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16 Best Front Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

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Front layered haircuts for long hair give a energy and motion without the need for the need for a drastic cut. They don’t just preserve the length and density but can also frame and open the female face. Aya Allathqani is a stylist and director of Bella Visci Salon in Houston, TX, shares knowledge on this fashion. She is confident that this cut will work for all hair types and facial forms. “It cuts down on the bulk and weight of thick hair, creating a an edgier appearance,” she explains. “With more fine hair, a subtle facial frame can create a stunning effect. It gives the illusion of layers motion, and body, but without losing any length and density.” Do not take your frame off at the home, as it can result in an unintentional mess, says Allathqani. Choose a hairdresser who’s familiar with the methods and arrange up a consult. This is the ideal opportunity to ask for an honest review of how the face-framing layers appear on you. They look stunning when cut from the middle. However, if you’re using sides, pieces on both sides must be balanced and equal. This is a sophisticated and flexible cut when done correctly. If you’re styling, don’t wear this pin straight. Use a flat iron to stretch the layers toward the face. Use using a round brush, you can create the body. Allathqani advises “Let your hair cool for about 15-30 seconds following flat ironing. You can brush it back with your hands and it will fly back with ease!” Dive into this hairstyle! Take a look at these photos of the most popular front-layered hairstyles for long hair prior to your next trip to the salon.

#1 Long Layers with flipped out ends

Long Front Layers with Flipped Out Ends

2. Blonde front layers with Shadow Root

Long Blonde Front Layers with a Shadow Root

#3: Texture and Front Layers

Texture and Front Layers

Get a cut with layers of texture and long lengths for long hair and are looking for an elegant and romantic look. This front-layered cut hairstyle for long hair provides the option of a sweeping bang that looks stunning when it is styled straight or in waves.

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#4 Long Layers and Highlights

Long Layers with Highlights

Long layers of highlights are a great style for hair with long lengths. The long-layered hair in front frames the face while the carefully placed highlights enhance the cut and provide the appearance of a vibrant accent of colour.

5: Layers of Long Hair and Highlights of Blonde

Long Layers with Blonde Highlights

Select long layers with blonde highlights to create romantic and feminine modern look. The cut and balayage work perfectly with the highlights of the face frame in front, which help highlight the color and highlight the texture created by the cut all over the hair.

#6: Loose Layers and Bangs

Long Layers with Bangs

Use long layers and bangs when you want an appearance that gives an entirely different look, without sacrificing length long hair. The layers can help reduce the bulk of long hair, while the bangs on the front assist to slim the face, and look gorgeous when styled up. This is an excellent front haircut for hair with long lengths!

#7: More Longer Layers Balayage Brown Hair

Longer Layers with Balayage Brown Hair Hairstyle

For long layers, ask for brown hair that has balayage to create fashionable and simple-to-style hair that enhances the color by adding an illusion of depth and texture using shag-like layers.

#8: 70s Inspired Shaggy Layering

70s Inspired Shaggy Layering Haircut

Get a 70s-inspired layered shaggy haircut for an exciting and full-bodied cut that’s timeless. Long hair with short sections in front draw focus to the face and length in the crown. In addition, they work well for women who have delicate hair styles.

#9: Volumizing Long Layers for Fine Hair

Volumizing Long Layers Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Request a volumizing long layer when you have thin hair and are looking for a cut which will add volume and form to thin or flat hair. This cut is ideal for women who have fine, wavy or straight hair. It is easy to style with round brushes or a big curling iron.

#10 The Laminated Shag with Curtain Bangs. Shag along with Curtain Bangs

Layered Long Shag with Curtain Bangs Haircut

The long shag that is layered with bangs that are curtain-length is gorgeous fashionable, stylish, and versatile. It’s easy to style with curling irons or wands for messy curls and textures.

#11: Short Feathered Layers

Short Feathered Layers for Long Hair Hairstyle

For a more casual look, ask for layers of feathers that are short to get a messy, textured look. This front-fleeced cut suitable to long locks is trendy yet beautiful. Long hair with short layers on the front can help reduce the size and shape of your face.

#12: Long Hair with Front Gradual Layers

Long Hair with Front Gradual Layers

Long hair with a gradual layering on the front is a gorgeous and elegant look for women with straight, long hair. Long hair with shorter front pieces draws focus to the jawline, and softness for the rest of the face.

#13 The Long Layered Cut is made with Extensions

Long Layered Cut with Extensions

Take a look at a long, layered cut that has extensions to give you fullness length, length and a face-framing look. The layers on the front create body and lift and the extensions add the length and thickness needed by women with thin hair.

#14: Long Face-Framing Layers

face frame long layered hair in front

You can ask for layers of face-framing that are long If you have hair that is wavy and are looking for cuts that draw focus on your appearance and add the appearance of fullness to your limp hair. With a wavy-textured hair, a great hair styling cream or mousse can be applied to create easy, air-dried styles.

#15 A Layered Quick Web with Accents

Layered Quick Weave with Highlights

Pick a layered, quick weave with highlights for a dramatic look. an elongated look, with colors that make the cut stand out. The layers that are long on the front give you a range of styles and frames and highlights the cheekbones as well as the face.

#16: Choppy Layers

long layered straight hair front view

Choose a messy layered cut for a sleek and tousled look. This front layered cut long hair is an excellent way to add texture and shape to women with long straight hair, and are seeking a new look but don’t want compromise length.

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