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Dress wedding dress, venue guests list, dress, flowers shoes, wedding dresses, bridesmaids and the groom. There are an numerous things to cross off your list of things to do prior to saying “I will.” It’s not surprising that your nails aren’t the first thing on your mind. However, we say that your hands will attract a lot of attention on this important day. You don’t want to be snared by the close-ups of of dirty and unclean claws. We, as brides-to-be, recognize that you’re busy and don’t have enough time to go through Pinterest and check out the latest manicure trends. Therefore, we’ve done the hard work for you and created this collection of gorgeous wedding nails to wear on your special day.

1. French Wedding Nails

Make classic jackets modern with a look by switching the traditional white jacket to a chic silver version. The sparkling undercoat in pink and the pink tips will compliment your white gold ring , and make a stunning photo.

silver french tip resize

2. Classic Wedding Nails

Classic French manicure can be described as timeless and sophisticated. When your nails appear in good health enough, you can go with no base color. However, if you’d like some more interest and a more delicate pink flesh or peach with or without any decorative elements can be great with an all-white nail.

Classic Wedding Nails

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3. Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art

If you’re thinking of getting manicures, we suggest that you keep it simple and not going excessive. Your photos should remain timeless, but the addition of a few diamonds, flowers or swirls can look stunning.

Gorgeous Wedding Nails

4. Ivory Wedding Nails

If you want to keep it traditional, but you want something that is more contemporary than the traditional natural and French lacquer, then ivory is a timeless white option. Consider this sophisticated ivory base coat that has some gold glitter.

ivory wedding nails

5. Red Wedding Nails

The red nail color has been a popular choice among adventurous beauty queens and why not attempt it as a fashion-bride? The cute red heart makes a great photo and is a great option to customize your manicure.

Red Heart Wedding Nails

6. Wedding Acrylic Nails

If you’d like to make your nails stronger and length for the day of your wedding opt for acrylic nails. This will allow you the chance to play with the form. Try coffin, square or oval nails, as well as almond or round nails.

Wedding Acrylic Nails

7. Blue Wedding Nails

Your gorgeous manicure could be the perfect “something blue”. You just need to decide if you’d like something bold , like navy, or something more delicate like this Tiffany style.

Blue Wedding Nails

8. 3D Wedding Nails

Why is it that your ring finger need to have to be the sole one sporting glitter? Make your nails look stunning with 3D designs to commemorate your celebration.

3D Wedding Nails

9. Orange Wedding Nails

These gorgeous pastel orange nails featuring Swarovski crystals are interesting and fun. Brides who are getting married in summer should consider this look for a trendy and youthful look.

Orange Wedding Nails

10. Ombre Wedding Nails

Refresh your simple manicure or your classic French nail art with a chic look that’s ombre. This is a stunning and fashionable version of the classic bridal manicure that will look stunning with the lace accents that are applied to your nails.

ombre wedding nails

11. Purple Wedding Nails

Purple is versatile and is a staple when it comes to wedding flower arrangements. It’s striking, yet elegant and subtle. Take a look at this stunning purple sequin pattern for a chic and trendy style.

purple wedding nails

12. Wedding Gel Nails

Gel manicures could be a lifesaver for brides. The fast-drying, chip-free, long-lasting formula is a more important consideration than the actual wedding. In addition that you can get your nails manicured two days prior to your wedding day knowing that your manicure will appear exactly as fresh as it did the first day. For the best results, we suggest getting the gel manicure one or two days prior to the wedding to ensure that the polish will not fade in its shine.

gel nails for weddings

13. Gold Wedding Nails

Do you want to make your wedding day? go gold. It’s your wedding day, so why not sprinkle some glitter? It is possible to add glitter for an impressive effect.


14. Cute Nails for a Wedding

If you’re looking to enjoy yourself with your nails for the day of your wedding, then be our guest. There are a lot of great ideas We love this adorable floral design. It’s elegant and timeless stylish, contemporary and modern and just what you want to make your day special.

Cute Wedding Nails

15. Wedding Accent Nails

The addition of glittery accent nails to your rings fingers is a method to make sure that your ring remains prominently in view. Use a subtle silver-colored glitter to help the ring pop and keep the rest your nails smooth either soft pink or bare.

accent wedding nails

16. Natural Nails for Wedding

Natural nails look elegant and stylish. Make sure that your nails are neat and neat. Make sure you file the tips so they’re of similar in length and same shape. Trim the cuticle, and polish the nails. You can leave the nails completely unadorned or apply a layer of clear nail polish to give it a shine.

Natural Wedding Nails

17. DIY Wedding Nails

As a modern bride you’re likely already an avid DIY and Pinterest fan and DIY enthusiast, so why not attempt your manicure in your home? It can be a great celebration for your bridesmaids and you and will help you cut back on the wedding expenses. There are plenty of ideas, tricks and tutorials on the internet, but we love this easy design of lace. Apply the clear base coat or a light naked color, allow it to dry, and then locate another lace, and then place them on the nails. Paint over the lace using white varnish. Let it dry, apply a transparent topcoat, and voila! you’ll have beautiful wedding nails.

DIY Wedding Nails

18. Winter Wedding Nails

Are you planning to get married in winter? Consider stunning snowflake nail designs or white glitter with speckles to create a stunning winter look.

winter wedding nails

Wedding Toenail Design

Not to be left out, it’s important to take care of your feet, particularly in shoes that have open toes. A little grooming of your feet will give you the appearance of being more calm and is an excellent method to get ready for your wedding in the tropical climes. Make sure to match the nail style you like but with the exception of certain extravagant designs to make it practical. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a manicure. You can try something as simple as white accent nails that have small white swirls and studs.

toe nail wedding designs

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