10 Long Pixie Haircuts for Women Wanting a Fresh Image

Long pixie cuts are usually thought as the most modern and trendy option for styling your hair. The long pixie cut is equally suitable for thick, medium or fine hair. the latest styles feature fresh designs, textures and colors to keep you looking as stylish as the wildflowers in a field. or as stylish as the Chanel suit! Hairstyles vary from precise and sleek to cute or casual hairstyles all with the latest hair color! If your style needs a change take a look at these amazing long pixie styles for women of all age groups!

Afro-styled, forward-looking long Pixie haircuts for women.

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

Fashion-forward and fashionable women require the perfect hairstyle for their fashionable look. This stylish haircut is full of fashionable highlights! It is a short cut in the back and sides with dramatic rounded edges on the sides and a final V-shape that adorns the rear of the head. The top layer is modernized with layers that are long, creating an attractive, puffy curve in the back. An asymmetrical cut, one ear is completely open while the other is closed which gives the model a modern look. Finally the layers of ash blonde are separated to reveal glimpses of the dark brown roots!

Hairstyles for long, sporty brunettes for women who need to get their hair done quickly

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

If you’re a sporty type or V.B.W. (a extremely busy lady) the long pixie gives you a laid-back but stylish appearance. The natural look is characterized by some blonde subtle highlights along longer sides. They’re thin, however they can provide interesting texture and motion to hair that is medium to thick. In relatively lengthy layers, it is possible to style this style on hair that is thin using styling products and intelligent blow-drying. Long, symmetrical bangs that are over one eye appear pretty and feminine. And the point on the side on the lower side is an excellent spot to showcase your most loved earrings!

Beige with ash-tones, over dark cocoa. Long Pixie hairstyles for women

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

The latest hues of blonde to your haircut is a fantastic method to refresh your style! This long pixie cut features more length and volume both in the back and sides to create a stunning hairstyle with a wavy look. The selection of beige blonde with couple of drops of ash blonde make this short wavy style comfortable and warm. Keep in mind that ash blue hair shade is ideal for skin with cool undertones. Likewise, those with warmer undertones (as previously mentioned) can be paired with beige shades. The short side is trimmed with the short side trim, which is the best spot to highlight cheekbones. A natural brown nape complements this trendy and casual two-tone look flawlessly!

The basin is cut to perfection in neutral blonde tones – long pixie cuts for women.

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

This is a casual but stylish haircut that utilizes light and dark for a more sculptural look to fine and medium hair. Layers that are long, cut into “cut” sections are tapered to create delicately textured dots on the ends. It gives a light airy appearance and style that is accentuated by a the trendy, tousled look. Also, as we’ve learned that tousled haircuts work well to add volume to hair that is thin. For a change in the side parted it is possible to comb the style in a forward direction, creating deep bangs, with defined, parted sections. This can soften the lines and bring attention to your eyes. If you ask your stylist to select shades that are in line with your natural hair color and you’ll have hair that is short and will truly highlight your eyes! This casual , yet elegant color scheme combines neutrals, beiges as well as light blondes the most closely-matched color scheme to create opulence and stunning fashion!

Super sculpted black pixie that has forward design

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

Hair that is thick and black makes a perfect environment that hairdressers can work! Thicker hair strands tend to remain in place, and volume is not an issue. This is an elongated haircut that is suitable for hair with straight sides, however the multi-directional styling as well as the variety of textures create a lot of fun! The symmetry on the back and sides combines the short side part with an extended longer side part to create a unique design. The super fun vibe continues with the short layers at the nape that have adorable dots on the side with the shorter length!

Colors of copper and raspberry. hairstyle on pretty pixie

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

If you have a fashionable long pixie cut, and you are looking to change it up with this great color option. It’s a clever combination of warm copper and an undertone of raspberry-pink over coffee-brown root. Brown roots accent beautiful forms in the side of the head as well as side, creating a clean outline. The open-ear style shows that this is among the newest fashion trends. It’s a stylish everyday look however, it’s expertly colored to ensure that it doesn’t appear like an unintentional Summer color washes.

Baby-blonde neutral & natural shade for fine hair pixie

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

If your hair is already fair, then this neutral blonde shade is the thing you’ll need to add the latest fashions to your short haircut. This cut can be worn with a variety of facial shapes and comes with modern features. For example, the shorter-back-and-sides creates a contemporary, stylish design. The combed-forwards hairstyle from the crown can add the volume of fine hair. A straight-across fringe and curving towards one side just above your eyebrows makes your eyes pop!

Pretty makeover gives you a youthful and confident pixie cut

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

This is among the rare images of a model sporting glasses, and it’s an excellent example of how hair and glasses must complement one another. In the “before” look there’s a lot of the face of the model is covered in glasses and hair. Although it’s a cute haircut, it’s not enough to highlight the attractive features of this young lady’s face and beautiful skin. The pixie hairstyle with the ‘after’ style features a tousled, voluminous the top and shorter, feathered sides. This style shows less of her features which is essential to balance her trendy big, dark-framed glasses!

Young, asymmetrical, tousled pixie cut

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

This is a gorgeous haircut for curly hair, or when your hair is straight naturally You can get an informal perm styled to the lengthening side. It’s very symmetrical, and works with various facial designs. A deep side-parting can disguise an angular face, or a round face with a lovely cascade of hair that forms diagonal lines that runs across your face. The short side is divided to expose the ear, and features pretty side-points that highlight the cheekbones and eyes. The nape features delicate tips with feathers and a sweet little point that decorates the center!

Make your face pop with bubble-gum pink curls

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyle Designs

The photos of the same model , you can see how two hairstyles create starkly different pictures. The “before” image depicts the traditional straight, long hairstyle that emphasizes a longer face, but is devoid of the latest’style’. Switching to the ‘after’ pic shows a high-fashion long pixie with a vivid, hot-pink top over brown short-back-and-sides! There’s plenty of texture and movement the curls that snake and the an overall volume that makes the face appear more balanced perfectly! This is a great way to alter your image to appear younger and vibrant!


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