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15 Medium-Length Hair Tutorials Even Beginners Can Handle

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Are you attending a party or looking to plan an evening date? Simple and elegant hairstyles for medium hair are perfect to create elegant and stylish styles. Take a look at 15 hairstyles that are unique, along with 1-minute instructional videos for each one. This is the time to experiment with your hair’s medium length and maximize the enjoyment you can get from it!

#1: “No-Heat Holiday” Hair

In this guide I’ll show you an easy method to style your hair in an amazing fashion, without blow-dryer. The next step is to add braids to increase the volume and create a stylish weaving. To make this hairstyle I’m using the comb, black band, one elastic, and spray for better fixing. Hair that is loose can create an unintentionally messy, however natural and sweet. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion , whether it’s for a wedding reception, a friend’s event or even a date evening. No-Heat Holiday Hair

#2: Accent Braid

Straight hair needs an accent braid to highlight its uniqueness. Try to create a face a beautiful frame. I suggest the elastic band, pins flat irons and texture spray. Create a braid that can dominate your appearance and will add romantic hints of your appearance.

Medium Bob With Accent Braid

#3: Not Your Grandma’s Claw-Clip Hair

What can you do to get yourself ready for a celebration using as little effort as is possible? This guide will show you how to make a stunning hairstyle using an iron with a flat surface with a claw clip, just a tiny amount of fixing spray. This style is an excellent choice for occasions or everyday wear. Don’t forget to keep your hair loose to give it larger volume!
Not Your Grandma’s Claw-Clip Hair

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#4: Quick and Easy Summer Braids

Quick and Easy Summer Braids

The hair tutorial you’re looking for requires some patience, but you want to appear flawless, don’t? You’ll be weaving braids in a French braid and then fix it using spray. You’ll require elastic bands and. One important point to remember for this style It is important to keep the top section clean and in your back area, it’s better to use sections that are not even. In this case when you pull it off you’ll have a distinctive hairstyle!

#5: Loose Braid Updo

Loose Braid Updo For Shoulder Length Hair

Professionally crafted hairstyles are the best option if you are looking to impress your loved ones with a brand new image. Utilize your combing comb, curling iron and a fixative spray. Making a large-scale weave is a must to do it thoroughly to get the perfect look. Also, don’t forget to keep some loose hairs on the face, and in front. See how soft and beautiful this hairstyle looks!

#6: Festival Hair

Are you planning to have some fun at a gathering? Take a look at this tutorial. I’ll guide you through the process of creating this hairstyle using a couple of a few tools. You’ll require a brush, an ointment spray an chameleon curler, and some tiny pins. TIP: Arrange hairpins in an arc pattern, which makes your appearance more fashionable and lively.

Festival Hair With Colored Bobby Pins

#7: Big, Side Bun

What should a woman bring to a deserted isle with her? It’s a sure thing it would be a spray of texture as well as some Bobby pins! A huge side bun is a kind of hairstyle that demands some imagination and imagination. Elastic bands and pins are utilized for better fixation. In the end, you can make a simple bun that has two spikes on both sides. Ideal for date night!
Loose Donut Bun For Medium Hair

#8: Texture for Fine Hair

It is a good idea to consider this look If you’re looking to add some shine and bounce to fine hair. You’ll require the flat iron along with a comb, and of course, a sturdy clip that can hold the hair strands. This tutorial will show you how to make soft natural waves using the flat iron, and then arrange your strands however you’d like. The result looks stunning It’s stylish and inattention that is always trendy! It’s a great option to go out for a night.

Medium Hair With Added Texture

#9. Barbie Pony

I’m sure you’ve been intrigued by Barbie’s style! Let’s take a look at how you can make her look more real. To create this style you’ll need an comb, Perk Up Dry Shampoo to add body to the hair (as well as the powder for volume), Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray clips, curling kits as well as a few flips of hair extensions. It’s also a good idea to have you’ll require a hairband because we’ll make an elegant ponytail! When you’re done you’ll look just as gorgeous as Ken’s wife – beautiful and feminine!

Rose Gold Barbie Ponytail

#10: Voluminous Fishtail

Fishes aren’t exactly models for fashion. But a long, full fishtail is a hairstyle that everyone is eager to test. Make sure you have blow-dryers with volume mousse, an twist curler. Hair braids made of synthetic hair are an integral element the hairstyle. The primary step in creating it is to weave the tail. Be sure to weave it thoroughly and don’t forget to add volume!

Voluminous Fishtail With Extensions

#11: Topknot Magic

There are many various styles for medium-length hair. However, this style is one that you must not overlook. It’s perfect when it’s full enough and is suitable for intimate and romantic photos. It is recommended to use the curler, a comb or clip Fresh Dry Shampoo, PowderFix and a fixative (something similar to All-Around Work Spray). Create a long, voluminous topknot. tie it up with an elastic band, and then treat the side spikes using the curler. This is a great idea for a walk or for a celebration!

Medium Half Updo With Topknot

#12: Lived-In Braid

This is a basic but elegant hairstyle that is simple and elegant. To make it you’ll require curlers, Fresh Start Dry Shampoo as well as All-Around Spray. You’ll be treating the hair using the curler before weaving braids, which will be thin at the top. In just a few minutes, you’ll be enjoying your fashionable and multi-purpose hairstyle.

Long Bob With Messy French Braid

#13: Textured Pony

The red bandana has been a iconic feature that will help you look as stylish as your favorite Hollywood movie stars. Your kit for beauty should contain hair spray to aid in fixation and a flat iron to make your hair wavy, along with an elastic to make an attractive ponytail. Then, add some spice, which is the red bandana to enhance the look. Here you go! Do you think that this hairstyle could cause everyone’s people’s eyes be drawn to you?

Textured Pony With Red Bandana

#14: Faux-Hawk Upstyle

Now, here’s an instructional video to show you how to create an imitation hawk. This is a vital hack to look stylish and fresh even over the midst of a long period between hair wash. You can use two types of sprays for dry texturizing as well as finishing texturizing. An elastic band as well as a clip can be also available. Make an illusion-hawk spray and then make the sides strands wavy by using the help of a curler. That’s a hairstyle suitable for an attractive woman!

Lob With Faux Hawk Upstyle

#15: Both Formal and Casual

Are you tired of the same fashion? This guide will show you how to remain beautiful and natural in any situation. A formal haircut can be changed to an informal one. To accomplish this, you must arm you with a hair comb pins and curler. All you need to do is turn the hair inwards and then attach it with an easy clip. Smoothing out the feathers that were ruffled wasn’t that simple!

French Twist With Golden Clip

I recommend that people experiment with their hair, as it alters how we feel and behave. Follow @alishajaredhairartistry on Instagram to master even more elegant hairstyles!

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