to give an attractive appearance. This look with a diagonal bang makes the long look less slender and is also suitable to flatter round faces. Gorgeous ash-silver blonde is highlighted by white-blonde balanceage and a hint of pink toner which is stunningly contrasted with those blue gray tones.

Beige blonde short bob with a chic pearly look the hottest short haircuts for fine hair – chic short hair styles

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

The natural beige-blonde shade of this slender, versatile cut is the perfect match for it’s natural elegance. Beige with a soft tone is an excellent option for those with light skin tone with an undertone of warmth. Straight hair that is thin looks stunning in this fashionable asymmetrical bob which can be styled in softly curled or wavy waves. The light blonde vertical lines are accentuated by subtle balayage highlights which emphasize movement and texture. A stunning pearly sheen is the perfect complement to this attractive shade and hue!

Choppy texture on silver-blonde V-back short hairstyle

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

Making hair more textured can be a fantastic method of making it more thick This is a fantastic illustration of a trendy cut that’s tattered. The hair is layered across the entire length, which means the hair is soft as well as easy to “fluff” to create an attractive volume. This photo shows the final look of the V-neck, with the hair cut in a blunt fashion, leaving a broken line. A pure silvery blonde shade appears modern and chic. The subtle white balayage as well as shades of beige and ash toner produce interesting shades of dark and light. The slightly wavy style completes the look with a stunning modern haircut for medium-fine hair.

Quirky windswept quiff on ash-blonde short haircut

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

This is among the most modern fashionable hairstyles that exposes the world to new ways to style hair. It’s an innovative and futuristic style for the 21st century in trendy ash blonde that doesn’t have the dark, drab roots of the past season! The cut is trimmed with sharp sides with well-sculpted sides which create a beautiful frame to the eyes. A deep side section creates an asymmetrical appearance with lots of movement and texture the form of a playful, upturned hairstyle. It also has a elegant division at the crown, with the top layers being stacked up before being rearranged to create an asymmetrical nape with textured layers!

Mid-ash-blonde geometric haircut , with sides that are squared and a V-back.

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

With clean, crisp lines this short bob style offers a modern look. The medium-ash-blonde hue is enhanced by the darker hue of the back part that’s buzzed. The style is symmetrical with an incredibly trendy side-part that is deep and squared-off sides-points. The style also features a stunning design detail on the back, with the squared-off nape providing a striking background to the gorgeous silvery V-shape on top! This is a great option in case your hair isn’t quite sufficient thick for a stacked-back cut, but you like to stay ahead of the curve in hairstyles!

Retro 70’s style Purdey – shorter symmetrical haircut for baby-blonde

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

It’s a trendy style that is back in fashion because our love of everything 1970’s is evident in all aspects of fashion. It was first carried by the protagonist, Purdey, in the U.K. tv show, The Avengers, which was an indispensable fashion guide in the past! As per the trend-setting design of the program the hairstyle was an original hairstyle for a hard-hitting and a crime-fighting young woman. The style is popular with fashion-conscious young ladies of the Mods fashion community This adorable and symmetrical cut gives oval faces a stunning contemporary style.

A trendy white-blonde geometric cut with a straight-across fringe

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

I like that contrast between this blonde haircut in white with the model’s dark brown eyes. The beige-blonde, more than ash-blonde, is a good choice to match skin tone with an undertone of warmth. This is a different style that strays away from the asymmetrical short haircuts and towards an symmetries of long straight-across fringe. This well-layered, short haircut is clean and has beautiful long side-points that make a beautiful frame for cheekbones, eyes and lips! There is no height added above it’s a great haircut for shortening the length of a face or concealing a large forehead in a heart-shaped face.


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