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18 Cutest Short, Feathered Hair Ideas for an Amazing Layering Effect

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Textured Feather Cut for Thick Hair

#11: Textured Feather Cut for Thick Hair

Enjoy a luxurious feather for hair with thick layers. Request your stylist to shave the nape and apply pieces of layers to create the perfect a-line style. Hairstyles with short feathers that are suitable for thick hair are best when dried with an enormous round brush to add some bounce. For hair with coarser textures, you can try smoothing cream.

Choppy Long Layered Bob Cut

#12: Choppy Long Layered Bob Cut

Try a long, choppy hair cut if you’re looking for a style that is versatile. The bobs that are short and feathered are able to be blown out or flipped upwards. It is important to request your stylist to smooth the ends with creating a texture, which will make it effortless to accomplish. This cut looks fantastic for any facial form, which is what makes it a great choice. It is recommended to have a haircut approximately every 5 weeks to keep this cut smooth and choppy.

Feminine Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

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#13: Feminine Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

If you’re a straight-haired person Try an elegant feathered bob to achieve more of a feminine look. A length cut that is chin-length is a good option to preserve a little length. The layers that are longer in this cut create the illusion of being larger than it really is and give it some motion. Your stylist can ask your stylist to lift the nape, giving it a an updated look. Blot dry with a big round brush and a mouse to give that smooth hairstyle.

Low-Maintenance Bobbed Hair with Soft Layers

#14: Low-Maintenance Bobbed hair with soft layers

Request your stylist to suggest low-maintenance bobbed hair that has soft layers. The layers are longer in this style and growth isn’t quite as apparent, which means less frequent haircuts. The feathered hairstyle creates gorgeous motion in hair, which can be worn in a reverse or forward , or curled. If you’re looking for a variety, this style that is soft and easy is the one for you.

Short Feathered Cut on Women Over 60

#15: Short Feathered Cut on Women Over 60

Women who are over 60 should look into the short, feathered cut to find a short cut. A shorter cut of feathers is easy to maintain and dried by air after being combed into place using a volumizing product. This cut is great for straighter, fine hair. Request your stylist to comb back layers, and then work to the face. This will make your face look more attractive.

Feathered Bob with Wispy Layers

#16 Feathered Bob With Wispy Layers

Select a bob that is feathered with wispy layers, if you’re searching for a smooth, soft hairstyle. Short hairstyles with feathers are pointcut or razor cut at their ends in order to give airiness and movement and are easy to maintain. You must be aware that this style works with the majority of hair textures. Women with thick hair should style it with a round brush as well as smoothing cream. Fine haired ladies can style their hair with volumizing products.

80s Feathered Hair for Round Faces

#17: 80s Feathered Hair for Round Faces

Try the eighties feathered hair style for round faces, if been looking for that perfect cut. Make sure you have some length at the back to complement your facial features. Hair flowing towards the face is essential when you have an oval face. For women who are over 40, it could be the time to cut back on the hair that is long and switch the look.

70s Layered Cut with Feathered Bangs on Thin Hair

#18 70s Layered Cut Feathered Bangs on thin hair

1970s-inspired layered cuts with feathered bangs definitely have a contemporary style that works well with thin hair. If you’re bored with having a bob then this is a good option for the next step. Have your stylist cut out your style and include a few short, feathered bangs. The cutting of many layers will create a voluminous shape. Dry with your hands and finish off with Pureology Texture Paste Mess Up to create a stunning look.

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