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18 Best Banging Undercut Bob Ideas to Wear This Spring

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A undercut bob haircut is extremely versatile and simple to cut. While some can effortlessly wear a bold hairstyle with a shaved chin but there are subtle alternatives like an undercut hidden or the bob that has an undercut nape, too. Check out the most effective ways to rock an undercut bob. What hairstyle would you like to test?

What Is an Undercut Bob Haircut?

The undercut bob is a hairstyle where hair on top is long, while the sides and back are buzzed shorter. In most cases, longer stands partially cover the area that has been shaved. The undercut first became popular with men between 1910 and 1940 and then re-emerged in the 1980s. It then became an important trend in the past decade, this time, among women. Find the top ideas for styling the bob with an undercut in 2021.

# 1: Asymmetrical Bob that has a shaved side

If you’re looking for a chic approach to having your hair cut haircut, this style is specifically for you. The shaved sides spice up the traditional form of a bob but it’s still stylish and appropriate for work.

Blonde Undercut Bob with Shadow Roots

#2 Layered A-Line Bob an undercut

Feathered and shabby, this A-line bob cut undercut will look equally good straight or curly. The red-deep highlights compliment the cut and give a more dimensional look for the style. Volume spray or powder is essential to style this look.

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Feathered Inverted Bob with Undercut

#3: Fiery Red Curly Undercut Bob

While this vibrant colour of hair is an absolute show-stopper The shaved side amps up the sense of independence and rebellion. Straighten or curl your hair to add the look of texture.

Short Bob with Shaved Side

#4: Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Undercuts are a great option to cut out volume on the sides, which can make the most perfect cut look ugly and not attractive. Instead of using scissors that are thin and a shaver, ask your stylist to trim the sides. You’ll be amazed by how light and sleek your hairstyle will appear.

Pixy Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

5: Angled Bob with an undercut nail

The classic design of this bob can highlight the features of any face. However, look at how beautiful and chic this subtle nape undercut! Did you know that an undercut can look elegant in any way? By highlighting the neckline is stylish and fashionable.

Tapered Bob Shaved in Back

#6 Blunt Bob in Hair undercuts from tattoos

Do more than just a cut nape and add an innovative design on your natural bob by putting an intricate ornate design on your cut. The gorgeous red highlights perfectly match this fashionable hairstyle.

A-Line Bob with Hair Tattoo in the Back

7: Blonde Bob with a Shaved Side

You can wear it swept to one side to highlight the cut or divide it into the middle to keep the area of shaving hidden beneath according to what you feel like now. We’re in love with the range of hairstyles that this one can offer.

Side Shaved Bob

#8: Perfect Precision Undercut Bob With a V-Shave Neckline

Straight and clear This precise bob haircut is a perfect blend of layers and perfectly sharp outline. The V-shaped cut is the most important element to create a silhouette. Blot dry your hair after its natural fall in order to achieve this style.

Neckline Bob with Undercut Nape

#9: Platinum Blonde Bob an undercut that contrasts with the side.

However gorgeous a hairstyles are it is, being a bob girl for a while can leave bored. A little zing such as a side undercut that brings back the feeling of novelty and make the style more appealing.

Stacked Bob for Thick Hair with Side Undercut

#10 Short Bob featuring an undercut, sweeping bangs and a sweeping

Perfectly angled This stacked bob with a mid-length appears flawlessly. The contrast between the short backs, a graduated back that is shaved under and longer sides provides added volume to this classic haircut. The flowing fringe is a wonderful feature to make the style more personal.

Copper Undercut Bob Hairstyle

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