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10 Pixie Haircut Inspiration

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A pixie cut is an extremely flattering look that is able to take the years off of your age! From its super-short origins the pixie cut has grown into a broad variety of fashionable short haircuts. The stylists are able to expertly adapt the pixie cut to the texture of your hair and showcase your most attractive features!

Brunette short hairstyle with strawberry blonde highlights – pixie cut

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Latest Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

The short bob or long pixie is considered to be one of the most stylish looks that you can have. It features a trendy Asymmetrical parting that can be altered to suit any facial shape. By adding a shaggy appearance with hair tips that are textured, you can change your look in a countless manner. The tousled curls in the back accent the cute curly silhouette. The delicate, strawberry blonde streaks break up dark, hard hair that is styled to create a comfortable, easy-to-care pixie cut.

Elegant silver-gray and purple toner. Wavy Pixie Cut ideas

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

For hair with fine texture that tends to fall down from the top A few twirled waves could be the perfect way to give your hair a more attractive height. A contemporary easy curl takes away all the stress and hassle associated with making straight hair look neat and tidy. The wavy hairstyle is stylish and youthful. Its rough finish gives subtle and dark color depth. Cool skin tones are able to have a stylish silver gray pixie, trimmed with shades of ash purple!

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Cut with ash-blonde pixie slicked back and sides that have been shaved

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

Nowadays, shaved hairstyles are now commonplace and provide an edge and modern look to any haircut that is short. A cut that was slicked back highlighted femininity, highlighting gorgeous eye and lip color. The pale, ash blonde shade is a chic, contemporary color that really reveals green eyes and blue eyes! Darker sides and dark roots complement the bold urban style.

Straight lines on a simple hairstyles to compliment tattoos

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

Here’s an edgy pixie cut with incredible simplicity that you could make on any type of hair. It has trendy long sides and lots of layers that are laid out as bangs. This is an excellent hairstyle option for women with vibrant or floral tattoos. It’s not necessary to have fashionable hairstyles and colors for this look as that would be too much. However, to compliment this stunning garden What could be better than a flirty Pixie!

Beige roots under neutral-blonde pixie cut for medium/thick hair

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

If you’re a fashionable woman the short hairstyle is a must. It is full of striking styling features. The back of the hair has a tri-color texture and color. It starts with long layers, which gradually shift into medium layers, then the neckline is layered. The front of the head appears sleek, and is decorated with a straight line. The long, slicked layers that have pointed tips sit perfectly over the top. The pink-beige roots appear very “urban” beneath the Ash-blond.

Pretty blonde pixie that has frizzy bangs that are perfect for curly hair

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

Change your usual side parted to this stunning haircut that features stunning texture strands that form lines. Soft and mid-beige roots are contrasting with light brown waves and delicate golden Balayage. Take a look at that incredible 3D depth! A soft, fluffy bob can soften the look of a plain forehead, especially in the event that it is tossed slightly over the eye. You’ll love this cute look featuring live action and stunning textures!

Long, deep bangs on a blonde beige haircut that matches tattoos

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

If you’ve got tattoos on your skin, you have to consider hairstyles that compliment the color of the ink and tattoo designs. The most undesirable thing to have is a curly, kinky hairstyle that is in competition with the tattoos. Indigo blue flowers require a straightforward, straight cut in an neutral or cool shade. And this light blonde pixie with bangs is the perfect choice!

A gorgeous hairstyle change from long to short that will flatter a heart-shaped face

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

Long hair highlights an oval-shaped heart with a triangular face and leaves a large forehead that is left wide. This highlights the lower, tapering part of the face. It is further accentuated by the ombre that is next to the chin’s point. The short haircut with bangs effectively conceals the forehead’s wideness, while the small side dots emphasize the eyes that are above the chin. The short cut perfectly highlights her dignity!

Quirky dusty-pink and coral short hairstyle that has long bangs

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

The muted, ash shades pink go well with copper blonde ash for an elegant new hair shade. The basic form is a pool cut , with hair that is very long and fades into layers that are longer over the ears. Long layers of hair over a nape that is raised give a gorgeous rounded appearance.

Cute bubble-gum and shell pink short haircut , shaved on the undercut sides

Pretty Pixie Haircut, Best Short Hair Style Ideas for Women

Pretty , dual-pink hair is protected from being too sweet with the sharp shaved undercut. Hair styling forwards can add dimension and texture to hair that can slide flat. The hair can be styled with deep bangs in a sideways fashion to match the longer sideand show the back a more vibrant pink. To achieve the perfect shade balance it is recommended to wear a black Bardot top will give you the feminine, yet sophisticated style!

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