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15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

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Hair that is wet looks pretty and we have to admit that. Now that summer is here, it is often important to cool off often throughout the day by taking a an occasional shower. But this could cause issues with your plans to hang out. In the end you don’t have the time to blow-dry their wet hair prior to going out? For a way to solve this problem we’ve put together for you 15 stunning hairstyles that work well with wet hair that will make you looking stunning after the shower.

1. A Braided Side-Bun

Braided Side-Bun Hairstyle for Wet Hair

For this style create the side-parting. After that, braid every side with braids in a French braid until the bottom, making sure you have all your hair is another braid, or one. Then you can tie the hair on one side until it forms an bun, then cut it. Then, twist your braid from the larger side to the the smaller side. Ta-da! You’re now ready to go to school or work with this hairstyle that is wet! You can make it more messy by letting out some hair but not having the entire thing in the hairstyle.

2. The Triple Helix

Triple Helix for wet hair

With this style, you’ll make three buns in the side on your hair, and one lower than the one. Divide you hair in 3 parts beginning from the top and moving to the bottom. Make three buns out of each portion and you’re ready to go!

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3. The Upside-down Braided Bun

hairstyle for wet hair

Divide of your hair to create a shorter top part and a bigger lower part. Do an upside-down braid in the lower portion. Connect the two pieces and tie them to form a bun then you’re finished! The hairstyle that is wet looks clean and tidy, which is perfect for when you go to work or school.

4. Side-way Triple Low Bun With Wet Hair

 Side-way Triple Low Bun for Wet Hair

This bun hairstyle is comparable in style to that of the triple-helix haircut described above, however in thiscase, the three parts are made horizontally. After you have created three vertical partitions then tie each part in a low bun by using hairpins and hairclips.

5. The Fishtail Pony

Fishtail Pony Hairstyle for Wet hair

This isn’t an easy hairstyle, but it will certainly look great! Hair tie by ponytail and begin to create a fishtail on the free side. When you’re done with your fishtail, apply another tie for hair to secure the ends of the fishtail. The result is you have a gorgeous wet hair style!

6. Double French braid bun

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

Divide your hair into the middle. Within each part, braid an French braid that ends towards the back. When you’ve finished and you’ve finished, tie the two pieces together. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to go about the process using four ways to provide you with four different designs:

  • Hair can be braided remaining of your hair
  • It is possible to tie the rest of your hair into an up-do
  • It is possible to tie the remainder of the hair into the form of a low bun
  • You can tie a pony around your neck and keep it that way

7. Side-twisted Double Bun

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

For a stunning style, cut your hair from the middle. Then, on either side, create a series of twists using your fingers beginning from the front and then moving to the back. The twist should be pinched to hold it in place with clips at the back. Then, place the hair on either side of the hair into an elongated bun on the other side. It’s not just that this style of hair look fantastic on hair that is damp, however, once the hair is dry it can look messy and flirty. It’s the perfect hairstyle for a date night out!

8. The Braided Crown

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

The hairstyle is easy and it looks stunning even after the hair is dried. You can take two sections of hair from the front and place them on both sides. Make an individual braid and tie the two braids back together. Join them in the back. The rest of your hair loose and flowing. This hairstyle that is wet is great for night out. You can also cut your hair in case your hair is wet and causes difficulty for you. If you have round faces, look at these styles for shorter hair.

9. Braided Double Crown

Braided Double Crown hairstyle for wet hair

In this hairstyle suitable for wet hair There are two braids rather than one braid that creates a crown. The instructions are the same as one braided crown. It is just a matter of repeating the same procedure with a different pair of braids. This look is stunning when hair is colored with shades of dark brown or red! This style is perfect for night out, when you’re not feeling like letting your hair loose. It’ll look equally amazing after drying it out!

10. One-sided Braids with Hair that is Open Hair

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

This hairstyle is great for dry as well as wet hair! It is particularly beautiful with shorter hair. Split the hair on one side, and then tie an French braid with the larger side, which leads towards the rear. Then, clip hair in the French braid and then cover the ends with hair that’s flowing down.

The rest of your hair in the open or closed position depending on your personal preference.

11. The Donut Bun

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

This bun is simple to make and looks stunning when wet hair is in the picture! Follow the directions in the photo above and you’ll be left with a stunning donut bun that is wet!

12. Slanting Dutch Braid

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

Split your hair along one side, and begin making four-strand Dutch braid with the other side. The braid should be pulled towards the back, then tie it up by using a lock of hair, or with using a hair-tie!

13. 4-Stranded Dutch Braid

15 Best Wet Hairstyles To Express Your Beauty

This is a simple style and straightforward to make. Start with the sides to create an easy double-stranded French braid. Next, go towards the front, and create an asymmetrical braid. Then, join the braid in the middle. It looks stunning and elegant, particularly when hair is wet!

14. 4-stranded Side Braid

Wet Hairstyle for Women

This side braid is beautiful and gorgeous! Divide your hair along one side and begin braiding using the 4-braided method on the larger side until you reach the bottom. You’re done in no time! This style is ideal for hot days but you’re not ready untie your hair, but you want it appear stylish and attractive.

15. The Twisted Hair Knot Effect

Women's Wet Hairstyle

This hairstyle is stunning on hair that is wet! It’s a simple but nice look for your hair. It’s ideal for times those times when you’d rather remain at home, but don’t want to keep your wet hair exposed after showering!

These are just a few examples of the hairstyles that are wet you can expect from you. We will be bringing you more hairstyles!

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