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Red nails are a classic manicure choice. They are a stylish and versatile style that can be used to an elegant occasion or a day at the office, or even a romantic date. It’s not boring or simple it’s possible to play with the shades and top coats and nail shapes, as well as accessories to help your red nails shine above the rest. Continue reading to learn the best method to bring your red nails up into the top notch.

1. Dita Von Teese Red Nails

Burlesque celebrity Dita Von Teese has become renowned for her stylish old-fashioned looks. A red manicure is a perfect match for her retro look perfectly. For nails that evoke the 50s you can request a half-moon manicure that has a shiny red base, and bare or light pink accents.

Dita Von Teese Red Nails

2. Fun Nail Design

Display your playful and imaginative side by sporting this creative nail art design. One of the most popular options is a manicure inspired by social media. A Instagram heart or Facebook like is a great choice for any nail. Try various emojis, either an emoji or cute foods such as tacos, fruits, or Ice cream.

Fun Nail Design

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3. Matte Red Nails

Red nails look great with any type of finish including satin, glitter and sparkle. A matte finish will give your manicure an updated look. A matte finish gives the color more depth and attracts the attention of your nails since it’s different. You could also experiment with matte nails or a totally matte manicure that includes sparkling nails.

Matte Red Nails

4. Metallic Red Nails

Metallic nail polish has been a popular nail trend for many years and will not go out of fashion any time soon! The sleek chrome style can make your nail polish stand out and draw the attention of. The look is made by using “mirror” also known as “chrome” powder that is mixed with polish. With the proper tools, you can make metal nails that are covered with foil at your home.

Metallic Red Nails

5. Red And Maroon Ombre Nails

For a fresher look on nails that are red Mix a bright red shade with a subtle maroon gradient. The result is beautiful and romantic. It is perfect for colder weather The nail has a fashionable design and polished appearance. Ombre nails look fantastic on all nail types particularly stiletto, square as well as coffin nail.

Red And Maroon Ombre Nails

6. Red And Pastel Nails

An unusual combination of colors for manicures is pastel and red. You can try adding a coral red nail, while keeping the remainder of your nails pastel pink. The vibrant, vivid colors will draw the eye and provide a simple manicure a striking and surprising style.

Red And Pastel Nails

7. Red and Pink Nails

The classic red and pink colour combination. The contrast between strong intense red and gorgeous pink creates manicures that are as romantic and feminine as is possible. If you are celebrating a special event, such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary make sure to add a girly look by adding cute elements like hearts.

Red And Pink Nails

8. Red And White Candy Nails

Make your nails look psychedelic by giving them a 60s style with white and red stripes. Wraps and candy treats from the past make for a fun and playful style. To create a cozy look opt for simple horizontal or vertical lines as seen in the outfits worn by strippers.

Red And White Candy Nails

9. Red And White Love Nails

Let your romantic side shine by sporting white and red nails. Great for a romantic special event or date the love nails are cute and sweet. Select a red manicure that has an oblong-shaped white nail change the color and choose a vibrant red. It is also possible to use heart-shaped glitter, or repeat the heart-shaped design across each nail. There are a myriad of ways to get into this style!

Red And White Love Nails

10. Red Cherries Nails

Cherries that are juicy and sweet are a common pattern on nail polish and clothes. This is because they’re bright and fresh, and provide an edgy red hue to any style. Paint the classic double cherry on each nail to create a an elegant look that’ll bring back memories of the long summer days. Combine it with the classic French tips to earn extra 90s-inspired style points.

Red Cherries Nails

11. Red Dots

Get into the red dot trend by putting huge dots for your nails! It’s a subtle, playful design with a sense of humor. Additionally, it offers an innovative and contemporary take on traditional nail designs. It is also possible to try the polka dots pattern. To get the best results make dots over a plain transparent or white background.

Red Dots

12. Red French Manicure

We’ve all seen the traditional French manicure: a bare base and white tips. To add a touch of sexiness to you French manicure a hint of freshness and freshness, switch the hue between red and white. It’s a feminine and elegant manicure that’s as easy as it is stylish. Ideal for work or at a gathering A red French manicure is among the most flexible alternatives. Try it with a rounded, almond or hairpins.

Red French Mannicure Nails

13. Love Heart Tips

Love hearts are among the most versatile designs that you can use on your nail. One of the most fashionable choices are love tips. Cute, thin heart-shaped and flirty ideas are simple to create yourself. Make your nails look like one of the following: an oval or carnation, and then create a double curve to create a heart each.

Red Love Heart Tips Nails

14. Red Pink Ombre Nails

A feminine and beautiful version of the manicure ombre, ranging from pink to red. For a more homey appearance apply an white base coat, so that the nail polish colors pop out. Apply a damp makeup brush to put on the pink and red nail polish, which creates an even blend. Add an opaque top coat and you’re finished!

Red Pink Ombre Nails

15. Red Stick-On Nails

False or glued nails can allow you to create a beautiful manicure in only minutes. They can also be a great alternative for those whose nails aren’t strong enough for gel or acrylic polish or if your nails are nail biter. In spite of the many designs and forms of nail glue Red is a classic shade that is perfect for every outfit.

Red Stick On Nails

16. Red Manicure With Feature Nails

Nails with decorative designs are a great method to refresh an easy manicure without having to redo every nail. No matter what colour or pattern for your nails’ main ones You can be certain that your fingers will be noticed. This is because the human eye is drawn to contrast. If you want to get a red manicure, pick a pattern that has complementary shades of the same shade.

Red With Feature Nails

17. Shades of Red

Which is your most favored Red nail polishes? Display the entire spectrum with nail polishes in hues of red. From cool reds with berries to bright red oranges and all in between, your nails will look stunning. Since all colors belong to the same family of hues, you don’t need to be concerned about collisions. In fact, all reds mix harmoniously.

Shades Of Red

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