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25 Easy & Cute Updos for Medium Hair

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Are you thinking you need to be Rapunzel have a gorgeous hairstyle? Don’t be! Medium-length hair can be elevated to new heights when you try these stunning elegant, classy and simply stunning hairstyles. If you’re in need of some ideas for a wedding, prom or anniversary, or need to think of something new These photos will definitely get you inspired for you. Take a few bobby pins and be ready to look at the best hairstyles of this year that are suitable for hair of medium length!

#1: Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid for Medium-Length Hair

An FYI Braids don’t just happen to be worn for Coachella. You can dress up formal wear with twists.

#2: Simple Braid Updo

Simple Braid Updo

The perfect hairstyle that is woven into perfection. messy, yet flawless hairstyle is ideal for the relaxed and elegant gals who are out there. A lot of incredible textures and depth!

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#3: Twist Updo for Medium Hair

Twisted updo for medium length hair

The volume and texture This simple twist is an ideal look for any event. The face-framing elements on the front highlight your best features.

#4: Simple French Braid

Simple French Braid

What do you think of the look? The braid you see here is an original modern twist on the traditional French braid. It is a combination of traditional braiding techniques along with macrame stitching. It’s something I am a fan of to incorporate into my work. The thing I love with this particular braid is the fact that it’s extremely versatile! In this particular instance I braided it to the nape of my neck, then I pinned the rest of the hair underneath for a sleek appearance ideal for formal or other occasions. But, if I continued the braid with the ponytail, it would appear like a DNA braid since it is a natural tendency to spiral. Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about it? I would advise anyone who is considering the braid to know that they look amazing with a variety of hair lengths and types. Some people think that braids can only be worn on long hair, but that’s not always the case! If you want to style your hair in this way, you will only require hair that is mid-length. When your hair’s length is sufficient to allow for the classic French braid, it’s long enough to be suitable for this braid as well! If you want to carry this braid on through the ponytail, you may have to use a weft or even a ribbon for extra length in order to make the spiral. The style here is simple, but it looks gorgeous with hair that is textured too. It could look sophisticated or trendy, dependent on the way you decide to dress it.

#5: Textured Loose Updo

Textured Loose Updo hairstyle

What would you say about this style and what’s your most favorite part about it? It is best to describe the style as a loose and textured style with braid. My favorite part about this hairstyle for medium-length hair is the braid with two strands. The braid brings the whole look together! What products or tips would you suggest to recreate this style? For a similar look would suggest using a product that gives texture, and also one with flexibility in hold. If you have straight and smooth hair, texture will be essential to keep this look. I mostly utilize KMS Hair products. I would recommend applying Hairplay Dry Wax because it creates texture and offers a an elastic hold. I’d also recommend finishing with a finishing hairspray which doesn’t have a hard and hard feel. I suggest the KMS Hairstay firm finishing hairspray. Also, I did not straighten the hair in the beginning before creating the appearance because this hair is naturally textured, dense, and easy to use. But, anyone with straight hair must curl it first to be able to hold and control the braid and twists more effectively. This will prevent straight hair from sticking out and rendering the entire look unfinished. What kind of customer would you suggest this look for? I would recommend this style for anyone who is fashionable and is looking for an alternative to a side-updo. This style is ideal for those who don’t need the sleek and polished appearance. I would also suggest this style for those who are comfortable with their hair slicked back only one side as it will look more unified when paired with a side-updo.

#6: Classy Low Twisted Bun

Timeless and Classy hairstyle

What would you say about this style and what’s the most appealing thing about it? I would describe this medium-length updo as elegant and timeless. My favorite part about this style is that it makes her short, fine hair appear larger than it actually is. I love how it drapes over the neck and in a beautiful manner for hot summer days. I too love the twisted style on her! Twists flatter everyone and give a different dimension to any fashion. What are the best products or tricks you recommend for achieving this style? The products I chose to use are dry shampoo prior to working, as well as a hairspray after finishing. Dry shampoo is great because it adds a some roughness and texture to the hair, while also absorbing natural oils present in the root. If hair is clean, it can be a little difficult to work with as it’s so delicate and silky smooth. Dry shampoo can add some roughness to keep hair in place while the hair is worked. I love using hairspray because it keeps the style in place, so that this gorgeous can stay all night without fearing about her hair coming untidy. Mini elastics and Bobby pins can also be your best all-time companion in achieving this style.

These steps will help you recreate this style:

1. Apply dry shampoo on the root if required. The hair can be loosely curled.

Step 2: Increase volume on high-up in the hair by backcombing or teasing three one-inch sections back to back around the crown region.

Step 3: Split your hair in two sections beginning at the end of the backcomb, beneath the crown and then directly down your nape. Clip the sections to the sides on the side of the ears. Clean sections can allow you to create the style you’re looking for without all the hair obscuring your work area.

Step 4: Pick the first section, and begin twisting upwards by adding more hair at a time and staying near to hairline you can. Once you have reached the rear of your head, and can see the line that defines the sections, use an elastic piece and tie the section off.

Fiveth step: repeat the process on the opposite side.

Step 6. Attach both sections together to form a ponytail.

Step 7: With one hand, split from the middle of your ponytail over the elastic, creating an opening. On the other hand make sure the ponytail is pulled through making a bun, and secure it with a pin.

Step 8 Utilize your fingers to split the buns and twists to give them a more full look. Remove some hair strands on the front of your head to create pieces that look flattering. Make use of your preferred hairspray for add a finishing touch.

What kind of client do you suggest this look to? The bridesmaid in the image has fine hair of medium density which fell over her shoulders. The look was absolutely gorgeous on her. This style can be created for any hair type, but the look can be different according to who is wearing it. This is a perfect date night women’s night out or night out style. If you’d like to dress casually, pull out the backcomb and you’re good to go!

#7: Modern Twisted Bun

Modern Twisted Bun hairstyle

What would you say about this style and what’s your most favorite part about it? The best thing about this hairstyle is it’s an elegant and modern twist. This hairstyle is incredibly elegant and charming. It’s simple to make and is timeless. It’s appropriate for any occasion regardless of whether it’s an event like a wedding, a night out, a gathering or dinner. It’s perfect for any occasion where you’d like to dress up in all respects! What products or tips would you recommend for achieving this style? This hairstyle is thick and smooth in the front, and then twisted to a twist in the back. It’s recommended for you to shampoo your hair before you go to bed and without conditioner! Conditioner makes hair smooth and heavy, making it more difficult to get this style right. Make use of a Volume Lift mousse on your towel-dried hair. Personally, I prefer this Tecni Art Volume Lift Mousse from L’Oreal Professionnel to create volume by removing the roots. Before styling, you should divide your hair into two sections. Separate sections from each to create an upper and lower part. In the front you can use a dry hairspray to add an appearance and volume, then make sure to tease the roots. I prefer my Tecni Art Crepage de Chignon from L’Oreal Professionnel. It can help create maximum volume and volume by creating the texture of a loose, undone hairstyle. You can gather your hair into the ponytail. Twist it, and attach it using hair tie. Then, wrap it around yourself to create a bun. Then, pull the twist to add volume. Make use of bobby pins for holding the hairstyle in the right place. Be sure to mist the hairstyle with a fixative spray so that it lasts throughout the day long. Here again, I use L’Oreal Professionnel. Perhaps they should sponsored me! What kind of customer do you suggest this look to? If you’re looking for a fashionable and beautiful look, then you should choose this style! The perfect length for this hairstyle is collarbone, and longer. Because it is a lot of volume in the front and back, it can make your face appear more pronounced. For those with a smaller or a rounder appearance, then you could wear this look and look gorgeous!

#8: Romantic Faux Updo

Romantic Faux Updo hairstyle

What would you say about this style and what’s your most favorite part about it? This is what I would consider to be an elegant and romantic faux-updo. The bridesmaid was medium-length fine hair. She wanted a stylish style that was soft and flowing. To achieve this I applied a strong side part that was flowing into a slender curl that dangled to the side, giving an elegant and youthful look. What products or tips would you suggest to recreate this style? Mizani Styling Lotion is among my top products for hair that is special occasion of all kinds. I applied a dime-sized quantity of the product through her hair before cutting it into three sections. I then pulled her Styling Mousse through each section at a moment to ensure that her hair was in the right place. I put a 3/4-inch iron in each section to pull her hair back from her face. Then, I pinched to the left side of her hair to give the appearance of a full , full-on hairstyle. The left-hand side is held by Kenra’s #25 hairspray which I used to complete and keep the look throughout the day and evening. What kind of person do you suggest this look for? The style is a flutter that’s youthful and vibrant but still elegant. It’s a fantastic method to make a transitional style with medium or fine hair. I believe it’s ideal for everyone starting from Sweet sixteen to the bridesmaids or brides from all ages.

#9: Voluminous Half Updo

Voluminous Half Updo hairstyle

What would you say about the look? What is your most favorite part about it? It’s a half-up half down hairstyle which is silky smooth and has plenty of volume. The best part about this style is that it can be worn virtually anyplace. It is possible to make it look more elegant for the perfect bridesmaid style or wear it in your everyday look. What are the best products or tricks you suggest to recreate this style? To achieve this style, I applied the Unite Expanda Dust for her hair’s crown. I used a lot of back combing on the top of her head, and then smoothed it with my back combing brush. I also employed a flat iron to straighten and smooth her hair, as well as to make her ends bend on the top.I finished this style using Unite Smooth and Shine styling cream for the hair that we let down Unite 7 Seconds glossing spray all over and of course Unite hairspray. What kind of person would you recommend this style for? Updos for medium hair are so versatile. You can wear this style all the way from long to short hair. Hair that is shorter will be more of a modern and chic look.

#10: Classic Formal Updo

Classic Formal Updo hairstyle

What would you say about the look? What is your most favorite part about it? I would describe this medium length hairstyle as a classic formal wedding hairstyle with a romantic ambiance. The most appealing thing about it is that it’s structured but loose at yet elegant at the same time. What are the best products or tips you suggest to recreate this style? For this look I made use of Living Proof Dry Texture Spray, Living Proof Control Hairspray along with Aerogel the Hair Finishing Spray. The hair should be pre-wound using 1-to 1.25-inch curling iron can be beneficial. Instead of creating an elegant chignon, added crisscrossing, overlapped twists in the middle and from each side, and then loosen them slightly. What kind of client would you suggest this style for? I would recommend this style for those who has light or medium thickness. Any hair type can be used in this style, as long as it’s properly prepared. This look is perfect those who want an elegant romantic look that isn’t too formal or messy. For me, this style is ideal for an a-line or trumpet dress.

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