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16 Medium Layered Haircuts with Side Bangs for a Chic Combination

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Medium layered hair with side bangs is a side-parted , textured cut that reaches the shoulder or collarbone. Its fringe can be swept towards toward the sides, creating an asymmetrical shape for female faces. Haircut expert Lee Caldera Martinez of San Antonio, TX loves the variety of this style. She explains “It’s large enough for you to tie into ponytail or bun, but it’s also shorter enough to make styling it much faster and easier. You can also put on an adorable fringe and leave face-framing parts to help make it stand out.” The greatest benefit of this hair style is that the layers and bangs can be changed. The cut is adjustable to make sure it blends with your face characteristics and hair’s texture. It is important to note that a mid-length, layer cut isn’t suitable for women with frizzy or hair that is thick. Pick a style based on your personal preferences and the amount of time you’re willing on hairdressing. Think about how you’d like to keep or grow your hair out. These considerations will allow your stylist to provide honest advice and recommendations. Request your stylist to suggest an easy-to-maintenance medium-length hairstyle that requires effortless styling. “Some styles can be achieved using the right hair products and techniques along with maintenance. It’s essential to ask your hairdresser to style your hair in various methods,” Caldera-Martinez points out. Explore these stunning images and discover the most fashionable ways to wear medium-layered locks with bangs on the sides. It’s time to update your style!

Dark Collarbone-Length Hair with Layers and Bangs to the Side

1: Dark Long, Collarbone Hair that has Bangs on the Side.

Make sure to try dark hair with bangs on the sides for a more lustrous shade. A hairstyle that is long and collarbone-like is a trendy style that you’ll be awestruck by. Straighten your hair and make a few waves, and you’re finished!

Straight Layered Shagged Hair with Long Side Bangs for Mid-Length Hair

#2: Straight Shagged Hair with Long Side Bangs

If you’re looking to update your hairstyle Straight bangs are an exciting, yet subtle variation. Straight shagged hair that has long side bangs is an ideal haircut for hair with fine texture and the subtle layers aid in bringing the fullness desired.

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Straight Lob with Layered Bangs to the Side for Square Faces

3: Straight Lob with Layered Bangs to Square Faces

Straight lobs that have bangs that are layered for square faces is beautiful. The side bangs layered in layers for medium hair are a perfect match and can help to even out the appearance of the face. The longer bob can help make the face appear more slim the face at the same time.

Mid-Length Feathered Shag Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

#4 Feathered Shag Cut with Bangs that are side-swept

Medium-sized layers with bangs that are side-swept are like a feathered shag cut. The shag cut has more extreme layering, and feathering keeps the layers blending.

Medium Layered Cut with a Deep Side Part and Side Fringe on Fine Hair

#5: Layered Cut an Deep Side part on fine Hair

A deep side part even though it’s not “trendy” right now, is stunning by blending soft layers. Layered cuts with an extended side part on fine hair can add volume to the crown region which creates blended layering and wispy hair that is fuller.

Mid-Length Multi-Layered Shag with Wispy Side Bangs

#6: Multi-Layed Shag Wispy Bangs

Medium cut hairstyles with side bangs could require a an elongated, multi-layered shag as well as hair with wispy curls. Hair that is thin is ideal for a shag with multiple layers, it adds volume, creating the appearance of a larger one. If you have hair that is thick it is possible that you would like to have a more layers.

Subtle Layers and a Side Fringe for Medium-Length Thick Hair

#7: Subtle Layers and a Side Fringe for Thick Hair

Women with thick hair might not necessarily need layers as they already have plenty of volume. If you’re looking to reduce some pounds and add some volume, a shoulder-length hairstyle with side fringes is ideal. Layers that are thin and a side fringe work well for hair that is thick. A few layers and a blended cut will help to reduce the weight, and volume and the thickness.

Medium Textured Haircut with Layers and Beach Waves and Side Bangs

#8: Textured hair cut with layers and Beach Waves

Short layers look great with waves from the beach and side-swept bangs. A haircut that is layered for fine hair can add an extra dimension and makes the appear more full. Layers of textured hair and beach waves will never go trendy.

Collarbone-Length Feathered Cut for Thin Hair with Side Fringe

#9: Collarbone-Length Feathered Cut for Thin Hair

Women with thin hair require more texture to create an overall look that is more full, so layers are the best option. A length of the collarbone, a feathered cut is the perfect choice for thin hair since layers and blended elevation to add volume and texture, giving the hair a look that is both full and thick.

Medium Layered Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

#10 Medium Wavy with Side Bangs

Females with a heart-shaped facial shape are stunning when they wear hair that is medium-layered with side bangs. Side bangs and layers add volume and create the illusion of having hair that is fuller!

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