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18 Best Greek Hairstyles We’re Obsessed With

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We are inspired by the elegance and volume of updos and the gorgeous accessories that they provide. It makes us wonder if we can look as beautiful as these Olympian goddesses. These hairstyles are something we admire greatly and today we want to share our favorite!

Why choose a Greek hairstyle?

A Greek hairstyle is full of possibilities for creativity. Braids, big curls, and jewelry are all great elements for a Greek-inspired haircut. We’re so obsessed with these Greek goddess hairstyles that we can’t stop thinking about them!

#1: Messy Greek Bun With Fishtail Braids

Messy Greek Bun With Fishtail Braids

We don’t know of any messy Greek hairstyle that will make others jealous. The fishtail braid adds great detail to the messy bun. And the golden headband makes it even more glamorous.

#2: Low-braided, leaf-decorated Updo

Leaf-Decorated Low Braided Updo 

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This stunning, decorative golden leaf back hairpiece is the missing piece in your hair accessories collection. It transforms a low-braided bun into a goddess-inspired, Greek-inspired hairstyle that is perfect for any special occasion, from prom to your wedding.

#3: Voluminous low Grecian Bun

Voluminous Low Grecian Bun 

Did we mention that Greek-inspired hairstyles emphasize volume? They can transform your hair from being’meh’ into something that is ‘wow! We are proud to present this gorgeous, voluminous, low Grecian bun.

#4: Romantic Half Updo Hairstyle

Romantic Half-Updo Hairstyle 

A messy, big braid is something we love the most. The illusion of fullness is what this romantic half-updo aims to achieve. Bobby pins are a great way to keep your braid in place. You’ll be hearing people say “Good things” about it.

#5: Volume and Curls Decorated updo

Volume And Curls Decorated Updo

Our new obsession is the back hairpieces (at least one of them). Low, Grecian buns with decorative gold hairpieces are our new obsession. This hairpiece can be paired with loose, voluminous curls to achieve the perfect look.

#6: Playful Braided Bun Updo

Playful Braided Bun Updo 

It wouldn’t be fun to create new hairstyles if you couldn’t have a little fun every now and again! This cheeky braided bun updo is a great idea! This will keep your hair in place and give you a lot of compliments. It’s a lot.

#7: Medium Hair Care Tips: Soft Balayage and Curls

Curls And Soft Balayage For Medium Hair 

Are you looking for ways to beautify medium-length hair? This Greek-inspired hairstyle with bouncy curls is a great choice. You can keep your hair in place with a jeweled headband. It will also make your hair look super chic.

#8: Romantic Double Lace Braid Updo

Romantic Double Lace Braid Updo 

Isn’t simplicity the best? You won’t be able to resist this stunning crown braid. This hairstyle will win hearts, so no need to add hairpieces.

#9: Elegant Braided Side Curls

Elegant Braided Side Curls 

Now, prepare to be amazed. Combining big curls with a chic fishtail crown braid and rich dark chocolate tones is a winning combination. This half-updo embodies the best of Greek hairstyles – a combination of volume and femininity.

#10: Half-Updo for the Grecian Goddess

Grecian Goddess Half-Updo 

This half-updo is very similar to a classic Greek hairstyle, with its loosely braided hair and waves. It creates an illusion that there’s volume. To give the hair a lift at the crown, the hair is loosely braided and secured at the top. This silver decorative hairpiece will add a touch more glamour to your look.

#11: A simple and cute decorated updo

Simple And Cute Decorated Updo 

Another example of a low, sophisticated updo that is simple yet elegant. The simplicity of this look is in the hair, which is elegantly accessorized with a gold leaf back hairpiece.

#12: Fishtail Braid Grecian Bun

Fishtail Braid Grecian Bun 

Have you ever tried the Gibson tuck before? Don’t delay if you haven’t! This simple technique creates a sleek, elegant yet voluminous bun that we love! You get bonus points for adding a gorgeous, jeweled hair accessory to your hair – with or without the Gibson tuck.

#13: Voluminous Braided Updo

Voluminous Braided Updo

We aren’t sure if you’re convinced that Greek-inspired hairstyles can create more volume. Here’s another example. This hairstyle, when combined with a gorgeous crown braid, is the perfect choice for any Prom Queen.

#14: Decorated Fishtail half-updo

Decorated Fishtail Half-Updo 

What is better than a half-updo? You can achieve a half-updo in just a few minutes! You’ll be able to do the fishtail braid in no time. You’ll be a charmer to everyone if you add a gorgeous Greek-inspired hairpiece. Simple is your friend.

#15: Glam, Colorful Grecian Updo

Glam And Colourful Grecian Updo 

It may have been difficult to find a lady who wore a toga and had pink hair in ancient Greece. But, it is possible to take a traditional style and give it a modern twist! Your hair will shine when you add an accent headband to your messy bun.

#16: Beautiful Flowery Low Bun

Gorgeous Flowery Low Bun 

When we first saw this stunning bridal updo, the words that immediately came to our minds were elegance, femininity and innocence. This beautiful, feminine and nature-inspired hairstyle is best achieved by letting your hair hang loosely on the sides.

#17: Braided Updo Inspired by the Greek Goddess of Wisdom

Greek Goddess-Inspired Braided Updo

A bun this big was something we never imagined possible. This beautiful, Greek goddess-inspired updo is perfect for ladies with thick hair. The volume is striking and the side braids make it look playful.

#18: Charming, Messy Crown Braid Updo

Charming And Messy Crown Braid Updo 

This crown braided updo is a favorite of ours (apart maybe from the fact that it’s not on our heads right this moment). It’s simple, charming, and playful – it’s impossible not to fall in love with this updo! Any kind of highlight will make it more charming, especially a soft balance age.

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