We know you love your weekly manicure, but aren’t you tired of the same pale pinks, nudes, or blacks? If you’re feeling daring, you can always try bright red or blue, but why not opt ​​for something even more glamorous? If you’re looking for a way to make your nails stand out, then 3D nail art is here to answer your manicure prayers. From floral patterns to simple studs, 3D nails have never looked better. Here we have compiled a selection of the best 3D nails to inspire your next manicure.

1. Lace 3D Nails

Lace 3D nail art is a great choice because you can make it as sparse or closed as you like. To start, choose a base color and grab some lace. This look is similar to a regular lace manicure, except instead of painting over the material and peeling it off, you stick it on your nail, creating a raised, three-dimensional texture.

3d Lace Nails


2. 3D Unicorn Nails

From highlighter to donuts, the unicorn is arguably one of the biggest trends of the millennium. So why deprive your nails of mystical makeup? Try this outstanding glittery unicorn horn accent design.

4. 3d Unicorn Nails


3. 3D Snowflakes Nail Art

A frosty and cute nail design with 3D snowflakes will make you welcome the winter weather with open arms. To create the look, start with a blue base before adding white flakes.

3d Snowflake Nails


4. 3D Bridal Nails

Why should your ring be your only piece of jewelry on this special day? 3D nails may not scream bridal chic, but when done simply, they can show up in these close-up shots of the rings.

Brial Nails Sharp


5. 3D Rose Nail Art

Roses are another take on gorgeous 3D flower nails. We love the beautiful pink rose design with leaf details as a fresh and youthful alternative to the classic red rose style.

2. 3d Rose Nails

6. Mermaid 3D Nails

Channel your inner siren of the sea with this jeweled design in blue.

Mermaid Nails


7. DIY 3D Nails

Making yourself a 3D manicure at home is surprisingly easy. Just grab some nail glue and some diamonds and create your Pinterest account. While there are many designs to try, studded styles are the easiest, so consider starting with them if you’re new to nail art.

Studded Nails


8. 3D French Nails

For a feminine and elegant look, try a French manicure with voluminous flowers. The stunning white flowers are sure to add a modern and trendy touch to your classic French hairstyles.

Bridal Nails


9. Bejeweled 3D Nails

If thinness is not to your liking, choose something brighter. From words to gems and even chains, there is no limit to the number of 3D elements you can attach to your nails, so get creative and relax.

Bejewlled Nails


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