Black cherry hair color looks like a mix of deep, red shades on the black hair base. It gives a striking look to any person who wears it, not just with the most delicate little hint of sweet reddish shades! Anyone looking for a dramatic variation from the standard brunette dark hair color by opting for the wine-inspired hue. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate cherry black hair color, including highlights and balayage, ombre, foiling and even celebrities are the best sources to discover how to achieve it. San Antonio hairstylist Brittany Banda is well-known for her delicious black-colored hair and has been driving everyone insane for this gorgeous shade! “Keeping regular and consistent hair care regimen is crucial to keep the gorgeous burgundy pops always vibrant,” says Banda. “There are a few dark black cherry hair colors that could assist you in getting that hair color. The majority of them aren’t permanent, but in order to maximize the benefits of this stunning shade, a stylist can blend and mix dyes to blend with the color of your base and complexion.” In the lead up to the scheduled hair color appointment, check out our gallery of the most popular dark black cherries hair color ideas right now:

Black Cherry Hair Balayage

#1: Black Cherry Balayage

Gorgeous long black cherry locks that have been aged as fine wines with dark plum hue.

Black Cherry Cola Hair Color

#2: Black Cherry Cola

Try the black cherry cola hair color if you’re wanting high-contrast hair! The deep black base which melts in a red-copper shade is simply breathtaking. Make use of a shine cream for styling and let your colour shine through.

Black cherry and Eggplant Hair Color

#3: Black Cherry + Eggplant Hair Color

Add the deep raisin hue of black cherry , and you’ll get an amazing deep eggplant the black cherry hue.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

#4: Dark Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

The dark, chocolate-yet-smooth hair color can brighten up your dull hair. The deepness and richness of this color give it shine and shine with minimal maintenance.

Black cherry color for natural curly hair

#5: Black Cherry Color for Natural Curly Hair

A shade of black cherries for naturally curly hair can make your ringlets shine. You should consider this gorgeous shade if you have long curly, dark hair and are seeking an elegant method of incorporating this stunning black cherry hue in your hairstyle.

Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Hair

#6: Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Are you bored of the standard blonde highlights? The cherry red highlights on dark hair make a stunning alternative. The contrast of the cherry red with dark hair creates an edgy style that will draw attention and bring good vibes.

Black cherry with soft purple highlights

7: Black Cherry with Soft Purple Highlights

Black cherry with soft purple highlights is perfect for women who prefer brighter, warmer shades of color to their natural dark base. It’s a great color to wear, but not too bright. To obtain this color you should ask your colorist for the subtle black cherry hue with highlights of purple.

Dark hair with bright cherry ends

#8: Dark Hair with Bright Cherry Ends

Dark hair with sparkling cherry ends is perfect for women who are looking to welcome subtle warm tones to their locks. To achieve this color you should ask your stylist for a balayage containing cherries on the ends.

Deep violet cherry hair

#9: Deep Violet Cherry Hair

A deep purple cherries hair color is perfect for women who have dark base colors to brighten up your hair tresses. You can make a statement while looking gorgeous and healthy.

Light Brown to Black Cherry Makeover

#10: Light Brown to Black Cherry Makeover

Do you have hair that is light brown? Take a look at this amazing hairstyle in black cherry from stylist Cory. The color is achieved by mixing deep violets and Burgundy.

Ruby Red + Black Cherry

#11: Ruby Red + Black Cherry

You can achieve a brighter cherry hue by mixing in ruby red. The dark hairstyle will permit the color to require minimal care. This stylish black cherry hairstyle looks great on women with straight hair.

Black cherry coke hair color

#12: Black Cherry Coke

If you’re a fan of long, wavy hair you should consider the balayage option of black cherry coke. The length and waves provide a unique dimension and depth to your hair with a cherry color.

Get a semi-permanent hair dye if you want to experiment with this shade for some time.

Vibrant Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Hair

#13: Vibrant Black Cherry Highlights

Stylist Kelsey might have a magical way of making black cherry highlights this amazing! Just the right mix of plum and black is what you’ll require.

The shade will highlight the naturally beautiful hair color, complementing some waves from the beach.

Light Black Cherry Balayage

#14: Light Black Cherry Hair Balayage

Do you hesitate to make a bold color change? The stylist Keera understands how a gentle stroke of black-reddish-reddish can be the most dramatic change for dark-haired ladies.

On curly, wavy, or straight textures the color is guaranteed to make a stunning impression!

Black Cherry and Brown on Medium-Length Hair

#15: Black Cherry and Brown on Medium-Length Locks

It’s hard to notice the cherry-toned hue and colour combination initially but once you get used to the texture and shape offered with this black medium cut and the textured look, you’ll enjoy this gorgeous cut.

Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

#16: Black Cherry Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Coffee-colored hair that is dripping in Dr. Pepper soda. Stylist Destinee does the art of dark-on dark balayage by using this black hair dye made of cherry.

Dark Cherry Pixie

#17: Dark Cherry Pixie

Oooh the red queen must be jealous of her dark red hair! Nape-long, side-parted hair beats any other cut that is suitable for this sexy shade.

Mixing dark cherry-colored hair and a pixie cut short brings out many shades and naturally toned skin.

Deep Burgundy Cherry on Shoulder-Length Hair

#18: Deep Burgundy Cherry on Shoulder-Length Locks

When the sun’s rays is reflected on your locks, the dark cherry red color immediately radiates through dark locks. The mid-length hairstyle adds a touch of class to the already stylish deep dark-red hair color.

Wild Black Cherry with Subtle Violet-Red Hues


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