31 Best Maroon Hair Color Ideas of 2022

Maroon hair is a mix of brown and red colors. Maroon is similar to burgundy, the only difference in that the burgundy hue is a mixture of purple and red tones. If you’re thinking of purchasing a shade of maroon and you’re in the right spot. Today, you’ll find many of the amazing shades of this stunning wine, plum and cherry-inspired hue. There are many ways to incorporate maroon into your hair. For a modern and sleek appearance style, opt for an ombre. If you want something more simple, try using subtle highlight. If you want something informal and long-lasting, you can try an ombre. The best feature of maroons is they are suitable for women who have any hair texture, skin tone and length. From shoulder-length pixies to short pixies Bobs, and even long beachy locks there is the perfect maroon shade for you. Prior to your next appointment with your hairdresser take a look at these photos of the most well-known maroon hair colors.

Braided Dark Red Maroon Grape

#1: Braided Dark Red Maroon Grape

The deep red color of this grape gives a rich, luscious color which is perfect for thick hair. Add braided hair and soft waves on the ends to create a gorgeous look.

Maroon highlights on black hair

#2: Stylish Maroon Highlights on Black Hair

Highlights of maroon are a great way to show off your black hair if want to sport the red hue in a subtle but unique style!

Mesmerizing Maroon Ombre

#3: Mesmerizing Maroon Ombre

If you’re looking to experiment with the red hue on dark hair Here’s a maroon ombre suggestion for you! It’s easy to maintain and looks amazing on any length of hair.

Copper maroon for older women

#4: Copper Maroon for Older Women

Copper maroon, a popular color for older women is a vibrant shade to create a youthful appearance. To obtain this color request your hair colorist to recommend a pure copper maroon hair color.

Dark hair with maroon underneath

5: Dark Hair with Maroon Underneath

Dark hair that has maroon underneath is ideal for women who are looking for an easy to maintain color. To achieve this color you should ask your stylist for a balayage that is rooty that has a gloss of red at the ends.

Short maroon-burgundy bob for women over 50

#6: Short Maroon-Burgundy Bob for Women Over 50

A short bob in maroon and burgundy for women who are over 50 is a great and well-shaped hairstyle that makes you look younger than you ever have. To achieve this color request your hairdresser to create deep maroon red and the layered hairstyle.

Dark burgundy and maroon balayage

#7: Dark Burgundy and Maroon Balayage

Choose a dark burgundy or maroon balayage for an even more elegant and modern look. The burgundy base will give shine , and will make the maroon balayage pieces appear uninformed , as if they are natural hair colors. To keep and maintain this shade, try Alchemic Red Shampoo by Davines.

Bright maroon burgundy balayage

#8: Bright Maroon Burgundy Balayage

A bright burgundy-maroon Balyage blends effortlessly. The darker roots facilitate more effective growth maintenance. Brighter ends , with some pink give an extra dimension and stunning splash of color.

Maroon hair with burgundy highlights

#9 Maroon Black Hair, with Highlights of Burgundy

Maroon hair that has bright burgundy highlights and dark shadow roots is vivid, vibrant and flawless. Maroon hair is stunning on lighter skin tones , with pastel undertones.

Copper maroon

#10: Copper Maroon

The copper maroon hair color is gorgeous on fair to medium-to-dark skin types with olive or yellow undertones. Incorporating the brighter red tones will give your hair a deeper dimension. Copper-maroon hair coloring develops beautifully on natural brunette hair, allowing for more easy maintenance.

Before and after maroon hair transformation

#11: Before and After Maroon Hair Transformation

The initial and post-maroon hair growth is extremely satisfying however, it will require extra attention afterwards. For a hair with a vibrant maroon color the stylist needs bleach your hair, before applying the shade of maroon which best matches your skin tone. This procedure is destructive as well as drying. Therefore, make certain to condition your hair thoroughly to replenish the hair’s moisture.

Short maroon-burgundy bob

#12: Short Maroon-Burgundy Bob

A short maroon-burgundy bob an intricate combination of layers that are usually shorter at the back, with a striking maroon-burgundy color. Warmer shades of maroon as well as the burgundy shade create a gorgeous hair shade that is usually suited to ladies with a peachy , or golden-colored complexion.

Maroon on blonde hair

#13: Maroon on Blonde Hair

Maroon hair color gives depth and a lively bright color of blonde’s. By using a color blocking method hairdresser can apply the color of burgundy wine under the hair’s layers. Consider layering your hairstyle and this will allow the burgundy hue underneath to be visible and be noticed.

Maroon burgundy red hair color

#14: Maroon Burgundy Red Hair Color

Maroon’s burgundy red hair shade gives depth, dimension, as well as warmth for dark hair. Use a conditioner and shampoo specifically made for hair with color treatment to preserve the stunning shades.

Maroon-burgundy hair color idea for curly tresses

#15: Maroon-Burgundy Hair Color Idea for Curly Tresses

The maroon-burgundy hair coloring idea for curly locks is perfect for ladies who wish to add some flair to their fall hair color. The warmer, maroon-burgundy color is gorgeous on skin that is a mix of golden and peachy.

Maroon purple balayage

#16: Maroon Purple Balayage

A maroon-purple balayage beautiful blend with dark brunette, and violet throughout. This is a straightforward and subtle method of adding some purple to your hair, and still look professional. The darker hairstyles allow for better growth maintenance and blend.

Hints of maroon and blue

#17: Hints of Maroon and Blue

Consider hints of maroon or blue to create a more striking and more festive appearance. This look was made possible by the use of a color blocking technique, because the hair blends beautifully even though they’re completely distinct colors.

Medium-Length Maroon-Mahogany Blend

#18: Medium-Length Maroon-Mahogany Blend

The maroon-mahogany mix is a great way to jazz up the medium-length cut. Hair ombre in maroon is trendy and you should try it.

Stellar Maroon to Subtle Blonde Hairstyle

#19: Stellar Maroon to Subtle Blonde Hairstyle

No matter if you have curly straight, or wavy hairstyle, the maroon blonde color melt is one of the most amazing hair color options that will catch all eyes!

Gorgeous Deep Maroon Hair

20: Gorgeous Deep Maroon Hair with highlights

Create that deep maroon shade by adding red-toned streaks in your brunette hair. What’s so cute about this hairstyle highlighted is that when reflected by the sun the highlights look like the hair dye burgundy.

Beautiful Dark Maroon Hair

#21: Beautiful Dark Maroon Hair

Here’s a dark , maroon hair shade for our trendy and gorgeous women out there! The red velvet color is great for shiny, dense hair.

Black and Red Maroon Hair

#22: Black and Red Maroon Locks

This gorgeous dark red and black maroon hairs is definitely worth taking a look! Include loose curls in your styling for more depth, too.

Radiant Plum Brown Maroon-ish Hair

#23: Radiant Plum Brown Maroon-ish Hair

A radiant plum-brown-maroon-ish look is stunning deep purple. Fantastic with darker black hair A deep plum is always a stylish and trendy color. Shampoo and conditioner that are safe for color are the best choice for fashionable adorable hair hues.

Wavy Maroon Balayage Hair

#24: Wavy Maroon Balayage Hair

Maroon hair color is always a balayage that always looks stunning on long curly hair!

Yummy Red Wine Maroon for Long Hair

#25: Yummy Red Wine Maroon for Long Hair

A maroon-toned red wine color is so beautiful and shiny on long hair. Colors of red hair like this should be considered when you have a long hairstyle.

Trendsetting Cherry Maroon on Thick Hair

#26: Trendsetting Cherry Maroon on Thick Hair

A dark cherry color will surely create an amazing hair style! Its dark tone is ideal for women who have a warm complexion.

Smoking-Hot Short Maroon Hair

#27: Smoking-Hot Short Maroon Hair

A short hair cut with a maroon hair color? What’s the problem? These hair colors will provide you with a sexy but feminine look.

Amazing Maroon-Purple Blend

#28: Amazing Maroon-Purple Blend

Let’s boost your natural hair’s color by using this combination with maroon dye as well as subtle shades of purple!

Braided Mauve Maroon with Dark Brown Roots

#29 Braided Mauve Maroon With Dark Brown Roots

A mauve maroon color that melts like this one is an amazing hair color. People with dark brown hair would love this color, no doubt!

Maroon and magenta blend


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