False nails are a great way to glam up your look without resorting to a permanent manicure. They are easy to apply and remove. Plus, some options are even reusable so you can use them for your next special occasion. Choose from pre-made standard size options or choose from custom fake nails that fit your fingers perfectly. You can stick them on with duct tape or nail glue, depending on how long you want them to last. Finally, there’s a world of designs available, from glitter and rainbows to stickers or a classic French manicure. The best thing about false nails is that they are versatile and incredibly easy to change out.

1. Kiss Ab FabGel Fantasy Nails

Bring the salon home with you with Kiss Ab Fab Gel Fantasy Nails. These false nails are fantastic and affordable and look like a gel manicure. Matte pink is unobtrusive, versatile, and stylish. The package contains 24 nails of medium length in different sizes. Plus, it contains adhesive tabs and glue so you can decide how you prefer to apply them. You’ll get up to seven days of wear depending on which application method you choose.

Kiss Ab Fab Gel Fantasy Nails


2. Kiss Revolutionary Natural Nails

Give yourself an elegant yet natural French manicure with ease. Revolutionary natural nails from Kiss are made using acrylic technology, so they are strong and durable. Plus, the pointed cuticle edge provides a seamless look. You can wear them as-is for a natural look, or decorate your nails with your favorite nail polish. The set includes glue, a file, a manicure stick and 28 medium length nails.

Kiss Revolutionary Natural Nails


3. SOSU By Suzanne Jackson False Nails Life’s a Beach

You can find yourself in a tropical paradise with the island vibe of these cute SOSU nails by Suzanne Jackson. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation with pastel pink, gold, and palm leaves, as well as glossy finishes. The combination of short oval and square nails is practical and flexible, suitable for most hands. A nail file, nail stick, and glue make application as easy as lying on the beach under the tropical sun.

Sosu By Suzanne Jackson False Nails Life's A Beach


4. Dashing Diva Magic Press-On Gel Nails

Get a gel manicure in just a few seconds. Dashing Diva Magic Press-on Gel Nails feature patented Super Hold technology so no glue is needed. Just prepare your nails, remove the protective film and press them down. The Gold Standard color option combines the joy of gold glitter with the ferocity of matte black. Also, some nails have extra bling to enhance your look.

Dashing Diva magic Press Gold Standard Press On Gel Nails


5. Kiss Le French Pop Impress Nails Rebecca Minkoff

Kiss teamed up with New York-based designer Rebecca Minkoff to create a trendy false manicure set for their Impress line. These nails come in three colors: vibrant canary yellow, subtle pastel pink, and bright blue. The design has color not only at the tip, as in a traditional French manicure, but also at the base of the cuticle, for a modern and fun design. hence, it is the perfect color for any look. The rounded tip is comfortable to wear and the SuperHold technology makes it easy to apply. The set includes 30 nails, a substrate, a file, and a manicure stick.

Kiss le French Pop Impress Nails Rebecca Minkoff


6. The Nailset Sophy Pink And White Ombre Nude Blend

Enjoy the perfect fit with these beautiful Ombre nails from The Nailset. The store has sizes from extra small to large, as well as custom options so you can fit perfectly and choose your favorite shape. Options include almonds, coffins, stiletto, squares, and oval shapes in various lengths. Ombre Sophy from pink to white is a unique French manicure perspective, and other color combinations are also available, including beige and pink. When not in use, this false nail set can be stored in a stylish storage box.

The Nailest Soph Pink And White Ombre Nude Blend


7. H&M Press On Nails Ladyship

Get an inexpensive set of fake nails from fashion giant H&M. Create a vampire look with Ladyship’s deep plum shade or choose soft grays from Dove Story. In addition, there is the classic version of the French manicure or the simple black color, which is always in fashion and sophisticated. The pre-glued nails are simply pressed down and you are ready to go.

H&m Press On Nails Ladyship


8. Ardell Nail Addict Nails Glass Deco

Ardell Nail Addict in Glass Deco gives a unique and magical look. The sheer false nails look like glass and feature stunning Art Deco prints and sparkling glitter. This look will pair perfectly with Cinderella’s glass slippers and you’ll be ready for the royal ball in no time. The set includes professional glue, a nail file, and a cuticle stick, so even if your fairy godmother is late, at least you can get a manicure done in five minutes.

Ardell Nail Addict Nails Glass Deco


9. Jsfr Nail Art Pressed Dried Flowers on White Press-On Nails

If you enjoy being surrounded by nature and walking through beautiful flower gardens, these false nails are for you. They feature real dried flowers on a white background and are reusable so you can wear them over and over again. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but the reusability and uniqueness are well worth it. Just choose your favorite nail shape, preferred length, and gloss or matte finish, then get ready to sit by the mailbox and wait for them to arrive.

Jsfrnnailart Reusable Pressed Dried Flowers On White Press On Nails 3


10. Outlined AU Hollo There Metallic Silver Nail Wraps

Make a striking statement with silver chrome nail covers. Unlike other false nails, they do not add length, but simply sit on your natural nail. It’s nail polish, but simpler. Application is simple, just peel off the backing, apply it to the nail, heat it up a bit and then file it to the desired length and shape. You can also add a clear top coat for up to two weeks of results. It’s a chic look that’s perfect for a drink with the girls or a night out on the town.

Outlinedau Holo There Metallic Silver Nail Wraps


11. jsfrnNailArt Jelly Press-On Nails with Holographic Sequins

Remember jelly shoes? Basically, this is their version of false nails. Cheerful, youthful, brilliant – what more could you want? Choose from seven colors including bright red, pink Candyland or blue gummy bear. Each color has holographic sparkles in the form of stars, hearts and dots. In addition, the effect is transparent, which adds even more joy. Lastly, these false nails are also reusable and you can choose your shape and length for the perfect look.

Jsfrnnailart Reusable Jelly Press On Nails With Holographic Sequins


12. Silvers Studio Short Coffin Lilac Light Purple Press on Nails

Keep it simple with these stunning lilac coffin nails. You get 24 false nails per set, which also includes two batches of adhesive tabs so you can reuse your nails. In addition, you get a nail file, an alcohol pad, and a manicure stick. Choose a matte or glossy finish, whichever you prefer. They are also made from acrylic so they are durable and won’t crack.

Silversestudio Short Coffin Lilac Light Purple Press On Nails


13. Nailed By Nicolette Rose Gold Chrome Fake Nails

If you think there is a time and place for sparkle and sparkle everywhere and always, then shiny chrome false nails are for you. However, the rose gold hue of these tunics mutes them for any casual look, so they’re just as good on the couch as they are on a girl’s night out. This set comes in a stylish box with a nail file, nail glue, nail stick, and instructions. Choose your favorite shape, from long coffin to short round, and everything in between.

Nailedbynicolette Rose Gold Chrome Fake Nails


14. Jsfrn Nail Art Holographic Rainbow Jelly Glass Press-On Nails

Be a ray of sunshine through the clouds with a rainbow at your fingertips. These holographic rainbows are another fun reusable nail art variation from jsfrn Nail Art on Etsy. The holographic finish refracts light to create depth and a variety of colors, making everything look like a double rainbow. With all your nails, you will be able to find the perfect shape and size for the perfect fit. Just click on them and you are ready to go.

Jsfrnnailart Reusable Holographic Rainbow Jelly Glass Press On Nails 2


15. My Nail Box Star Press On Nails

Live your best life in a beautiful pastel universe with these stellar fake nails from My Nail Box on Etsy. The combination of simple pastel colors and nails with stars looks cute but stylish. In addition, the stars are hand-painted and covered with sugar glitter. When purchasing, you can choose from extra small to extra large, or get a custom set by sending in your nail sizes. Then decide which shape you like. Options include square, oval, coffin, hairpin, and almond shape, all of which come in both regular and long.

Mynailbox Star Press On Nails


Press-On Nail Glues

Many false nail kits come with glue and glue; however, buying a separate bottle of glue can be a good idea. Often the quality will be better, which means that the manicure will last longer. Also, if you’ve invested in a reusable nail kit, you’ll eventually need to refill your supply of glue. Finally, nail glue has an alternative use. Handy to have on hand for general repairs, such as repairing your favorite dinosaur pen you’ve dropped or gluing a broken earring together.



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