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10 Trendy Pixie Hair Cut Pics for Blondes & Brunettes

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It’s no wonder that the pixie cut is trending as it fulfills all the demands of a fashionable woman! They are simple to maintain and your hands won’t get hurt when you try to style and blow dry your back. Long bangs are able to be styled straight, wavy , or curled to create different styles and flatter various face designs. Pixies also give you a younger appearance and make you look more attractive to your lips, eyes and skin. Let’s look at the most fashionable Pixies, and pick your favorite fashion!

4 images of gorgeous short hairstyle – fashionable Pixie hair cut with adorable white-blonde

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

This gorgeous white blonde winter cut pixie shows exactly what I’ve had in my head. The back of the blonde is slanted to create an appealing curve, showing the form of the model’s face and an elegantly drawn jawline. Asymmetry creates a modern style that is suitable for women of all age groups. (And it’s possible to take years to get older If you’re seeking the most flattering hairstyles for women who are over 50.) Long side-swept hairstyles look gorgeous with straight or frizzy waves or trendy forward styles are so simple to achieve. Houses!

Modern and delicate bridal hairstyle Pixie hair cut in a trendy fashion

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

This is an excellent idea for a modern bridesmaid hairstyle that can be worn by a wide range of facial styles. Covering the forehead can reduce the length of a face, or conceal an overly broad forehead to create a balanced look by putting an elongated heart. A deep side-parting can also be a great option to cut down your length on a face that is long and break up the appearance of a face that is round. Gorgeous dangle earrings give the perfect touch of class and is casual and chic for your wedding day! The beige-blonde-pale shade flatters your skin with warm undertones and highlights the light in stunning golden hues!

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Ash-blonde geometric trendy pixie haircuts

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

Cuts that are short and geometrical can be an excellent method to create a fashionable fashion style, and this symmetrical pixie is full of fresh ideas. The sides and the back are as crucial to the style as the layers that are longer that are on top. The side dots that are shown in the profile photo are cut to make a completely modern square shape. The rear of the head is also a straight line, which is an excellent complement for the silvery-blonde V neck silhouette below! Ash blonde looks great on skin with cool undertones, however you might need to apply a bit more make-up to prevent the look from becoming smudged.

The trendy white-blonde “urban chic” hairstyles for pixies

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

The modern look of platinum blonde is shown with a touch of femininity which makes it a great choice as hairstyle for a stylish young woman! The model’s face is oval however the added volume in the crown and the symmetrical cut make the cut a perfect fit for an oval face. Blond blondes are great for light skin tones with a cold undertone. It is usually coupled with green or blue eyes. It is evident that the color and style are highlighted by the bride’s stunning green eyes and beautifully defined eyebrows!

Pixie haircuts that are trendy and fashionable to brunettes who have fine hair

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

You can look stylish and fashionable all the time and instantly with this lightly wavy pixie cut. The entire style is soft and adorable with long layers that create an attractive , rounded look at the back. The layers that are long above are layered with the deeper side, and styled to create an organic style with a texture created by the distinct waves. The tips are lightly textured in order to break the line that ends at a vantage point at the jaw. This is a great cut for medium to fine hair since there is no need for natural volume. This unstructured style highlights silky and soft hair!

Choppy boho ash-blonde with a chiffony Pixie hairstyles

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

The boho-inspired hairstyle complements the individual style of the model perfectly. The varying layers add look to back. They are a perfect match with the adorable and quirky balloon tattoos that are placed on the neck of the model. The tips are highly made of textured material to create a fashionable line, with edges that are torn. The thinner layers on top add more texture. The haircut is designed to highlight the ears to create striking earrings! A variety of shades of grey, white, and ash blonde are used to give an extra dimension to this fashionable and vibrant shorter haircut!

A stylish silver & Ash-blonde pixie in a stylish style with V-point nape details

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

Here’s a great suggestion to cut and color short hair. It’s attractive and strong. Asymmetry lets your stylist modify the parting to make it perfect.

The nape of the neck provides this classic haircut with an extremely trendy, modern twist!

The ginger-peachy hairstyle is stylish and textured. hairstyles.

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

Hair with a tint of orange is among the most rare natural colors around the globe So if your hair is “ginger” and you are proud of it, then call it orange! Naturally orange hair (or tinted) is very fashionable at the moment, so you can enjoy being a bit distinct from the others. This pixie features a thin, layered bottom line that has sharp side-points that cut through the ear and all the way down towards the nape. This lets the soft, wave-like texture of the top to be noticed in a stunning artistic contrast. Also, with an orange base that fades to a an ombre of peach that is funky it’s a fantastic two-tone pixie!

Special-date style on pixies cut short for brunette hair with thick layers

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

This asymmetrical pixie style lets you make the most of your thick hair by creating a stunning volume coiffure! It’s a style for special occasions with the dramatic appeal of an updo, and the fashionable qualities of a true trend-setter. The side-partings have been accentuated by placing it extremely low on the lower part of your head just above a big buzzed part that is neatly wrapped over the ears. The long layers that form the deep, low fringe, as well as a swept-across top are full of thrilling textures. The crown is highlighted by a slender, curving move that descends to the slender nape.

Modernized classic chic – cut short with pink balayage

Trendy Pixie Hair Cut, Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

This was the original pixie cut that the actress Mia Farrow shocked the world in the 1960’s! The actress cut off her beautiful long waist-length hair, then parted with her boyfriend and got married Frank Sinatra! Although she might not be as famous longer, this sexy, shorter pixie has turned into an iconic. It’s an excellent haircut for fine hair that will showcase a great bone structure as well as dainty appearance to perfection! Fashion-forward women can modernize this stylish look by adding the addition of rainbow colors such as this pink and white balayage!

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