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18 Luscious Pink Ombre Hairstyles

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Do you have medium-length or long hair? Do you want a look that’s stylish and feminine? What do you have to do after having tried different styles of curls, hairstyles and braids? Hair dye is an option obviously! If you’re fun, young confident, and open, you’re bound to want a style that reflects all of that. There’s nothing better than an ombre in pink. Here’s a list of the most beautiful ombre variants with the most feminine shade you can imagine!

Pink Ombre

In the majority of instances, it appears like a sexy and provocative look, however you could definitely opt with subtle, soft colors to create a romantic beautiful appearance. Check out our gallery and pin those ideas you love the most!

#1: From Black to Pink

The pink edges of these hairstyles appear to be the flames’ tongues. Black hair can be a great base for striking bright pink highlights. If you’d like to boost the contrast you can add the greenish shade. Green along with the red (or pink) are the shades which complement each other.

pink ombre for long black hair


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#2: Pretty in Pink… and Red

Certain color experts will suggest that pink and red is not a good match. But, in actual fact it was the most royal mix of colors during the time of the past. Only kings could wear the look. These days, designs such as this as well as its red to pink ombre variations can make women feel like queen.

bright pink ombre


#3: Electrifying Pink Purple Combo

To create a striking reverse ombre, use an icy shade of purple. It will be perfect for contrasting the hotter-than-hot magenta pink that is in the upper section. What’s the best method to make this design shine? Perhaps curling it with an iron with the ends?

magenta pink to purple ombre hair


#4: Cotton Candy Colors: Blonde to Pink Ombre

Do you have long, smooth blonde hair? You’re probably well-tanned, toned and ready to impress by showcasing something unique in your appearance. It’s time to make a bold choice and then. Dip-dye your hair in the boldest shade. Make it all about you, using an flamingo pink shade, like the model on the photo. You’ll shine!blonde to pink ombre


#5: Short, Sweet and Subtle Ombre

The examples we have seen are all about flowing, long locks. You may be tempted to think that a girl wearing a pixie cut or haircut with a bob isn’t worth it trying to make it work. Luckily, as this adorable model shows, you’re mistaken. We’re particularly in love with cool pink tones and the complementing Strawberry blonde hue she’s picked to complement her look.

short pink ombre hair


#6: Sassy Blonde to Sugary Pink

For a more lush look Check out the options you have with your long curls creating a frame for your face using the light and platinum shades. This is a certain to be a hit style that is recommended to women with natural blonde hair. It’s also a good idea to test this look if you’ve recently bleached your hair and you think they’re healthy enough to continue with your color experimentation.

pink dip dye for long blonde hair


#7: Perfect Pastel Pink Ombre Hair

This enthralling style isn’t focused on the striking shades of magenta and fuchsia. If you’re looking to be bold by wavy, long hair but prefer to be subdued, here’s a suggestion. Opt for a less tense soft shade of lilac. It will appear like a constantly in bloom spring flowers.

lavender ombre hair


#8: Angelic Blonde to Soft Pink

Ombre hair works amazingly when your hair has been cut in layers. So long as the pink hues complement the way that your hair’s layers naturally fall onto the shoulders of your back, then you’ll feel secure — not to mention gorgeous.

platinum to pink ombre


#9: Smooth Blonde And Pink Tresses

It’s possible that blondes are the ones who have the most fun, but ladies who have pink hair do get plenty of fun also. With this hairstyle it doesn’t matter if you have straight or wavy hair, as well as if prefer to switch between both. The model has been grazing her hairline with pink and has added slight pink highlights in the middle on her head.

pink ombre for blonde hair


#10: Alice in Gradient Land: Brown to Pink Ombre

There’s nothing more cute than an ombre style with bangs. In fact, the majority of DIY tutorials advise against dying this part of hair. But if you choose to go the extra mile, as this model with a short fringe the right thing, it’s worth the effort. The hair dyed in this pink ombre style serve as the main focus which also improves the overall look.

caramel hair with pink ombre


#11: Dark to Punk Pink

Straight, long strands of hair are ideal for displaying a range of bold shades. Be aware that preparing naturally black hair takes more effort patience, perseverance, and peroxide to create a stunning effect of ombre. But, the electrical pink tips make a beautiful contrast to the top part of the hair. This makes all the effort completely worthwhile.

black to pink ombre


#12: Flamingo in the Night: Dark to Light Ombre

Another striking hair color gradient that is brunette to pink. What is it that makes it unique? The sharpness of the transition between shades, which is amplified by the change of textures.

medium black hair with pink ombre


#13: Brown Blonde to Pink Ombre

Many stylists think it’s impossible to create a bold hairstyle that is ombre and still maintain the color to look natural. However, the long curly-haired model in this photo will argue the contrary. Her hair was colored with gold blonde streaks and the bottom part was dip-dyed with a delicate hue that is reminiscent of candy pink. If this isn’t hippie-esque, we don’t know what else is!

subtle pink ombre for brown blonde


#14: Ultra-Light Pink Gradient

The blonde with a light pinkish hue as the base color is a beautiful accent to some bright lavender and pink ends. Girls want dishwater blonde hair and did you want some shade? 🙂

pink and lavender ombre for blondes


#15: Dramatic Blond To Fuchsia Ombre

This blond-fuchsia-ombre that has black hair looks gorgeous! It’s the perfect choice for those who are bold and believe that they’ll never over the edge by incorporating the brightness and colors.

pink ombre for blonde hair with black roots


#16: Three Bold Colors: Black, Golden Blonde, and Pink

For the most ombre-like looks that is, the predominant hue is blended into the natural tone of the wearer effortlessly. The idea is to create an organic transition between various shades. But this model went for a radical style that basically creates horizontal highlights on her hair. The pitch black, blonde and neon pink combo looks amazing.

black, blonde and pink hair color


#17: Magnetic Pink-Purple Ombre

This isn’t an original style and it’s not pretending to be one in any way. This particular version of pink ombre hair can make you look like a person that is a character from a fairytale – an electronic/techno type of story.

pink to purple ombre


#18: Siren’s Song: Wavy Blonde to Exciting Pink

The woman has created the unique blonde and pink purple gradient, by dip-dying half of her mane that is wavy – an eye-catching, bold option for girls in their teens.

golden blonde hair with pink ombre


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