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This season, blue shades are trending on runways and in every day street fashion which makes it one of the most fashionable shades of the season. Manicures can be a great opportunity to try different styles and designs as well as an ideal occasion to experiment with the most fashionable styles. If you’re a lover of this vibrant shade or you’re looking to bring some fun to your everyday life We’ve got you covered. Find your new style by experimenting with these cool design ideas for blue nails.

1. Blue Adidas Inspired Nails

Are you a big fan of Adidas? This manicure draws inspiration from Adidas’ iconic logo and looks stunning on all nails. To achieve this look apply a coat of nail polish to the base of your nail with white, and wait for your polish to set. Cut and stick-thin strips of tape to form neat lines with an angle to your fingertip. Then completely cover your nail bed using blue nail polish. When the second coat has become dry, remove the tape and expose the pattern.

Blue Adidas Inspired Nails

2. Blue and Yellow Nails

You can align each side of your color wheel using this adorable manicure. The lemon shade alongside ocean blue is a gorgeous choice for those who love to explore new ideas. Include some dark lines that break the stark contrast between two shades. It is possible to go for an opposite French manicure using two shades, or you can take Mondrian as an inspiration, but keep the design abstract. To make the lines thin, apply an art-like brush. you can also use strips of tape in order to make sure your lines remain straight.

Blue And Yellow Nails

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3. Blue + Gold Nails

Give a touch of class to your manicure by adding these blue and gold nails. The hue of the duck egg is a chic shade suitable that is perfect for any season. the precious metal accents add the appearance and dimension. The shimmering 3D images appear like gold melts on your fingertips . It creates a perfect-shaped nail or hand. Select the length and shape that best suits your needs – Everything works perfectly with this stunning design!

Blue And Gold Nails

4. Blue Clouds Nail Art

Lift your head and focus on the positives with these gorgeous nails. This cloud-inspired design can be described as a delicate and easy work of art that you can carry along with you wherever you go and can be worn in any time of the year. Select various shades of blue like the shade of the sky or reflections of ocean. This kind of manicure requires some time to master, so take your time when re-creating the manicure. Use tiny brushes to create fine lines and patterns for flawless result.

Blue Clouds Nail Art

5. Blue Eyes Nail Art

Explore the world from every angle by using this stunning manicure. With the stunning blue nail beds it will make you to stand out. The meaning behind this art form has many meanings across the world and can be a wonderful accessory to your outfit. You can try it on your hands or on a nail with a special meaning and add gold-colored accents to give it that final touch.

Blue Eyes Nail Art

6. Blue Leopard Print Nails

Let your personality shine through by displaying these gorgeous leopard print prints. The vibrant blue, when combined with neon orange and yellow is just the right amount to create a stylish overall appearance. The manicure is possible on nails that are of all lengths or form – it’s an energizing and bright addition to your look.

Blue Leopard Print Nails

7. Blue Line Nail Art

Do you like ocean waves? Then this manicure is the perfect one for you! With organic blue lines based on nude You’ll have plenty of room to experiment with different shapes and styles by using this fun art. Start by creating a few closely-knit Wavy lines across the nail’s pinky, and keep them going with the other finger. It is suitable for any length and shape long nails enable you to work in more space. However, you should experiment with different styles to determine which is the best fit for you!

Blue Line Nail Art

8. Blue Nails Abstract Art

Mix it up and shake things up with this abstract artwork. The blue manicure is based on geometric shapes and turns the shapes upside down. You can add accents of black and white strong lines for a striking effect. Tape can be used to create sharp lines on your nails – experiment with a variety of bright tones to create an effect that’s multi-dimensional. This is a fantastic occasion to test out different styles and let your imagination go free.

Blue Nails Abstract Art

9. Blue Nails + Jewel Detail

Create your own unique style by sporting these gorgeous nails. The royal blue base embodies the elegance of noblesse oblige, and the gems added to the top of your nails make you feel like a king. Sprinkle sparkling embellishments on your fingers, keeping the tips in a clean. This manicure is perfect for an Instagram shoot or a great gathering with your friends. Where do you put your crown?

Blue Nails With Jewel Detail

10. Blue Stars Nail Art

Night skys are considered to be one of the most beautiful aspects of nature and why not flaunt them by giving them nail art? Allow your fingers to be a part of the stars by splattering them onto your nails. Apply navy blue as a base color, but only paint one-half of your nail bed. add gold dots and an crescent moon to complete the look. This is a gorgeous choice for those who enjoy glamorous fashion and stars.

Blue Stars Nail Art

11. Blue Tips Nails

Give a summery touch to your look with this beautiful blue nail art. With three colors of nail polishes, it’s simple to create stunning artwork on your nails. Make reverse French manicure by painting the crescent area of the bed with subtle pink or pastel shades. It can help you lengthen your fingertips and make your outfit more elegant. You will be amazed at how many people regard you as an inspiration for the most stylish fashions.

Blue Tips Nails

12. Blue Waves Nail Art

Get your inner ocean lover out by wearing this blue wave pattern. Inspired by yin Yang The artwork blends traditional blue tones with a clean base. It gives you the perfect blend that the colors wheel. It’s a difficult style for beginners, so be sure you’ve got an easy hand and a sharp brush before beginning. Tips: Try different shades of nail polish to create a dramatic look.

Blue Waves Nail Art

13. Cobalt Blue + Silver Glitter Nails

If you’re feeling extra, you’ll be able to resist an elegant manicure. Cobalt blue with sparkling silver creates a multi-faceted , Instagram-worthy manicure for your nails and is easy to recreate! With small pieces of tape make a small triangle at the middle of the bed, then paint it dark. Utilizing a metallic shade apply a tiny dot of paint to the dot in the geometric shape , and you have. It’s a simple but efficient design that can be used on any length.

Cobalt Blue With Silver Glitter Nails

14. Feature Blue Nails

Sometimes, one shade on your nails isn’t enough and you should attempt the entire set? One of the most fashionable trends of the season is many shades on your nails. the addition of blue could be your next step. Mix summery shades like lemon and cherry red with a nude with each fingertip in a striking color. Let cool shades of pastel blue be a part of one finger to make it stand out and give you a cool manicure.

Feature Blue Nails

15. Matte Blue + Feature Glitter Nails

If you’re going to get out from your way it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to have a little fun. This fun, fresh and glamorous manicure is guaranteed to ignite hearts and with the right reason. The blue matte finish looks elegant and stylish, while the side-byside glitter nails add some glam for your hands. This is an excellent choice to wear for a gathering with people or a romantic evening. It’s not difficult to fall in the love with this style and why not give it a go?

Matt Blue With Feature Glitter Nails

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